Integrated phone system with innovative features.

Best For : Small and medium-sized enterprises, along with entrepreneurs and startups, look for sophisticated call management features to deliver efficient customer support.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • CallHippo offers a more competitive pricing structure along with an extensive set of features, including a powerful dialer, call queuing, global connect, voice broadcast, and intelligent call forwarding. This makes CallHippo a better alternative for businesses aiming to optimize communication efficiency and collaboration.

  • CallHippo provides a comprehensive feature set that exceeds Exotel, including a robust power dialer, call queuing for efficient call handling, global connect for seamless international communication, voice broadcast for effective messaging, and intelligent call forwarding to enhance call routing capabilities.

  • Yes, CallHippo offers a pricing advantage over Exotel, providing businesses with cost-effective communication solutions while ensuring a broader range of features. This affordability makes CallHippo an attractive choice for those looking to maximize value for their investment.

  • While specific user ratings may vary, CallHippo generally receives positive feedback for its user-friendly interface, feature-rich offerings, and responsive customer support. Checking recent reviews and ratings on reliable platforms will provide more insights into the user experience and satisfaction with CallHippo as compared to Exotel.

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