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Earn 20% recurring commission on every purchase made from your referral link

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Share your Link

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Get paid every month

Get paid every month

Earn recurring commission each month for the purchase made from your referral link.

Promote the leading VoIP Service Provider

CallHippo is a leading on-demand Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider that offers cloud telephony solutions to help start-ups and businesses grow seamlessly. With CallHippo Affiliate Program, you’ll get an opportunity to boost your earning potential as compared to other affiliate programs.

Get a 20% recurring commission for every sale!

Join the CallHippo Affiliate Program today and start making money!

recurring commission

Frequently Asked Question

What's the basis on which the winner is decided? (first cookie wins or last cookie wins)?
First cookie wins
What's the cookie duration?
Cookie Duration – 60 days
If I refer the same person to your website with my affiliate link twice in 10 days, is my cookie valid for 10 more days?
If a visitor signs up within 60 days after the first visit following a referral link, his/her sales will be tracked as affiliate sales and commissions/rewards will be attributed.
Do you have a lead magnet or any other highly converting offer on your website which allows you to get the customer's email address without them needing to make a purchase? Do you get the customer into a sales funnel once you get their email address?
Yes, you can send a lead to our inhouse calling team. First, we convert the lead into paid, and if lead gets converted, we will pay you.
Is the commission one-time or is it a recurring commission?
It is recurring commission.
Am I allowed to advertise through AdWords (or any other kind of PPC)? Are their certain terms which I'm not allowed to bid for? If yes, can you please provide me with a list of those terms?

Yes, you can advertise through Adwords but you can’t use our brand name “CallHippo”

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Do you have any deals for black friday/cyber monday? How can I find out about them?
For any deal, you can find out through our on-site blog, social media platform, and push notification.
Can I create custom links to different pages on your site (example: a blog post) by adding my affiliate URL parameters to the end of the url? (Example: https://yoursite.com/blogpost?my-affiliate-id-code-here)
Yes, you can create custom links to different pages on our site.
When do the payouts occur?
Payouts occur every month. You will receive an email requesting an invoice. Once we receive it, we will process the payment within five business days via PayPal. However, please note that payouts will only happen once you reach $100 in billing. If your invoice amount is less than $100, it won’t be processed for that month.
What is the minimum payout amount?
The minimum amount required for payment processing is $100. If your commission is less than $100 in a particular month, you will get paid once your earnings reach $100.
Do we allow self-referral commission?
No, we don’t allow commission on self-referral.
Can affiliates run paid ads on our brand name?
No, you can not run paid advertisements on our brand name or logo, display name, or URL without our knowledge. This is against the rules and can have a negative impact on our brand keyword strategy.

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