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If you know a friend or a business contact that could benefit from CallHippo, let us know.

If we onboard them, you get a reward worth a whopping $150! More referrals equals more closures and hence more rewards for you.


How does this work,
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We’ll take it from there.

Our team will reach out to your referral and get things going.

Once your referral comes onboard

You stand to get rewards worth $150 (as soon as they become a paying customer)


Which businesses can I refer to?
You may refer to any business or individual who is yet not registered with CallHippo.
When will I receive my reward?
You will receive the reward as soon as the business you have referred, becomes a paying customer with CallHippo.
How will I receive the $150 reward?
You will obtain it as credits in your company’s account or personal account depending on your preference.

More Referrals, More Rewards!


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Last updated: December 14, 2020

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