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Our Badges

silver badge

Sharpshooter (500 calls)

Set a target to complete 500 calls and get the cool “Sharpshooter” badge.

Platinum Badge

Calling Master (1500 calls)

 Encourage the master in making to complete 1500 calls and earn the coveted “Calling Master” badge.

Gold Badge

The King (3000 calls)


Earn the king’s crown aka badge when you complete 3000 calls.

Ultimate-champion badge

Ultimate Champion


Pat yourself as you complete 5000 calls and earn the “Ultimate Champion” badge.

Level Up Your Sales

Make Calling Fun

Make sales super fun by turning your work into play! Let your executives earn points for their completed tasks, level up their game and bring in more enthusiasm at work. 

Grow through Games 

A technique to drive your team towards excellence is to turn the mundane tasks into a game and promote interactive and meaningful learning experiences. 

Get Badges 

Analyze your team’s performance efficiently by taking a look at the dashboard. Easily identify the top performers and give them their much needed recognition!


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Last updated: October 13, 2020

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