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User Role System

CallHippo’s recent User Role System update allows you to assign specific roles and permissions to users based on their organizational roles. It helps in making reporting easier while maintaining organizational hierarchy and security. Now, you can easily provide the right personnel access to specific data and manage multiple campaigns/teams simultaneously. Sign up now.

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What is CallHippo’s User Role System?

With CallHippo’s newly added User Roles upgrade, you can now define different roles for user groups. The feature allows you to assign different reporting persons for each user and maintain proper organizational data flow and hierarchy.

Contact centers typically have different types of users taking care of multiple responsibilities, which they report manually to their superiors. The newly added functionality would enable users to manage multiple teams simultaneously. This system also ensures that separate data can be maintained for each team, and only the permitted personnel can view a particular type of data.

The user role system is explicitly designed for businesses running multiple campaigns simultaneously.

How To Assign Different Roles To Users?

CallHippo’s recent offering is designed to preserve organizational hierarchy and improve data security. It follows the hierarchy mentioned below:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Dashboard User
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Team Member

Data can be viewed hierarchically only, and you can view the data of users under your hierarchy and individuals who are reporting to you. To assign a role to a user, go to Users-Invite User. Select the user, and you will get an option to choose their role.

User Role System

How Do These Different User Roles & Access Types Work?

The person creating the CallHippo account is defined as the ‘Owner’. She or he is the super admin with access to the entire system, which also includes the dialer. The ‘Owner’ can create multiple ‘Admins’ who have all the permissions and can access all modules. Thus, you can invite an individual as an ‘Admin’ if you want to give a user complete rights and access to the whole system.

Both owners and admins have access to the full phone system, including the dialers and modules. They can also choose ‘Dashboard Users’ who are responsible for monitoring calls and reports. Dashboard users only deal with collecting data and monitoring vital statistics of the phone system. However, since such users have no access to the dialer, CallHippo charges only a nominal fee for dashboard users ($15 per user).

The next level after ‘Dashboard User’ in the hierarchy is the ‘Admin.’ Admins have the right to add and remove users and modify their details. Hence, only the owners, dashboard users, and admin can modify plans, billing information, tags, call recording rights, holidays, access module, price caps, IP whitelisting, email reporting, etc., within the system.

Apart from admins, managers can also add users and modify their access. They can also add numbers, modify settings, create teams and campaigns within the system. Supervisors report directly to managers, and their task is to monitor users’ data and ensure quality. Hence they only have view access to the data and cannot delete or modify it. Team members can only make calls and are able to view their data and modify their own ‘user settings.’

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