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Manage Your All Business Calling Activities With Slack Integration.

Say hello to unified call and message logs, instant communication with the team, data synchronization, and flexibility in accessing CallHippo-Slack Integration. Ensure seamless call log access, listening to call recordings and making as well as receiving calls directly from Slack with just one click! Sign up today.

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Slack Integration Feature

Instant Communication With The Team
Instant Communication With The Team

Integration of Slack with CallHippo allows you to distinguish the teams as per their department, which ensures smooth flow of information between the teams.

Unified Call and Message Logs
Unified Call and Message Logs

Integrating Slack with CallHippo allows to monitor the communication activities of the team members, also maintain transparency in the system.

Flexibility in Accessing
Flexibility in Accessing

Every team keeps the exchanged data stored in one place letting people to also quickly access the records whenever required. This saves the time and efforts of the employees.

Data Synchronization
Data Synchronization

CallHippo’s integration with Slack provides a way through which they can stay in touch anytime and anywhere by text or voice calls.

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Make & Receive Calls

Speak up with your team in just one dial.

Call Recordings

Listen each conversation from the Slack itself.

Status Report

Access the call logs instantly from Slack.


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Last updated: May 12, 2021