Enhancing the user experience is the prime motto of CallHippo. Thus, to ensure that our users leverage advanced and smooth communication facilities, we continually update and improve our web and mobile app.

This month, we have come up with some exciting updates at CallHippo

Here, we will take you through a quick overview of the latest updates.

CallHippo Web App Updates

Last Call Details


This latest update enables you to determine the last call details of the number you are dialing to. Thus, you can determine which of your team members had the last conversation with that client. If needed, you can connect with the team member and serve your customers better.

Low Network Symbol


At times, it happens that you encounter bad call quality issues while communicating with some clients. Though we couldn’t be handling your internet speed, we would try our best to help you. Thus, we came up with a Low Network symbol. Whenever you face bad call quality or internet issues, this symbol will appear.

This symbol will appear against the number in the Call Log that detected low network connectivity when you were conversing. Moreover, you will also see the symbol when you download the Call Log report. Hence, you can work towards bringing a solution to this.

Default Number


Let’s say; you got 3-4 virtual phone numbers from CallHippo. Earlier, the default number was set to the first virtual phone number that you bought. But now, you can set the default number of your choice. You also have Auto-Switch functionality that automatically switches your outgoing number based on the country code of the dialed number. Nevertheless, if you have the settings for Default Number and Auto-Switch activated simultaneously, the priority will be given to Auto-Switch.

Changes in SMS

With the recent update, you can now download the SMS Log report similar to Call Log reports. This report will comprise data fields like from, to, cost, time, status, and more.

Enhanced Dialer functionality

When it comes to handling clients and customers at a global level, time zone plays a crucial role. We understand this entirely and thus introduced GlobalConnect. In this update of ours, we integrated this functionality with Call Log. Hence, you can now view your Call Log according to time zones.

What’s more?

We, at CallHippo, always aim at improving the user experience. So, do share with us what you would like to see in our next update.    

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