CH Release Note: SP51

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently added some new features to CallHippo that will help you provide an even better customer experience.

1) Network Test Feature

CallHippo constantly works on making communication more accessible for everyone concerned. With this new feature, performing a network test will be a cinch for our users.

They no longer need to connect with us for a Network test. Instead, you can analyze the quality of the network by logging into the dialer, navigating to settings, and clicking on Network Test.

2) Introducing Hyperlink in SMS

We’ve got a new update for our sms platform. You can now add hyperlinks to your messages! We hope to make your communications more accessible and easy to read.

With this latest update, our SMS is now more accessible. Moving forward, the messages will be shown as a clickable link so that users know that they can click to visit the linked site.

We’re excited to introduce this new feature that makes it even easier for you to connect with customers and clients.

3) Change In Signup Form

Signing up with CallHippo just got more accessible than ever. Just enter your email address, and we’ll do the rest!

Once you’ve verified your email account, we’ll ask for a few other details so we can start setting up your account.

4) Hubspot Integration Issue resolved

We are constantly ensuring seamless integration for you to have an efficient workflow. 

You can now easily view all the contact names rightly in Hubspot. Earlier saved contacts were not reflected. You could only see the number and the contact labeled as CallHippo Contact.

Next, the calling activities were not getting logged in Hubspot. We have now resolved the issue. So you can view the calling activities in CallHippo and the Hubspot app.

5) Improvements In Zendesk Integration.

Incoming and outgoing call contacts saved in CallHippo will now be reflected with the exact details/name in Zendesk. At the same time, a call from an unsaved number in Zendesk and CH contact will sync with the Caller + number.

6) Improved ACW (After Call Work) Functionality 

Documentation is a necessary process, and we have made it easier for you to document after calls with Power Dialer functionality.

Earlier the ACW screen would disappear as soon as the agent sent the message. And the next call would ring. Such a process would leave no room for other documentation.

As requested by our customers, we have implemented a different ACW process. You can now set an ACW time limit. Hence the ACW screen will be displayed until the specified time enabling seamless documentation.

7) Enhanced Zoho’s Custom Requirement 

We have worked towards a more seamless Zoho integration. For example, with Custom field mapping, the customers can now select a phone number from Zoho, and the call activity will be filtered accordingly.

8) Implemented Signup Crawling

We are taking steps towards building a safer ecosystem. CallHippo now has implemented a crawling logic where the system will audit the signup domain and identify the risky domains.

In case of a risky domain, customers will not be able to log in. Instead of a verification email, we will send an email asking for documents once our team manually verifies them.

In a nutshell, we are constantly working towards making CallHippo a more intelligent and safer application. We’d love to hear what you think of these updates. 

We’re eager to make CallHippo as valuable and enjoyable as possible.

CH Release Note: SP45

(Date: June 03, 2022)

We at CallHippo, have developed innovative new features so that you can leverage the app in many different ways. As a result, we’re excited to announce a new update to the CallHippo service. This update includes several new features and improvements. 

Check out our latest features below.

1) Availability Report 

CallHippo now allows you to keep track of logged-in hours. With this new feature, you can closely monitor the agent’s activity, improve employee productivity, identify and rectify struggles and internal problems, and ultimately increase management efficiency.

You can view the login and logout time for every user from Dashboard -> Reports -> Availability Report -> Select filter(Detail report).

Availability Report

2) INR Currency

CallHippo services are now available for purchase through Indian currency too. We have made it easier for our Indian users to benefit from our intelligent telephony system.

INR Currency

3) Edit Functionality For Call Notes

Forget about the old ways of taking notes. With CallHippo, you can make a call and pen your thoughts on the ring in less than a minute! Then, you can tag people on the call while it’s still happening. 

Furthermore, you can add more notes and tags later if you want to, so you won’t miss anything important again.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can avail of the tag feature.

Webapp – Activity Feed – click on the “i“ tag.

Web dialer – Menu – All Calls/Inbox – Call Logs – check any call.

Web dialer

4) User Activity Records

CallHippo now helps you keep a better track of the users. The latest upgrade allows the user to select the reason for logging out. The reason is furthermore displayed on the dashboard.

Users logging out from the dialer may select a reason from the available option. This would help the manager track the records and increase efficiency in return.

This upgrade allows you to view the callers’ availability. In addition, if offline, the dashboard shall display their selected option while logging off from the dialer.

User Activity Records

5) Reporting Option

We just made understanding the hierarchy of a team easier with our advanced reporting. 

Now the users of the topmost hierarchy can view all reports within the Callhippo app. They can furthermore select/deselect users from reporting as well.

This feature aims to promote clear communication and transparency across the organization.

Reporting Option

6) Invoice Section With a Pay Option

Managing invoices is like a cakewalk with CallHippo now. Users can view both their pending and paid invoices from the Plan & Billing sections. They can also pay from there by clicking on “Pay Now.”

Pending Invoices-

Pending Invoices
Paid Invoices-

Paid Invoices

7) Number Allocation/Deallocation to Integration

CallHippo has introduced an additional method for number allocation/ deallocation to an integration. Apart from the previous method from Integrations, you can now also perform the same activity from the numbers tab.

When a number is assigned to the integration, the integrated device will be shown in the particular number’s setting; if users want to unassign the number from the integration tool, they can unassign it from the number settings. 

Please note that a minimum of 1 number must be assigned to the integration.

This feature makes the entry process more user friendly. 

Number Allocation

8) Auto call pickup

We’re excited to announce our new auto call pickup feature.

You can now automatically pick up calls when they come in a while your team is on the phone with another customer. This feature makes it easy to give your customers a seamless experience and get them off the phone faster without missing out on your current conversations.

The user can enable auto pickup of incoming calls from the settings in the dialer app.

It is currently available for Zoho phone bridge integration, and power dialer calls only.

Auto call pickup

9) Start Your Whatsapp Business API Application

Now Users can use Whatsapp Business through CallHippo numbers. 

WhatsApp Business is a new way for businesses to communicate with customers and prospects. Now with CallHippo’s virtual number, you can access the benefits of WhatsApp Business just as same as any other telephone number and increase reachability.

Whatsapp Business API Application

10) Single Side Call Recording

Record only conversion that matter to you. CallHippo teams have developed the single side all recording feature to enable the user to only record the agent’s side or only to record the customer’s side. 

You can find this feature in the Intelligent Call Recording section in Settings. 

We at CallHippo aim to provide more flexibility with recording and ensure team members can record important meetings and conversions.

Single Side Call Recording


CH Release Note: SP38

(Date: Dec 13, 2021)


As you know, our main aim at CallHippo is to surpass your expectations and ensure you have a delightful experience. Our back-end technical and support team has come up with some exciting new features that will provide apex voice quality and better usability.


Well, check out what is new at CallHippo and how it can increase your organization’s operational efficiency. Here are our exciting new features and system improvements:

1 ) User-role Based System

CallHippo’s latest update is revolutionary – it allows you to define different roles to users. You can also assign different reporting persons for each user for better visibility.

The hierarchy of roles is as follows:

  • Super Admin – person who creates the CallHippo account and will have access to the whole system, including dialer.
  • Admin- ideal for persons who need to monitor the team and handle the reporting.
  • Manager- person who can lead a team of agents.
  • Team Member – person who makes/receives calls for operational purposes.

The most significant advantage of this feature is that you can manage multiple teams under a single account and maintain data in a structured manner. Through this functionality, you can be certain that the data of one team cannot be viewed by any other team, thereby increasing data integrity!

CallHippo ensures the entire process of assigning roles is simple and seamless. You can even change the role of existing users through one single click!

2 ) Target Vs. Achievement

A dynamic new feature, this functionality allows you to set the targets for your users and check whether they have achieved the assigned targets. CallHippo allows you to customize and set targets for various parameters such as the number of calls, login hours, and talk time. 

The main benefit of this new feature is that it can help you keep a tab of the performance of call agents. You get real-time information about whether they are achieving the required number of calls, online hours, and talk time. You can easily identify any weak areas and train your call agents to maximize performance in all required fields!

3 ) Chorus Integration

We all know how important integrations are to provide a stellar call experience! In line with this thought process, CallHippo is proud to announce a brand new integration with Chorus.

Chorus in an all-inclusive publishing, audience, and revenue platform. CallHippo- Chorus integration is sure to increase visibility for users and help them access important data from one unified platform. This means you get access to all your calls, meetings, and email information instantly to boost productivity.

4 ) Free Trial Is Now 10 Days

At CallHippo, we know the importance of a free trial – it is an excellent tool to help users understand our interface, features, and intuitive dashboard. CallHippo now provides a free trial for 10 days, giving you ample time to get your hands set on the system. 

Another great advantage is that you can avail a free trial and proceed to make payments in multi-currency – convenient, simple, and flexible!

5 ) View Ringing Duration Of Missed Calls

A new improvement in CallHippo now allows you to view the ringing duration of any missed call in the call log report. This gives you complete visibility, and you can ensure that your call agents are not frequently missing calls that are ringing for a long duration.

Aren’t these some interesting updates and new features? 

We will keep providing you with the latest improvments and new features at CallHippo. Stay connected for more recent CallHippo news and help us achieve our goal of providing you with the best user experience!


CH Release Note: SP37

(Date: Oct 27, 2021)


So here we are again! We have some great news for you – CallHiippo has got some intelligent system improvements and better functionality that will help you navigate our interface faster and boost operational efficiency.

Our team of experts has been working round the clock to deliver smart features such as UX and reporting improvements that will surely cater to your unique business needs!

Want to know more?

Read on to get all the details and learn how our latest features can facilitate a better work environment and boost communication.

1 ) New Pricing Structure

Price matters! CallHippo’s new pricing means you get more value for money. We have introduced a new cost-effective pricing structure that ensures you get the best features and plans available in the market. 

Make sure to check out the new CallHippo pricing plans to know what works best for your organization and get an instant return on investment!

2 ) UX Improvement

CallHippo endeavors to save your time and provide you with smart features that drive productivity. With this thought process in mind, we have introduced a UX improvement where we provide a search option in number and user allocation. 

An advanced search option makes it easy if you have a large database of phone numbers – you don’t have to scroll down the list endlessly. A quick search can help you find just what you are looking for a number and user allocation!

3 ) Upload and Manage Documents

Managing documents is quite a challenging task that requires time and effort! With CallHippo, you need not worry about document management anymore. 

We now provide you with an option where users can upload all the documents and view them in one place. This serves as a central repository where you can get all documents required for number activation or account verification -facilitates quick and easy accessibility!

4 ) Reporting Improvement

Advanced reporting is one of the biggest differentiators of CallHippo. We now have a brand new improvement in reporting with a column that shows if a user is active or deleted. This is highly useful functionality as a quick glance provides you with the user status instantly!

5 ) Select Columns Before Downloading

One of the major features newly introduced by CallHippo is the option to select columns before downloading any report. This enables users to customize and map their exact requirements – there is no need to download massive amounts of data, rather you can choose the information you need and download specific columns.

6 ) Add Users Directly To CallHippo From Integrations:

As a CallHippo user, you must be using lots of other useful integrations to automate workflows and business processes. Our latest feature enables administrators to add users from any integration directly to CallHippo. This reduces manual work involved and automated processes to let managers focus on strategic goals, rather than repetitive tasks.

This means that you will not have to spend tons of time manually inviting each user – just a single click to transfer all your users to CallHippo. A smart feature, adding users directly to CallHippo from various integrations will surely boost operational efficiency!

7 ) Enhanced User Interface For Hubspot Integration:

At CallHippo, we know how important the user interface is to provide a stellar calling experience! Keeping this in mind, we have improved the UI UX for Hubspot integration. The new look is sleek and intuitive, making it easy to configure settings according to your business needs.

The main objective of enhancing the user interface of Hubspot is to make sure you get a clear understanding of all the features and functionalities. This will help users leverage the Hubspot integration optimally to boost bottom-line results!

8 ) Integration With Zoho Phone Bridge:

CallHippo has introduced a brand-new integration with Zoho Phone Bridge that enables users to have a single-point platform for all their calling requirements. We are now a listed telephony partner with Zoho Phone Bridge, making it easy for Zoho users to connect with clients quickly and effortlessly. 

Zoho Phone Bridge-CallHippo integration will allow users to make calls without switching between windows – a single click on the Call with CallHippo button will unify your calling processes to drive business productivity!

Aren’t these some exciting updates and new features? 

Keep in touch with us for more recent CallHippo news and help us achieve our goal of providing you with the best user experience!


CH Release Note: SP36

(Date: Oct 06, 2021)


CallHippo endeavors to provide exceptional quality and service for all types of organizations. Keeping this in mind, we are back with brand new features and updates that will help you navigate the system better!

With an updated pricing structure, improved integration section, and multi-currency feature, CallHippo is going all out to provide you with apex call quality!

Excited and want to know more?

Read on to stay in tune with what’s new at CallHippo and get to know more about its latest features.

1 ) Updated Pricing Structure:

CallHippo has changed its pricing structure for addons. If you want to know more about our new pricing, do check out the revised framework to stay up-to-date!

Wait, there’s more. 

Earlier if a customer wanted to integrate with CallHippo API, it was available only for enterprise plan users. The good news is that this option is now available for CallHippo users of any plan to enhance operational efficiency!

2 ) Increase In Free Trial:

A free trial is an important functionality that enables users to understand CallHippo better and learn to navigate its interface. While previously we provided a free trial for only seven days, the period has now been increased to 15 days. This means you get adequate time to explore CallHippo and learn more about why it’s the best in its domain!

3 ) Option To Export Call Log Data:

Undoubtedly, data is power in the current digitized environment. CallHippo now provides a new option when the admin deletes a user to export all the call log data before deletion. If a user is deleted, then the call recordings of that user are no longer accessible; hence this feature is highly useful in making sure users have important information at their fingertips and don’t lose any data.

4 ) Multi-Currency:

Payment will never be an issue for CallHippo users as it has recently introduced the multi-currency feature. Before this, users could only pay in US dollars, but now CallHippo enables you to make payments in multiple currencies such as USD, Euro, GBP, CANS, and AUS$. This removes any kind of operational hassles for users and provides a smooth payment journey!

5 ) New Interface For Integration Section:

The CallHippo integration section has a brand new look and feel! You can now view all the active integrations at the top section – great visibility and ease of experience for users!

CallHippo has also introduced a new interface for integration settings. This makes it easy to understand the features and functionality of any integration and makes sure you have a smooth navigating experience!

6 ) Admin Can Log Out From Dashboard:

CallHippo has introduced a new feature where the admin can directly log out agents from the dashboard. This is useful as it gives admins access to log out users if they have left the system when their shift ends to ensure they do not receive any calls – a highly convenient and smart feature!

Aren’t these exciting updates and new features? We will remain in touch to provide you more CallHippo news and deliver you the best calling experience ever!


CH Release Note: SP35

(Date: Sep 17, 2021)


We are back with tons of exciting updates that will surely impress you!

With multiple levels in the IVR, improvements in the dashboard, and new integrations, CallHippo is adopting the best technologies to provide you apex call quality!

So what are you waiting for?

Read on without any further delay to check out what’s new with CallHippo and understand its latest features.

1. Multiple Levels In IVR:

CallHippo has a state-of-art interactive voice response system and is always trying to improve its functionality to provide a seamless user experience. A premium new feature for Platinum plan users, CallHippo now enables you to set up multiple levels in the interactive voice response system. This means that you can customize to the nth level and do not need to remain limited to a set number of questions!

Multiple levels in IVR helps in finding out granular information to provide customers with a seamless support experience. With CallHippo’s structured multi-level menus and sub-menus, you can be sure to get just the information you need to increase agent efficiency and customer satisfaction!

2. Hubspot Integration Revamped:

There is some exciting news for Hubspot users. CallHippo is now a proud telephony partner with Hubspot as a calling provider! 

Yes, that means that you can open the CallHippo dialer directly by simply selecting CallHippo in the options provided and start making calls. No need for any redirecting as was the previous process- it’s a great way to save time and boost operational efficiency!

3. Integration With Power BI and Microsoft Teams:

We aim to deliver a better calling experience by adding integrations with Power BI and Microsoft Teams.

Power BI enables users to create advanced reports and interactive dashboards that analyze real-time data. The best part is that you can access it directly from CallHippo, without having to switch screens or waste any time!

A smart connectivity tool, Microsoft Teams can enhance team collaboration and boost productivity exponentially. Integration of CallHippo with Microsoft Teams is a real winner and sure to optimize business operations!

4. Option To Check Audio Settings:

CallHippo has now put an end to all your sound issues and problems! We now provide the option to check audio settings by checking the input/output settings of all connected devices. 

You can check if your microphone is working to ensure that sound is working properly. Users can also change the input or output devices according to their convenience to facilitate an excellent calling experience.

5. Login Through Dashboard To Access Call Recording:

CallHippo lays heavy emphasis on security! Our new security improvement requires users to login through the CallHippo dashboard to access call recordings. 

Having to login with a valid username will ensure that no unauthorized party can access sensitive call recordings and is a smart option to tighten data security.

6. Search Option Available While Setting Up Cascading Order:

There is no need to worry about spending a lot of time finding and entering an agent’s name in the cascading order. CallHippo now provides a useful search option while setting up the cascading order in teams to help you save time. So put an end to endless scrolling down lists to set up cascading sequences – it will just take the click of a button to find any team members’ name!

7. Set Customized Ringing Time For Teams:

CallHippo now allows users to set customized ringing time for incoming and outgoing calls for teams. This makes it very easy for you to set different ringing times for different teams. For example: You can set the ringing time as 10 seconds for your US-based team and keep it 8 seconds for Canada-based teams. 

8. Enhanced Call Status Display:

The call status display is a key parameter that can give important information to call agents. CallHippo has now enhanced its call status display significantly. We are now displaying ‘ user not available’ or ‘number not available’ so that users get to know why the call was not set up. It streamlines calling processes and provides you accurate information through the call display status.

9. Add Credits More Than $10:

Previously users had to add credits in fixed denominations of $100 or $200. With our new system improvements, users can add credits of $10 without any hassles, providing immense flexibility and ease of experience!

10. Make Any User Admin:

CallHippo enables admin users to access the web dialer directly. In our latest improvement, we can make any user as an admin user from the user settings. This makes it easy to include more administrators to have independent access and enhances operational productivity.

11. Check How Long Agent Is Idle:

The CallHippo dashboard is a vital real-time tool that displays key performance indicators to enhance bottom-line results! Our latest improvement enables users to view on the dashboard how long agents have been sitting idle without placing or receiving a call. This enhances visibility in daily operations and enables managers to increase agent productivity.

12. Send SMS Instantly After The Call:

An exciting new feature, CallHippo now allows users to send an SMS after the call ends instantly! There are no time lags or any requirement to switch between screens – you simply need to click once to send a message right from the after call work window for fast and efficient communication.

Aren’t these innovative updates and new features? Stay connected for more CallHippo news and support our endeavor to offer the best VoIP solutions!


CallHippo Release Note: SP32

(Date: Aug 5, 2021)


Operational excellence is CallHippo’s main philosophy! That’s why we are back again with our exciting monthly update.

With new user roles and the ability to transfer calls to teams, our new features promise to deliver a seamless experience and will enhance your calling journey.

Do you want to know more?

Dive in and check out what’s new with CallHippo. 

A Great New Feature – User Roles

As you know, the existing system allowed admins and existing users to invite new people to use CallHippo. Our amazing new feature enables you to assign roles to any user!

If you have an account in CallHippo, you will be able to create multiple users with admin rights, and they will be able to form their teams by inviting more people. This enables organizations to develop a role-based team structure based on a hierarchy that consists of a super-admin, admin, project managers, and users.

Do you know the main benefit of this feature? Well, for starters, if you are managing multiple teams, they will have separate access to the system through one single account! You can allocate different rights and privileges depending on the user’s role; hence certain users may be allowed only to view data while admins may be allowed to edit or modify data.

Another major advantage of creating user roles is data privacy – it makes sure that any other team members will not be able to view or access your data. Hence, teams can function in separate silos under the same account without worries of sensitive data being shared across multiple teams.

Transfer Calls To Team

Previously, in CallHippo, we could transfer calls to another colleague user or an external person. However, with our latest improvement, you can now transfer calls to any team easily with the click of a button!

The call transfer will work according to the team cascading order – it can be simultaneously or in a fixed order or according to the round-robin system. This is an innovative new feature that can drive efficiency in routine business communication instantly!

Can’t wait to try the new features and system improvements? 

Make sure to stay in touch to receive more such interesting news. Our sincere endeavor is to provide you the best VoIP calling solutions that cater to unique business needs and boost bottom-line results!


CallHippo Release Note : SP31

(Date: Jul 21, 2021)


At CallHippo, we strive to deliver a delightful user experience through advanced features, round-the-clock support, and excellent reporting capabilities.

With this philosophy in mind, we ensure to improve our features, add system modifications, and implement the valued feedback of our customers. 

With exciting new features such as moving to the lead screen details in Zoho with a single click to and a collapsible left menu in the web-based application, we promise to deliver apex quality. 

We endeavor to provide you a smooth calling journey and meet all your business communication requirements. So let’s dive deep in and check out what’s new with CallHippo.

Move To Lead Detail Screen In Zoho With A Single Click:

One of the biggest challenges for call agents is to provide personalized service to clients without any details or real-time information.

CallHippo now solves that problem! If you get an incoming call from any lead, you can instantly view their entire details on your screen. A single click enables you to view important details such as lead email address, previous call information, purchase history, and personal demographic data. 

This s highly useful as you can move to the lead detail screen and save plenty of time. It also provides your team members with all the information they need about prospects to deliver a personal touch to conversation and close more deals!

Improved User Interface:

A sharp and minimalistic interface ensures users enjoy a particular business app or website! CallHippo strives to provide a simple and intuitive user interface that delivers a great experience!

We have now redesigned our interface by providing a collapsible left menu in the web application. If you click on the menu, it instantly expands, thus increasing the navigability.

Exciting updates and improvements, right? 

Stay connected to receive current news on all the new features and system updates. We aim to provide you with excellent VoIP calling solutions to deliver an extraordinary user experience!


CallHippo Release Note: SP-30

(Date: Jul 6, 2021)


We at CallHippo are back with our monthly update to highlight the latest functionalities!

With dummy data in the call tracking dashboard, new integrations, voice broadcast, and five people in call conference, our exciting new features promise to deliver the best quality.

Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments. 

1. Up To 5 People In Conference Call

Conference calls are the fastest way to bring people together; however it is difficult to get enough callers to join a call. CallHippo can help you overcome this problem by having five people on a single conference call!

One of CallHippo’s most popular features – conference call now allows five callers instead of three callers as previously. This means that more people from your organization can now attend conference calls and collaborate on work projects seamlessly.

2. Dummy Data In Call Tracking Dashboard:

It is often difficult to navigate a new system with no call data. If a new user logs in CallHippo and doesn’t have any call activity, they can now view dummy call data in the call tracking dashboard. 

With the dummy data, new users can get an in-depth understanding of the CallHippo system and get to know the features much better. This feature enhances the user-friendliness of our platform and makes it easy to get started!

3. Sound Notification When Call Ends:

A small but significant improvement, CallHippo now gives a small audio beep or sound when the destination call is disconnected. This allows you to know that the caller is no longer on time and provides an instant notification. 

4. Option To Change Email After Google Signup:

Previously, if users had signed up on CallHippo through Google, they could not change their email address. This could often be a problem in case you switch to a new email address.

CallHippo now provides users with the option to change their email address once they sign up through Google. So no worries – just enter your new email address to remain connected and receive our updates!

5. Voice Broadcast:

We are now taking a giant leap forward with our voice broadcasting. Not only can you play pre-recorded messages for your clients, but also have them call you back instantly with the click of a single button!

Now your customers can get in touch with call representatives without any delay and increase bottom-line results.

6. Integrations With EngageBay And Klaus:

CallHippo is proud to announce integrations with EngageBay and Klaus. EngageBay is a leading CRM provider and users can now automatically sync contact data to save time. This enables you to maintain an updated sales, marketing, and customer support database in a unified place, without any hassles!

CallHippo’s new integration with Klaus will allow users to enhance customer quality feedback through automatic data transfer and synchronization – highly useful and productive!

Exciting updates, right? Stay in touch for more updates and support our endeavor to provide you with the best VoIP solutions!


Release Note: SP-27

(Date: May 27, 2021)


CallHippo’s new features will allow you to navigate the system better, comply with call recording mandates, add tags during calls, and download activity feeds. 

With the aim to provide you an excellent calling experience, we at CallHippo are back with our monthly update.

With automatic call-back in queues, compliance-based recording, and call disposition that allows you to understand the outcome of a call, our exciting features will let you make the best use of our platform.

Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments.

Call Disposition

A must-have feature for any call center, Call disposition empowers users to add tags during and after the call to know the likely outcome of the call. 

The result? Call agents are armed with real-time information about the likely outcome of the call and can improve service accordingly.

With the new call disposition feature, you can gain valuable business intelligence and engage customers better by filtering calls effectively. A great way to forge genuine relationships and build a lasting rapport!

Integration With amoCRM

CallHippo is proud to introduce integration with amoCRM.

With amoCRM you can manage all your sales, marketing, and service-related data in a centralized repository. The best part is that you can access it directly from CallHippo, without having to switch to any other business application.

Integration with amoCRM will surely save tons of time and optimize your business operations!

Compliance-Based Call Recording

One of the most common messages you hear when you call a customer care center is, “This call will be recorded for quality and training purposes.” 

Different countries have different rules about recording calls. Now you don’t need to worry about low compliance!

To solve these compliance issues, CallHippo allows you to modify call recording settings. Users can customize settings according to the legal regulations and select options to not record calls or record with consent.

Voice Broadcast

We are now taking a huge leap forward with our voice broadcasting. Not only can you play pre-recorded messages for your clients, but also have them call you back instantly with the click of a single button!

Now your customers can get in touch with call representatives without any delay and increase bottom-line results.

Improvement in Call Reminder

CallHippo’s call reminder is a life-saver and helps you schedule your day better! Previously users could set reminders at fixed interval options, but the new improvements allow you to set a reminder for a specific day or time.

A great way to stay ahead of business appointments and ensure you don’t forget any important engagement!

Auto Call-Back In Call Queue

Waiting in endlessly long call queues is a frustrating experience for most customers.

You can bid goodbye to that problem. Our new auto-call back in call queue improvement enables users to request a call back from agents if they find the line busy. You get an instant call back from the agent – no more waiting in the long call queue!

Download Activity Feed Reports

Are you finding it challenging to get access to call data regarding specific campaigns?

Now you can do that and much more!

CallHippo enables you to download activity feed reports with call log details from the power dialer for specific campaigns. This gives you all the information you need at your fingertips within seconds.

Aren’t these updates exciting? Stay connected for more updates and support our endeavor to offer the best VoIP solutions!


CH Release Note- SP25

(Date: Apr 28, 2021)


With a drive to offer the best VoIP solutions, we at CallHippo are back with our latest updates.
A better user interface, voice broadcasting dashboard, number masking facility, power dialer improvements, and other exciting features await you.
Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments.

1. Number Masking

What if you could mask numbers and simultaneously increase your closures and returns of investment?
Well, CallHippo has made it possible!
As you already know, CallHippo is integrated with Leadsquared- a leading marketing automation and sales execution platform.
Now, you can enjoy call masking and use the click to call feature with Leadsquared to successfully hide your number.
Not only will this offer advanced data protection, but it will also help ensure privacy for your clients and agents. Go ahead and support your customers better and that too without any privacy concerns!

2.Call Tracking 

Call tracking is no less than a miracle for any call center solution. It lets you evaluate the performance of any of your customer-facing teams. Moreover, it also lets you find out team members that convert the most leads.
Well, the wait is over!
CallHippo is proud to announce its all new call tracking feature. But, what makes it better than other solutions?
Well, you can now integrate Google Ads to level up your sales game. Wait, there is more to it!
You can also run campaigns, analyze call recordings and better train agents. The result? All round satisfaction!

3.Automatic Voicemail Drop With Power Dialer

A power dialer lets you save time by calling another number in the list if it’s busy, unattended, or disconnected.
But, what if a machine is detected at the other end?
Well, CallHippo will now let you drop a voicemail and that too at minimal costs!

4.UX Improvements 

Earlier you could only see the number of missed calls and ongoing calls in your activity feed. Now, you will be able to see other details like  call duration, call recordings and call feedback with a single click.

5.Voice Broadcasting Dashboard

While a picture can speak a hundred words, let’s not forget the fact that “words can also paint a thousand pictures!”
In line with that, mouth and voice marketing still manage to break the barriers where many videos and pictures fail.
The ability to send pre-recorded messages on a wide scale or voice broadcasting has been a favorite among CallHippo customers.
So, we decided to make it even better!
Now, you can enjoy your very own voice broadcasting dashboard. Yes! You heard it right!
Run campaigns, check call logs, strategize better and keep all your data under a single platform with our dashboard.

Aren’t these updates interesting? Stay tuned for more updates and help us offer the best calling solutions!


CH Release Note- SP24

(Date: Apr 13, 2021)


With the aim to become the most user-friendly VoIP solution, we at CallHippo are here with our monthly update. 

A better user interface, compliance-based recording, seat-based pricing models, and other exciting features await you. 

Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments.

1. Automated Server Allocation

Do call connectivity issues bother you? Well, you can say goodbye to all your problems with CallHippo!

With multiple servers for routing, your outgoing calls will be connected to the nearest server. The result? Superb call connectivity and extraordinary customer experience. 

Additionally, it will help you track calls efficiently and provide better training to your agents.

2. Seat-Based Pricing Models 

Are you looking forward to striking the right balance between value and revenue? Well, now you can do that and much more with CallHippo! 

Now, you can define the number of seats required based on the number of users.

With usage-based pricing, you can utilize your resources better and achieve operational efficiency.

3. Changes in Voice Broadcast Calling Charges 

Voice broadcasting can benefit you in many ways, be it giving valuable information, informing customers about new deals, and much more. Are you worried that it might be expensive? Well, CallHippo will let you use voice broadcast functionality with minimum charges per broadcast.

4. Better UI and Agent Availability status

With improvements in our UI, you can set your custom working hours easily, and you will not receive any calls beyond these hours. This feature has been added to ensure a good agent and customer experience and keep them informed at all times.

5. Zoho Analytics and Integromat Integration

We are proud to announce integrations with Zoho Analytics and Integromat

While Zoho Analytics lets you analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights, Integromat helps you connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks. 

These integrations will help you streamline your daily operations and stay at the top of your business goals. 

Aren’t these updates interesting? Stay connected for more updates and help us offer the best calling solutions!


CH Release Note- SP23

(Date: Mar 23, 2021)


With a drive to become the most customer-friendly VoIP solution provider, we at CallHippo are back again with our monthly update. 

An upgraded power dialer, better user interface (UI), and security improvements await you. 

Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments.

1. Improvements in Power Dialer

CallHippo’s unique power dialer helps automatically dial an uploaded list of numbers one after the other for a particular campaign. This not only helps you save time but also get connected with a wider client base. Say hello to a more effective way of functioning with our new updates: 

  1. Now you can create up to 5 fields and fill in relevant details like the name of the company, deal size, number of calls made, and more. These will be displayed on the calling screen when a campaign is running. 
  2. Now, you can generate reports for each campaign and get the number of successful and failed calls. 
  3. We have also added a live call section for the power dialer. This allows you to see the number of agents online and ongoing calls. 
  4. Often, you are not able to complete your campaign due to missed or unanswered calls and other reasons. For this, CallHippo will give multiple attempts to run campaigns and connect with your prospective clients. 

 2. Google Ads and Google Analytics Integration

While CallHippo has been providing the call tracking feature for a long time now, we have now integrated Google Ads and Google Analytics with our platform. 

This will help you track leads, keywords, and campaigns easily and provide better training to your agents. Thus, supporting your customers better and providing an extraordinary experience.

3. Custom Caller ID as an Add-On

You often need to call offshore clients but are not sure if they will pick up an international number or not. For the same, CallHippo allows you to add a custom caller ID as a prefix to your numbers. 

This means even if you are calling from the US, you can use a prefix used for Dubai numbers. Earlier, this feature came as a part of our monthly and annual plans, but now you can purchase it as an add-on. 

For more details, click here.

4. Improved Security 

At CallHippo, security is prime for both our customers and agents. For the same, we have introduced various tools like 2FA (two-factor authentication) for signing in to the platform, limited access to call recordings, and many more.

5. Odoo and Integromat Integration

We are proud to announce integrations with Integromat and Odoo. While Integromat lets you connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks. 

Odoo is a suite of business management software tools, including CRM, manufacturing, e-commerce, billing, accounting, warehouse, and project management. 

These integrations will help you achieve operational efficiency and stay at the top of your business goals. 

Aren’t these updates exciting? Stay connected for more updates and support our efforts to offer the best calling solutions!


CH Release Note- SP22

(Date: Mar 9, 2021)


With a drive to provide you the best calling experience, we at CallHippo are back with our monthly update. 

An improved UI/UX experience, searching numbers with a prefix, and restricted access to call recordings are some improvements that will help you make the best use of our platform. 

Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments.

1. Improved UI/UX Experience

A good UI/UX design can help increase the number of people using your product. If users find it difficult to navigate through your platforms, they are likely to drop off. 

Bid goodbye to all your worries and say yes to customer satisfaction! With changes in UI/UX, using CallHippo has become a whole lot easier. Browse through the platform, upgrade your plans, and analyze team performance with just a few clicks!

2. Search Number by Prefix

 With CallHippo, you can get local numbers for 50+ countries. Now, not only can you buy a location-specific number, but you can also choose a prefix (there are various area codes, and they have different prefixes), select, and then purchase the number.

3. Limit Access to Call Recordings

Call recordings help you analyze your team’s strengths and address their shortcomings effectively. While earlier, you could record calls, you could not choose who had the right to listen to them. However, now, you can choose who has access to these call recordings. 

Not only will it be great for security purposes, but it will also help you customize your teams and support them better. 

Aren’t these updates interesting? Stay connected for more updates and support our on-going efforts to offer the best VoIP solutions!


CH Release Note- SP21

(Date: Feb 10, 2021)


With an inherent drive to improve customer services and provide top-notch VoIP solutions, we at CallHippo are here again to share the latest updates on our platform. With enhanced security features and 2FA (two-Factor Authentication), you can say goodbye to all your concerns regarding data safety. 

Moreover, you will also be able to modify call record settings. With new add ons and improvements, the monthly edition brings many interesting benefits that will surely excite you!

Let’s have a look at the latest features being offered by CallHippo.

1. CallHippo is Now a Multi-Product 

We are proud to announce that CallHippo has managed to make the shift from being a leading VoIP provider to a multi-product. CallHippo is now a one-stop- solution that helps you simplify business telephony with a business phone system, call tracking, and speech analytics

With smoother support, smarter sales, and seamless workflows for teams, CallHippo is all set to change the way you look at making sales and providing customer service.

2. Download Recordings from Activity Feed

Opening and listening to all call recordings one by one can be challenging. Well, with CallHippo, you can now select calls and download MP3 files with a single click. While you received only a recording URL, you can now save time and quickly analyze call recordings and provide the proper training to your agents.

3. Email Notification for Downloaded Reports

Downloading and organizing reports can be tough. Interestingly, CallHippo lets you manage all of them on mail. Rather than directly downloading reports on your system, you will get a link for the report on mail. This will help you store them and keep track easily.

4. Addons in Web App

Do you wish to add more features to your existing plan or upgrade your plan on CallHippo? Well, you can do this with a single click. Yes! All you need to do is go on the web app, choose the features you need to add, and then make the payment. You can even upgrade to a higher plan from the web app. 

5.Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is also known as multiple-factor authentication. Adding it makes it more secure and difficult to access your data. Moreover, it drastically reduces the chances of data loss, identity theft, and fraud. 

Whenever you log in to CallHippo, you will receive an email OTP. Then you need to enter it, and then only you can sign in. However, you can also choose to turn it on/off anytime by contacting your administrator.

6. Check User Status in Dialer

Now, you can easily check the number of agents available on the web dialer. You can even check their call history and call details. This feature will help you allocate tasks efficiently and stay updated in real-time.

7. Identify When the Caller Calls for the First Time 

Well, we all look forward to onboarding new clients. However, we often miss out on calls and cannot figure out if there is a new caller. Interestingly, you need not worry any longer. CallHippo will help you identify whenever a new caller contacts you.

8. LeadSquared Integration

As you all know, CallHippo offers 85+ integrations with exciting software and tools. The latest to be added to the list is LeadSquared. It is a leading marketing automation and sales execution platform. LeadSquared has helped several businesses increase closures, manage their pipelines, and increase their returns on investment.

9. Priority-based Call Routing 

Call routing helps ensure that calls are always routed to an available agent. It also prevents calls from being lost or sent to voicemail. Now you can create your calling team and route your calls according to the defined priority with CallHippo. This will help you set the order of agents for calls and provide extraordinary customer service. 

Aren’t these features exciting? Stay tuned for more upgrades, and cheer our ongoing effort to offer the best-in-class VoIP solutions!


Mid Jan Release Note: SP20.1

(Date: Jan 12, 2021)


With a drive to provide top-notch VoIP services, we at CallHippo are back again with our mid-month update!

With call scripts now available to help sales agents and priority-based call routing, you are sure to ace your sales game.

With new add ons and improvements, the mid-month edition brings in a host of benefits that are sure to excite you!

Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments.

1) Carry Forward Calling Minutes in Custom Plan For Lifetime

What if you could carry forward for your calling minutes for a lifetime? Well, with CallHippo, it is now possible! We understand that as an enterprise, your needs will evolve from time to time. For the same, you now have the option to carry forward your calling minutes and get a custom plan. All you need to do is contact us, and our sales team will help you get the best plan!

2) Call Script for Agents

Often new joiners in a sales team are not confident in tackling customers. It is possible that they might be stuck with a difficult customer, and no one is available to help them out. 

Thus, to avoid such scenarios, a manual will be shown on the calling screen whenever an agent makes/ receives calls. Not only will this be good for training agents, but it will also help them develop the confidence needed to tackle customers.

3) Voice Broadcast Survey

Voice broadcasting is a technique that broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. With CallHippo, your callers can submit responses when you run a voice broadcast campaign. Their responses will be displayed in the activity feed. This will help you get valuable feedback and better serve customers.

Aren’t these updates exciting? Stay connected for more upgrades and support our on-going efforts to offer the best-in-class VoIP solutions!


CallHippo Dec’20 Updates

(Date: Nov 26, 2020)


CallHippo is always experimenting and up for new technologies and techniques that enable our customers to perform better. 

In this monthly update, we have launched interesting features to make your experience smoother and more fun!

The all-new CH Coach, post-call survey, and shared inbox are a few of the updates you will surely love. 

Without much further ado, let’s have a look at the latest developments.

Shared Inbox:

With our all-new shared inbox feature, you can now find the number of calls missed, voicemail, and customer feedback all in one place. This allows you to make direct calls without the hassle of switching tabs to find call details.

This functionality has been added to make it easier for you to keep track of all your call records and voice mail. The shared inbox feature will not only save your time but will also help you address customer issues in a better way.

Auto Voicemail Drop for Power Dialer:

The auto voicemail drop feature will help you differentiate between a human or machine at the other end. In case a machine is detected, it will drop a predefined voicemail at that number.

You will have the option to record and leave messages. This will help you save time and call more prospects in a shorter time period. This feature is available only for campaigns running on the power dialer.

Post Call Survey:

The post-call survey will help you take customer feedback or surveys.

Clients can press the ‘call survey option’ from the screen, lodge their complaints, participate in surveys, and submit responses. 

This will help improve agent performance while also strengthening customers’ trust.

Audit Logs:

We understand that it can be challenging to keep track of all your calls and activities. Moreover, it is essential to stay updated with all customers’ and agents’ activities if you are an administrator.  

Interestingly, CallHippo’s audit logs feature will help you check login history, call logs, and all the necessary details- at a single place. 

Call Coach Option in Web App:

Our all-new Call Coach will help you evaluate your agent’s performance. With in-depth call listening insights and feedback management, you can provide the best training to your agents. 

To know more about the Call Coach option, click on “Contact us”. Our sales team will schedule a call with you and discuss the benefits of using CH coach. 

Say goodbye to mundane and incompetent ways of performance management with CH Coach!

Select Primary and Second Details for Hubspot and Zoho

What if you could choose the fields to be displayed when making calls? With CallHippo providing access to 85+ integrations, you can now select the primary and secondary details for Hubspot and Zoho. These details will be displayed when making/receiving calls through CallHippo. 

if you feel that you have missed any particular thing, you have the option to be redirected to the integration and select more features. This will help you be well-informed and avoid any last-minute confusion.

CallHippo is Now Integrated with Zoho Recruit and TalentLyft

CallHippo is integrated with your favorite applicant tracking systems Zoho Recruit and TalentLyft. Zoho Recruit helps you manage every aspect of a from job requisition to interview scheduling and finding the matching candidate. 

Whereas, TalentLyft is used by Recruiters and HR Professionals who are looking to streamline and ease their recruiting and hiring strategies.

New SMS Pricing

Well, last but not the least, all inbound SMSs made through CallHippo will be absolutely free of cost! We have also revised rates for outbound SMSs. To know more click here

Aren’t these updates exciting? Stay tuned for more upgrades and support our ongoing efforts to offer the best-in-class VoIP solutions!


CallHippo Oct’20 Updates

(Date: Oct 30, 2020)


With a knack for constantly delivering top-notch Business VoIP phone services, we at CallHippo are back again with our monthly update! 

Some of the exciting features include the gamification feature that will keep you at the top of your sales game. 

You can also choose to guide your agents on calls with our all-new “call whispering” feature. 

With new add ons and improvements in our power dialer, the October edition is something you cannot afford to miss!

Let us have a look at the latest developments!

1. Gamification and Leader Board 

With our all-new gamification feature, you can help your sales wizards complete targets and earn some cool badges. You can easily analyze your team’s performance by having a look at the leaderboard. 

This feature allows sales executives to level up their game and bring in more enthusiasm at work. With badges like “Ultimate Champion” and “Sharpshooter” driving your team towards excellence, it just got a lot easier!

2. Call Whispering

CallHippo’s latest addition will allow managers to hear customer queries and provide a quick solution to the agent on call. With the call whispering feature, the agent can listen to both the manager and the customer.

However, the customer can only hear the representative’s voice. This, in turn, will help agents learn tricks to deal with customers and reduce the number of calls needed to solve an issue.

3. Hippo Facts

Logging in to our platform is now more fun and interesting! Now, how is that possible? Unlike regular login pages, where you just enter your details and then log in, CallHippo’s login page will display a set of interesting facts. 

Get your daily dose of knowledge and fun and strengthen your bond and trust with CallHippo!

4. Select Details for Integrations 

What if you could choose the fields to be displayed when making calls? As you know that CallHippo provides access to 85+ integrations, you can now select the details for every integration that will be shown during calls. 

Moreover, if you feel that you have missed any particular thing, you have the option to be redirected to the integration and select more features. Not only will this feature help you be well-informed but also enable you to avoid any last-minute confusion.

5. Introducing Call scribe and Voicemail transcription as AddOns

Now get instant access to call content and save time with CallHippo’s call scribe and voicemail transcription add-on feature. These features are available on all plans provided by CallHippo at additional costs.

 Moreover, it will also help you improve training and feedback for call handling employees.

6. Pause Call Recording During Calls 

Are you worried about your sensitive information being recorded? Well, cast aside your doubts and worries! CallHippo now allows you to pause call recordings during calls. 

You can choose to record only the relevant portion of recordings and ensure your clients of complete confidentiality. This will help you build credibility and guarantee customer satisfaction.

7. Time Zones As Per Area Code 

Keeping track of time zones when calling offshore customers can be challenging. Moreover, countries like the USA having six different time zones can add to the difficulty. Interestingly, you need not worry any longer!

CallHippo’s web dialer will show you the exact time as per the area code. Not only will this save you the hassle of keeping track of time zones, but it will also allow you to bond better with customers and get their time.

8. Live Call Dashboard with Powerdialer 

Our Power dialer has enabled several teams to solve their productivity issues and helped sales agents call a long list of customers in a snap. 

With our live call dashboard, you can get real-time updates on calls being made through the power dialer. You can also see the number of calls completed and the campaigns running through the power dialer. 

This feature will enable you to keep track of leads, plan targeted campaigns, and convert more leads into customers. 

Aren’t these updates exciting? Stay tuned for more upgrades and support our ongoing efforts to offer the best-in-class VoIP solutions!


Sep’20 Web Updates @CallHippo

(Date: Sep 30, 2020)


In our constant effort to improvise our VoIP services, we at CallHippo are glad to announce our monthly update with a range of new features. 

This month’s update includes features ranging from a display of the status of the last 30 days on a single page and many more to enhance your productivity.

Have a look at these features for their better utilization.

1. Added displays on the status page

Now you can enjoy the display status of various CallHippo services including uptime, downtime, and future maintenance date/time along with the status of the last 90 days on a single page. This definitely will help you in better tracking for increased efficiency. These added displays for calls, SMS, API, call logs, etc make it easy to spot and you can keep a close eye on them.

2. Web application from angular js to react js

This technological up-gradation definitely will bring value to you and eventually will lead to improved performance.

3. Easier Search using Integration Name

Users can now enjoy even simplified searches with all the integrations now listed by categories in a web app.

Search Integartion

4. More Options to Add Credits from the Dialer

The flexibility to add credits from the dialer, just like in the web app makes the whole task easier.

5. Search Option in the Web App for Number listing, User listing, and Power Dialer Campaign

This feature is ideal for users who deal with large data. So, no more scrolling up and down for searching the big lists while looking for a specific number or user.

6. Call Reminder Option

Make the most of this feature to plan and schedule your day and calls. Now our users can set as well as edit the scheduled time of the reminder. Let’s say the reminder is set at 10:00 AM and the user wants to reschedule it to 11:00 AM. They now have the option to do so.

This is not all as we at CallHippo believe that there is always a scope for betterment. Stay tuned for more updates as our teams work tirelessly to bring the best for you with new features and functionalities.


Aug’20 Web Updates @CallHippo

(Date: Aug 14, 2020)


In our endeavor to deliver the best Business VoIP phone services, we are happy to present our monthly update with a range of new features. 

Ranging from an option to enable the Sticky Agent feature to activate voicemail during a call queue, the August edition is truly a rocker of an update!

Allow us to walk you through the latest developments-

1. Ability to direct incoming calls to preferred agents:

Ensure enhanced customer experience by enabling the Sticky Agent feature in your application. If the user enables this feature, a recurrent customer’s call is connected with the last agent that they spoke to.

This simple yet practical feature allows for faster query resolution and also greater customer satisfaction as they don’t have to explain their situation again to a different agent.

2. Allot a custom ringing time on each number for incoming calls:

It is a number specific feature wherein users have the freedom to set ringing time duration on a particular number (USA number, for instance). The ringing period can be set anywhere in the range of 10-30 seconds. 

This comes as an upgrade on the earlier fixed incoming call ringing duration of 30 seconds.

3. Call transcription facility for each call in Activity Feed:

Are you tired of analyzing call recordings of an unendingly large number of calls? Well, you can now relax, as the latest update comes with the super-efficient Call Transcription facility built right into the call logs visible under the Activity Feed section. 

Users can now view speech to text, call transcriptions for each call in the call log.

4. Option to filter calls made via power dialer in Activity Feed:

Users now can view calls made via power dialer by using a dedicated filter in the activity feed. It helps to keep a tab on the calls placed using the power dialer.

5. Add feedback for each call in the Activity Feed:

Users can now add comments or feedback in front of each call in the call log under the Activity Feed section. The name of the commenting user is also visible right next to the input given.

6. Credit addition limit updated to $1000 from web application:

Make and receive calls without worrying about your credit balance, as you now have the choice to add up to $1000 credit from your web application.

7. New and improved Activity Feed user interface:

We believe in coming up with even better UI and UX for our valued customers. Staying true to the same, we have revamped our Activity Feed section with a smoother, cooler, and feature-enriched user interface. Some of the unique additions include a call transcription facility and feedback delivery option.

8. Option to add a voicemail and exit the call queue:

Ensure customer satisfaction even when all your agents are busy and unable to attend calls. Want to know how?

With the latest update, the caller can leave a voicemail by pressing * and exit the queue.

What more to expect?

Expect more awesomeness in the future updates, which is much in sync with our ongoing endeavor to offer best-in-class VoIP solutions. Stay tuned in for more upgrades coming your way!


July’20 Web Updates @CallHippo

(Date: Jul 17, 2020)


Innovative upgradation is what we at CallHippo swear by! Keeping up with the changing needs of our valued customers, we have integrated a whole new package of features in our VoIP services. 

Ranging from a world-class desktop application that comes with an unmatched UI and UX to the freedom for adding up to five numbers per contact; CallHippo is dedicated to staying on top of its game!

Allow us to walk you through the interesting features that are on the cards this month:

1. Add multiple numbers to contact card:  

We are currently living in times where people have multiple calling numbers at their disposal. One for each of their varied uses, for business as well as for pleasure. This simple fact egged us on to upgrade the number of phone numbers one can add per contact to five from the existing count of one. 

So basically, our users now have the freedom to add 5 phone numbers/contact, instead of the pre-existing one phone number/contact. You can now safely bid adieu to make a note of alternative numbers of the same person in phone diaries, etc.

2. Downloadable Desktop Application (BETA): 

We realized that having a web-based, Android, or iOS application is just not enough to make the cut in today’s aggressively digitalized times. So, we decided to come up with a downloadable desktop .exe application in the latest update.

This inevitably translates into turbo performance, easy access for agents and admin alike, and seamless user experience. 

3. One place access for multiple modules!

Simple, fast, effortless; these are pretty much the keywords that keep us going. So in the existing version, if you had to grant or deny access to any of the aforementioned modules, namely, desktop app, web dialer, mobile app, and/or SMS module, you had to ask the support desk to make the requisite changes.

In the new version, that stands changed. The whole process has become as simple as rubbing a magic lamp. 

Simply visit the web application, go to the settings, and then access module, voilà! You are now good to go! Deny or grant access to team members just with a couple of clicks at one portal. 

4. Customize the waiting time for queued calls: 

In the earlier version, if there were no available agents at the time of receiving a call, the caller would have to wait in the queue for a standard waiting time of 5 minutes. After this, the call would ultimately get transferred to the voicemail.

Now, in the latest update, the agents can customize the waiting time for queued calls from anywhere in the range of 1- 5 minutes, post which the call gets transferred to voicemail.

July'20 web update @callhippo

5. Add minimum available users to power dialer campaigns: 

 Power dialer campaigns are a boon for the sales team. This awesome feature now comes with an option to fix the minimum number of users at the time of creating a campaign. 

It is an upgrade to the existing version where only one available agent was fixed by default to run a particular campaign. Now, the campaign will only run its course if the fixed number of users is available.

6. Option for assigning campaigns to teams:

Catering to huge calling lists is anyways a challenge which we aimed to simplify with our Power Dialer feature. The administrator now has the liberty to assign the campaign to particular teams, for example, the night shift or day shift team instead of just assigning it to users.

7. Customized messages to greet callers when on leave/holiday: 

Striking the perfect work-play balance just got a lot easier with the option for adding customized voicemail messages when a call lands during an off day. 

The agent can direct calls to voicemail for the holiday period and also leave a customized message.

You can record something to the tunes of, “Hey thanks for reaching out! Your call is valuable to us, and we will be getting in touch with you by XYZ date.” So you can now, sit back and pop your favorite lager without worrying about losing out on customers!

July'20 web update @callhippo

8. Choose your preferred calling number while creating power dialer campaigns: 

CallHippo gives you the option of buying multiple numbers belonging to different countries. Suppose you have bought UK local number, the USA, and Spain, and you wish to create a power dialer campaign with the USA number. That is now very much possible with our new update. At the time of creating a campaign in power dialer, select the number you wish to be displayed while placing calls.

So if you need to call your USA clients on a particular campaign, you can select the USA number for executing the campaign pretty enticing, we say!

9. Enhanced agent productivity with new integrations: 

We as a team realize the importance of increasing individual productivity that ultimately benefits the whole organization. Therefore, we have added a total of twenty-three new integrations with platforms such as ActiveCampaign, Sendinblue, SurveyMonkey, ZOHO Mail, etc. 

What’s more on the anvil?

We at CallHippo strive for perfection when it comes to providing unmatched VoIP services. So with each update that we roll out, you can be assured of experiencing the best-in-class upgrades to existing features in addition to new ones.


June’20 Web Updates @ CallHippo

(Date: Jun 19, 2020)


Team [email protected] believes in staying abreast with the times and this month too we have come up with some really cool and innovative updates to the existing VoIP services. Ranging from a world-class desktop application that comes with an unmatched UI and UX to integrations with popular platforms namely e-commerce giant Shopify, Microsoft Dynamic, Intercom, and Zapier. 

Would you like us to walk you through the latest developments in your favourite VoIP Unified Communications application? Read on! 

1. Add Holiday Option:

As a team that believes in working hard and partying harder, we realize the importance of striking the perfect work-life balance. In the existing model, there were 3 options that one could avail regarding incoming calls namely, 24*7 availability, Always Off (unavailable to receive calls), or Custom Schedule availability (for a designated time period).

 In the new update, the admin can assign custom holidays to the team. For instance, if the 31st of December is a holiday for the team members based in the USA, however a usual working day for the team members based in India, that can be done as well! 

The benefits of assigning a holiday? Well, you get no calls, no notifications, so that you can chill in peace and maybe pop a beer or two as you cherish the sunset! Pretty cool, right?


2. Monitor Call Abandonment Rates:

The latest update comes with the option of generating a daily call abandonment report that keeps track of the percentage of calls abandoned.

For instance, if there are 100 calls to be answered per day, and 20 of them aren’t attended to so the call abandonment rate for that day would be a cool 20%.

3. Availability Reports:

Monitoring agent productivity and availability is imperative for ensuring growth, and we at CallHippo realize the indispensability of the same. 

With the new update, one can track the login hours of each agent. One can now see the availability of agents as well as track working hours. 

4. Schedule a demonstration:

If you face any roadblocks or issues that need redressal, you can now schedule yourself a free demonstration of the facilities offered by CallHippo by booking an appointment with our support executives directly from the web application. 

We would be more than happy to help out new users or prospective clients with any assistance that they might need.

5. Pay Existing Dues with a single click:

We are aware of the fact that sometimes dues accrue even with the existing auto pay facilities owing to reasons such as bank server errors or the likes of it. 

In that case, you can now sort out all existing dues with just a click on the Pay Now button available in the web application. 

6. Set Call Reminders straight from the Call Log:

Scheduling call reminders within your web dialer,  just got easier with the cool new dedicated Bell Icon incorporated right in the call logs detail screen. 

So the next time you need to schedule a call with a client or agent, all you need to do is select that number from the call log and click on the bell icon. Voila! You are now good to go. Stay updated, stay sorted (pretty much our work chant at CallHippo!).

call reminder

7. Blacklist numbers directly from call log:

Are spammers getting on your nerves? Well not anymore! 

In the existing system, you could blacklist numbers by selecting them from the web application. However, with the new update, the process if blacklisting numbers got a whole lot easier with the option of delimiting incoming calls from a particular number straight from the call log. Bid adieu to unwanted worries and hassles, just with a couple of clicks!

8. More options, more power!

The new update comes packs a punch with a whole bunch of powerful additions to the kitty such as a makeover in module rights which now extends to 3 more modules namely: Power Dialer, Live Calls, & Export Contacts. This translates into more power for the agents as the admin can now grant them access to the aforementioned modules as well!

9. Integrations with popular platforms:

Need more reasons to switch to CallHippo for all your VoIP needs? Well, this one might just egg you on to seal the deal without any further delay. 

The new update comes with the option of integration with the much in vogue and super popular software such as Shopify, Microsoft Dynamic, Intercom, and Zapier. 

What’s more on the anvil?

Innovation, integration, and seamless UI, UX, are basically the three tenets of the work ethic we stand by at CallHippo. So rest assured, with each update we roll out awesome features that truly make CallHippo your preferred and reliable VoIP service provider. 


Apr’20 Web Updates @ CallHippo

(Date: May 14, 2020)


As the COVID-19 outbreak is forcing nations across the globe to continue lockdown, CallHippo is working tirelessly to ensure their clients’ business continuity while working from home.

This month, too, we have come up with some exciting major and minor updates to help you continue enjoying your CallHippo experience regardless of this crucial time.

Major Web & App Updates @ CallHippo

1. IP White Listing

CallHippo has enabled IP White Listing for its Web App and Web Dialer in its latest update. Earlier, users would log in to the system from any of the IPs. To ensure security and bring in integrity in the process, CallHippo now enables administrators to mark certain IPs as whitelisted. This will allow the users to access the app and dialer only when they login to the system through the whitelisted IPs; thus, ensuring reliability and security.

2. Enhanced Live Call

You will now be able to access call data and call status in real-time with the new and updated live call feature by CallHippo. This will not only boost your agents’ productivity but also empower them to serve better.


3. Easy Access to Call Barge and Call Join

With this recent update, CallHippo enables you to barge as well as join a live or ongoing call in no time. All you need to do is go to the Live Calls tab and choose the calls you want to barge in or join. Hence, you can monitor your subordinates’ performance and help them resolve crucial customer queries in an instant.

4. Get to know CallHippo

Earlier, only the CallHippo account admins were given the option to take a tour of the product. But with this update, we have also enabled sub-users to go around CallHippo and get a knack of its offerings, features, and functionalities. This will help users get familiar with the platform and leverage it in a better way.

5. Standard Number

With this latest update release, CallHippo will now offer 1 Standard Number/user free of charge with its every plan. Thus, you no longer need to pay for a standard number to get started with CallHippo’s cloud telephony solutions.

6. Improvements in IVR

CallHippo has now divided your IVR message into two parts – Welcome and IVR Message. You can set up a customized welcome message, which will be played first and then the IVR message. Besides, if the callers enter an incorrect number, the IVR message will be repeated; hence, enabling them to reach their destination.

Wrapping Up

We always work towards making your experience with CallHippo seamless. So, let us know what you would like to see in our next updates!

Before you leave, don’t forget to check our updated pricing & feature list here.


Mar’20 Web Updates @ CallHippo

(Date: Apr 8, 2020)


CallHippo is here again with its latest update release. And this time, it’s a major one!

At CallHippo, our team works tirelessly to bring about the changes in the cloud telephony solution to help users enhance their calling experience. We update and upgrade to ensure our users enjoy their journey with us.

This month at CallHippo, we have got some most-awaited updates for you. Right from ensuring uninterrupted calling experience to increasing your agents’ productivity, this release has got some functionalities that are highly time-saving. Hence, expanding your business will no longer be a matter of concern with CallHippo!

Without any further ado, let’s take a tour & get an insight into these updates.

CallHippo Web App Updates

1. Adding Numbers from the Dashboard is now a breeze

To expand your customer base globally, you need to build your customer’s trust by making them believe that they are being called locally. In its latest development, CallHippo enables its users to add numbers of a range of countries right from their dashboard. This includes Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, and Switzerland. You can thus maintain a local presence in multiple geographic areas regardless of whether you have a physical office there or not.

2. Power Dialer (Beta)

Power Dialer ought to be the most-awaited feature release of CallHippo. There are few tasks more daunting than dealing with a long list of outbound calls to make. Whether you’re following-up with a list of clients or taking feedback about your product – our team at CallHippo has a solution that will make your life much easier. Thus, helping save time and ultimately leading to ramp up your productivity.

How does the Power Dialer work?

  • Once you login to your CallHippo Web App, navigate to the Power Dialer option
  • If you are an admin user, you can create a campaign, upload an excel document with all the contact details of your clients and assign multiple agents to a campaign.

Power Dialer

  • Whenever your assigned agents log in to their Web Dialer, their Power Dialer session will start automatically. However, they have the flexibility to start/end their session right from their Web Dialer.

Power Dialer

What CallHippo’s system will do is it will dial numbers in an orderly manner based on the contact list uploaded by you. If the client at the other end is available, then your agents will get connected to your client right away one-by-one. Thus, they will no longer fall prey to manual and repetitive dialing of numbers.

3. Smart Switch

Call quality is quintessential while serving clients or customers across disparate locations. We, at CallHippo, understand this completely. So, in this release of ours, we have introduced a smart switch on our dialer. With this smart switch, users can seamlessly switch between our telephony providers.

Power Dialer

Let’s say, for example; you have “A” as your default telephony provider. If you are facing any troubles with the call quality while making calls, you can power on the smart switch, and calls will be made from the “B” telephony provider; thus, ensuring better call quality.

What’s more?

Well, we, at CallHippo, always aim to deliver the best user experience. So, feel free to share with us what you would like to see in our next update! 


Feb’20 Web Updates @ CallHippo

(Date: Feb 28, 2020)


The popular business buzzword you will come across these days is “User Experience”. Because great user experience defines successful customer journeys on your product, and this is most conducive for business success.

We, at CallHippo, always see to it that our users leverage the benefits of our VoIP solutions seamlessly. Thus, our update superheroes leave no stone unturned to give a great user experience.

Just as the tradition follows, this month, too, we have some new and exciting updates for CallHippo users. If you are yet to explore them, here’s what you can expect in our latest web update.

1. Advanced Scheduled Call Reminders

Scheduling call reminders help you reach your clients on their required time. But sometimes, the scheduled call reminder plans fall through. Let’s say; there is a holiday at the client’s office during one of your scheduled call reminders. What then? Well, you better delete that reminder to avoid any hindrance!

So, here lies some good news for CallHippo users! You can now delete your scheduled call reminders. This can be done from the ‘Call Planner’ section on your Web App. All you need to do is click on the ‘Avoid the call’ button, and the reminder for that particular call will get deleted. You will no longer be notified about that reminder.

Advanced Scheduled Call Reminders

2. Set Call Reminders for Frequent Time Durations

Earlier, CallHippo allowed you to set reminders only for specific intervals. Now, it has added some more time intervals to ensure that you never miss a quick follow-up. The time intervals at which you can set reminders include 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, tomorrow, and in a week. This will help you boost your work efficiency by reaching out to clients whenever they want you to.

Set Call Reminders for Frequent Time Durations

3. More Power to Admin Users

As admin users play a critical role in installing, configuring, upgrading, and keeping the application up and running for the organization, here’s some more power to them.

CallHippo now facilitates an Admin User to explore the Web Dialer even if he has not bought any number.  Thus, he can explore and understand the functionalities of the Web Dialer before making any buying decisions.

4.Quick Dialing Process

Well, CallHippo has made some more changes in the Web Dialer. The Country Code dropdown that you used to see earlier will now disappear with this update. Instead, you can dial the intended numbers by typing the number along with its country code in the dialer. For example, you can type +1-466987XXX. Though it appears as a minor change, it will boost the speed of your dialing process and increase your team productivity.

For dialing internal extensions, all you need to dial is the correct extension of the user. For example, ‘+100’ or ‘100,’ and your call will get directed to the intended internal user. It’s easy and convenient. Isn’t it?

Quick Dialing Process

What’s more?

We, at CallHippo, always aim at enhancing your user experience. So, feel free to share with us what you would like to see in our next update! 


Jan’20 Web Updates @ CallHippo

(Date: Jan 22, 2020)


At CallHippo, we continually add new features and integrations besides fixing bugs and improving performance so that users can make the most out of our services.

This month at CallHippo, we have streamlined internal processes in order to make the user experience even smoother and flawless. Besides, we have come up with some minor updates that you, as a user, would benefit from.

So, let’s take a quick tour of what these updates are all about!

CallHippo Web App Updates

Improved Customer Service

At CallHippo, our team always works towards improving your experience. Thus, we look forward to implementing solutions that enable us to provide better results for the users. With an aim to serve you better and meet your needs effectively, in this recent update of ours, we have enabled integrations with best-in-class customer service software. This will not only help streamline processes but also enhance customer satisfaction.

Improved in-app updates


You will now be able to see our release notes in your CallHippo Web App as in-app updates. We have created a ChangeLog, wherein you can view the notification in detail. Moreover, Change Log also enables you to view different tutorials so that you can grab the information about the latest releases, integrations, and features.

Access our Changelog here

What’s More?

We always work towards making things better for you. So, feel free to share what you would like to see in the next update!


Dec’19 Web Updates @ CallHippo

(Date: Dec 27, 2019)


Every month at CallHippo, we come up with new updates – be it bug fixes, feature releases, or major updates to ensure that our users continue to leverage seamless communication facilities. This month too, we have released some major updates to enrich your experience.

Here’s a quick tour of the recent web updates @ CallHippo!

CallHippo Major Web App Updates

  • After Work Hours Message

After Work Hour Message

When you are engaged with global customers, you are prone to receive calls at any hour. But, what happens when you receive calls out of your business hours? With this latest update, CallHippo has come up with a solution to this.

Once you set your custom working hours, CallHippo enables you to set Voicemail or Greeting message correspondingly. When you select ‘Greeting’, you will be able to set a message that will be sent to the callers calling out of your business hours. Alternatively, you can also choose ‘Voicemail’ so that the incoming call will be transferred to voicemail and your callers can leave their messages on voicemail.

  • Updates in Sub-user rights for Call Logs

Admin will hold the control of whether the sub-users will see a complete call log or only the call logs of the number assigned to that particular sub-user. The admin will be able to change the setting with a toggle button as shown below.

Sub User Rights

If the switch is on, the sub-user can view the entire call log. But if the switch is off, the sub-user will only see the call log associated with his/her number. 

  • Changes in Voicemail & Missed Call Emails

Changes in Voicemail & Missed Call Emails

With this latest update, you will now be able to determine which number you received a voicemail or has a missed call.

For example, “you’ve received a voicemail from +1234567890 on +19876543210.”

Similarly, you will get these details for missed calls too.

  • Explore CallHippo with Dummy number

If you are buying a virtual phone number for the first time and are unaware of how it will work, CallHippo helps you with it. We will now provide a dummy number for you to explore CallHippo features. The number will appear like +1458XXX8967.

However, you won’t be able to make or receive calls through the dummy number. You can click on the Settings icon, as shown in the figure below, and understand what all you can with this number.

Dummy Number

CallHippo Minor Web App Updates

Apart from some major updates, we’ve also made some minor changes in the Web as well as Mobile App to assure better user experience. Below are the small changes:

Added the ‘Settings’ tab in the Web dialer.

Settings added in dailer

You can now toggle settings that relate to:

  • Call Reminder : Set call reminder for a follow-up call after the call ends.
  • User Availability  : If disabled, you will stop receiving calls. Enable it to start calling again.
  • Global Connect : Enable this to see current time in the country you’re calling.
  • After Call Work : Enable this to save notes after calls.
  • Last Call Details : Enable this to see last call details while calling.
  • Default Number : Set Default number from which to make calls


What’s more?

We aim at improving user experience. So, let us know what you are looking forward to in the next update of CallHippo.


Nov’19 Web Updates @ CallHippo

(Date: Dec 10, 2019)


Enhancing the user experience is the prime motto of CallHippo. Thus, to ensure that our users leverage advanced and smooth communication facilities, we continually update and improve our web and mobile app.

This month, we have come up with some exciting updates at CallHippo

Here, we will take you through a quick overview of the latest updates.

CallHippo Web App Updates

Last Call Details


This latest update enables you to determine the last call details of the number you are dialing to. Thus, you can determine which of your team members had the last conversation with that client. If needed, you can connect with the team member and serve your customers better.

Low Network Symbol


At times, it happens that you encounter bad call quality issues while communicating with some clients. Though we couldn’t be handling your internet speed, we would try our best to help you. Thus, we came up with a Low Network symbol. Whenever you face bad call quality or internet issues, this symbol will appear.

This symbol will appear against the number in the Call Log that detected low network connectivity when you were conversing. Moreover, you will also see the symbol when you download the Call Log report. Hence, you can work towards bringing a solution to this.

Default Number


Let’s say; you got 3-4 virtual phone numbers from CallHippo. Earlier, the default number was set to the first virtual phone number that you bought. But now, you can set the default number of your choice. You also have Auto-Switch functionality that automatically switches your outgoing number based on the country code of the dialed number. Nevertheless, if you have the settings for Default Number and Auto-Switch activated simultaneously, the priority will be given to Auto-Switch.

Changes in SMS

With the recent update, you can now download the SMS Log report similar to Call Log reports. This report will comprise data fields like from, to, cost, time, status, and more.

Enhanced Dialer functionality

When it comes to handling clients and customers at a global level, time zone plays a crucial role. We understand this entirely and thus introduced GlobalConnect. In this update of ours, we integrated this functionality with Call Log. Hence, you can now view your Call Log according to time zones.

What’s more?

We, at CallHippo, always aim at improving the user experience. So, do share with us what you would like to see in our next update. 


Oct’19 Web Updates @ CallHippo

(Date: Oct 25, 2019)


At CallHippo, we continually update and improve our web and mobile app so that users can make the most out of exciting new features and app versions.

If you are on an older version of the CallHippo Web App, here is what you can leverage from our latest updates.

So, let’s take a quick tour of the top updates!

CallHippo Web App Updates

1. Dashboard

The latest update provides you a new dashboard with more detailed insights. It now displays

  • Total calls made, i.e., the number of calls made in the selected time duration
  • Total people called, i.e., the total number of callers who made the calls.
  • Best Performer, i.e., agents who have made or received most calls
  • Number of agent’s live at the moment. 

CallHippo Dashboard

2. Ability to listen to Voicemail and On Hold Music file

The previous version of the CallHippo Web app enabled users to upload a custom on-hold music and voicemail greeting to boost customer experience. Adding to this functionality, the latest update now allows users to play voicemail greetings, IVR and welcome messages, and on-hold music after uploading, and then lets them confirm the same.

Further, the user can choose to enable or disable the custom on-hold music feature as per their use.


3. Call Transfer

To make the Call Transfer experience smooth, we are now enabling users to transfer their call on external numbers.

internal transfer

Once you select to whom you want to transfer the call, you will be provided with two options.


  1. Transfer Now
  2. Talk to {contact name} first

You can either directly transfer the call or at first, confirm with the caller if he is available to take the call.

Moreover, you can switch calls between two users and even merge the calls to enter a conference bridge.

4. After Call Work

Many a time, the user forgets to accomplish things after the call. So, it is important to take notes. To help users free from the fuss of finding pen and paper to note down essential points, CallHippo introduced After Call Work. 


As soon as a call ends, a window will pop up. Here, you can pen down important things regarding the call. You can save the notes, but if you forget to do so, the app auto-saves it. User can set the time interval for auto-save from User Settings.

5. Internal Team Calling

CallHippo now enables users to connect with their team members instantly. All that they require doing is dial the extension number of the user.

What’s more?

Well, we always work towards making things better for you. So, feel free to share what would you like to see in the next update!


Top Web & Android App Updates

(Date: Sep 9, 2019)


At CallHippo, we’re always busy releasing new products and features to make it easier for entrepreneurs of all sizes to build their businesses.

This past month was chock-full of new features, fixes, and improvements to our CallHippo Web and Android App, making it more powerful and easy-to-use than ever!

Let’s take a quick look at the top updates!

Every sub-user under a parent account can use an IP phone

set defaultEarlier, the provisions were such that only the number attached to the parent account could be used for outgoing calls. Besides, only a single number was assigned.

In its latest update, CallHippo offers every user the flexibility to have his own Default Number. A default number is the one that users leverage to make and receive calls through an IP phone.

Any sub-user with appropriate rights can access team activity

Activity feed

Admin can now give the rights to any sub-user to view the activity of the entire team. Users with access to Team Activity can apply filters to determine the activities of specific users. Thus, they can keep a check on their team members’ progress, problems, and work efficiency.

For those users who haven’t been granted this right can view their activities by default in the Activity Feed.

CallHippo android app updates

Every user can set call reminders

Many a time, it happens that you forget to call back your clients or prospects on the decided time. To make sure that you never miss connecting to an important client, CallHippo has rolled out a feature called Call Reminder.

With this feature, you can place a call reminder for every incoming and outgoing call. Additionally, you can view the entire list of call reminders at a single glance.

Users can put their ongoing call on hold

Let’s say; you are busy with a call on the CallHippo App, and you receive a phone call at the same time. The phone call is equally important. What will you do? Drop the CallHippo call or dismiss the phone call?

In its recent update, CallHippo lets you put the CallHippo call on hold and attend the phone call without any disturbance. As soon as you receive a phone call, we’ll ask you if you want to put the ongoing call on CallHippo App on hold.

  • If you press Yes – CallHippo call will be put on hold
  • If you press No – CallHippo call will stay connected as before
  • If you pick up the phone call without pressing any button, the CallHippo call will be put on hold automatically. Once you hang up your phone call, the CallHippo call will get re-connected within 2 seconds.

What’s next?

We’re always working on improving and adding functionality to make things easier for you. Please give us feedback on what you would like to see next! 


How CallHippo Release 3.1 can Transform your Business Communication this Spring Season

(Date: Jun 5, 2019)


After a harsh and cold winter, when you see the blooming flowers and the green covering of the surrounding forests, you can finally say, “Wow! Spring is here.” Depending on which country you are, the Spring season can signify different things besides the pleasant climate. It’s probably the time to step outside and enjoy the weather, or plant your crop seeds, or even for businesses to grow their customer base!

To ensure you leverage the features of the best business phone system effectively, CallHippo released its latest version – 3.10. Without any further ado, let’s comprehend the features of CallHippo release 3.10

How CallHippo 3.10 Features can Benefit your Business

Setting a Follow-up call

Be fearless if you are missing the follow-up calls as now CallHippo will remind you to take a call. Set-up a time right after you end the first call and you will be notified as per the time set.

View and Update your Billing information

CallHippo 3.10 has extended its support to the subscription management platform. With this support, you can now access your active subscriptions and invoices easily from your account. Moreover, you can perform the following operations:

  • Add or update details of your CallHippo payment mode while making online payments.
  • View and update your account details.
  • View and update your CallHippo subscription details.
  • Update your current billing address.
  • View your previous payment details such as the date of payment, invoice number, and invoice amount, along with downloading your invoices in PDF format.
  • You can also view your next billing date from the Dashboard

SMS logs

Do you send many businesses or transaction-related SMS to your clients? Well, you can now view details of all these SMSes (under the Activity feed). This includes SMS status i.e. which organizational department sent the message, client name, and time and cost of each SMS. If you are low on account credits, An automated Email will be sent to you from CallHippo.

Want to decide which notifications you should receive? You can easily turn on (or off) the following notification alerts:

  • Receive Updates: Used to configure the setting for receiving updates, tips, promotions, special offers, or any event-related emails from CallHippo.
  • Missed Call Alert: Missed a customer call? You can now choose to receive an email notification on any missed call.
  • Voicemail Alert: Receive an immediate email alert when you receive a voicemail.
  • SMS Alert: Receive an immediate email alert when you receive an SMS.
  • Call Reminder: Don’t want to miss out on making a crucial customer call? Set up a call reminder using this option.

Identifying  Admin Details

Being a sub-user, do you require details of the admin of your account? You can now easily identify the admin along with their registered email address.

CallHippo Release-3.1

Verification of Valid Phone Numbers

Do you make or receive calls directly using the CRM tool? Before placing or receiving a call, you can now verify each phone number to see if it’s still valid. Additionally, you can know the time and timezone of the number you are trying to call just with a hover of your mouse.  

Easy access to Subscription Plans

CallHippo has made it simple for you to change your subscription plan through your online account instead of going through customer support. Simply log into your account and select the subscription plan (basic, bronze, silver, or platinum) and the plan period (annual or monthly).

Know your Admin

The admin itself can now easily change the registered email. If a sub-user want to change your email, you can request the admin to do so. A verification link will be sent to the updated email. The email will change only if you verify the link which ensures the security of the account

Want to cancel your subscription plan with CallHippo? Our redesigned cancellation process makes this very simple and easy to implement.

With advanced technology, CallHippo has enabled global business enterprises to set up an online phone number in a matter of minutes. We continue to deliver business value to our customers through this latest released version 3.10. What do you think of these new features and improvements? Share your feedback with us and let us know of any cool feature that you want to see in our next release. Meanwhile, enjoy expanding your business with your clients this Spring season.

If you are interested in getting a virtual phone number for your business, Sign up on our registration page and get started now.


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