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Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business is a tool that can help users to communicate and connect with clients. The automated chatbot increases the chances of getting a response to a message, with Whatsapp being a universally widely used platform!

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Need of Whatsapp Business

With Whatsapp Business, you can be guaranteed better reachability by communicating with your clients through Whatsapp and keeping all chats at one place. Since everyone uses Whatsapp, there is no doubt that investing in Whatsapp Business is a win-win for your organization.

The key advantage of Whatsapp Business is effective two-way communication as both the company and the customer can reach each other easily, without any hindrances. This makes it seamless to communicate with clients and give them important information, improving customer service, responsiveness, and engagement.

Whatsapp Business also utilizes artificial intelligence-enabled technology to ensure a Chatbot answers all messages. This means that your customers can send a message at any time and they will receive an automated response without the need for any human time or effort. The automated chatbot streamlines communication and makes sure your business remains accessible to clients anytime and anywhere!

Benefits of Whatsapp Business

1. Increased Reachability

Whatsapp Business is the best tool to enhance reachability with clients and ensure you instantly get a response from them. It enables your team members to maintain the flow of communication with organizational stakeholders and ensures 24*7 accessibility. There are no gaps in getting messages and important information across to clients with Whatsapp Business and it is a smart tool to build genuine relationships with your customers!

2. Get Green Tick Instantly

Whatsapp Business allows you to give your business credibility and prove to clients that it is a verified account. The green tick badge next to your contact number basically confirms that you have an authentic business account and are not sending spam messages. This is a great way to build trust with your customers and enhance your brand reputation.

3. Broadcast Bulk Messages

With Whatsapp Business, you do not need to worry about sending bulk messages anymore. You can send multiple messages to your customers, vendors, partners, or organizational stakeholders with the click of a button! This saves considerable time and allows you to pass critical information instantly without any delays.

Broadcast Messages

Let us suppose your organization is giving a 50% discount for a national festival and you want to communicate this information to your customer base. All you need to do is use Whatsapp Business to send a message to hundreds of your customers about the discount or special offer – it is a quick and easy way to communicate important messages about discounts, promotions, or any marketing schemes!

4. User-Friendly

The best aspect about Whatsapp Business is that it is an intuitive and user-friendly, making it an easy-to-use platform. You do not need to worry about team members not understanding how to use Whatsapp Business. It is a simple and navigable platform that enables you to keep all your chats in one place. With hardly any installation time or maintenance issues, Whatsapp Business is an asset that you cannot miss to enhance your reach and communicate effectively with your customers.

5. Track Campaign Analytics

One of the biggest advantages of Whatsapp Business is real-time reporting. You can track important metrics such as the total number of messages and number of messages opened to understand what campaigns are working. Monitoring message analytics enables you to plan future campaigns better and make tweaks to existing campaigns to get a better response by clients.

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