Zoho CRM Plus Integration

Manage your sales & support with our Zoho CRM Plus Integration

Zoho Integration - CallHippo

Integrate your CRM with CallHippo

Dial instantly from the Zoho CRM Plus with click-to-call feature

Zoho Integration - CallHippo



Dial your customers from the Zoho CRM Plus.


Listen each conversation from the CRM itself.


Access the call logs instantly from Zoho CRM Plus.

Discover how to set up your CallHippo - Zoho CRM Plus integration here!


Personalize User Interface

CallHippo display the customer's contact details and history when the call is initiated. This information can be utilized to deliver the personalize touch to the customers.

Boost Sales Executive Efficiency

It saves the lot of times of the executive while switching the system and phone. Zoho CRM Plus integration allows to manage the real time status of the clients which improve the productivity of the organization.

Two-Way Data Synchronization

CallHippo automatically synchronizes contacts and activities, between Zoho CRM Plus and CallHippo in real-time. Sales executive can deliver the correct information as per the customer's requirement.

Streamline Workflow

CallHippo automated features eliminates the manual data entry process. Which saves the time and removes the probability of errors.

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