In our constant effort to improvise our VoIP services, we at CallHippo are glad to announce our monthly update with a range of new features. 

This month’s update includes features ranging from a display of the status of the last 30 days on a single page and many more to enhance your productivity.

Have a look at these features for their better utilization.

1. Added displays on the status page

Now you can enjoy the display status of various CallHippo services including uptime, downtime, and future maintenance date/time along with the status of the last 90 days on a single page. This definitely will help you in better tracking for increased efficiency. These added displays for calls, SMS, API, call logs, etc make it easy to spot and you can keep a close eye on them.

2. Web application from angular js to react js

This technological up-gradation definitely will bring value to you and eventually will lead to improved performance.

3. Easier Search using Integration Name

Users can now enjoy even simplified searches with all the integrations now listed by categories in a web app.

Search Integartion

4. More Options to Add Credits from the Dialer

The flexibility to add credits from the dialer, just like in the web app makes the whole task easier.

5. Search Option in the Web App for Number listing, User listing, and Power Dialer Campaign

This feature is ideal for users who deal with large data. So, no more scrolling up and down for searching the big lists while looking for a specific number or user.

6. Call Reminder Option

Make the most of this feature to plan and schedule your day and calls. Now our users can set as well as edit the scheduled time of the reminder. Let’s say the reminder is set at 10:00 AM and the user wants to reschedule it to 11:00 AM. They now have the option to do so.

This is not all as we at CallHippo believe that there is always a scope for betterment. Stay tuned for more updates as our teams work tirelessly to bring the best for you with new features and functionalities.

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