With the aim to become the most user-friendly VoIP solution, we at CallHippo are here with our monthly update. 

A better user interface, compliance-based recording, seat-based pricing models, and other exciting features await you. 

Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments.

1. Automated Server Allocation

Do call connectivity issues bother you? Well, you can say goodbye to all your problems with CallHippo!

With multiple servers for routing, your outgoing calls will be connected to the nearest server. The result? Superb call connectivity and extraordinary customer experience. 

Additionally, it will help you track calls efficiently and provide better training to your agents.

2. Seat-Based Pricing Models 

Are you looking forward to striking the right balance between value and revenue? Well, now you can do that and much more with CallHippo! 

Now, you can define the number of seats required based on the number of users.

With usage-based pricing, you can utilize your resources better and achieve operational efficiency.

3. Changes in Voice Broadcast Calling Charges 

Voice broadcasting can benefit you in many ways, be it giving valuable information, informing customers about new deals, and much more. Are you worried that it might be expensive? Well, CallHippo will let you use voice broadcast functionality with minimum charges per broadcast.

4. Better UI and Agent Availability status

With improvements in our UI, you can set your custom working hours easily, and you will not receive any calls beyond these hours. This feature has been added to ensure a good agent and customer experience and keep them informed at all times.

5. Zoho Analytics and Integromat Integration

We are proud to announce integrations with Zoho Analytics and Integromat

While Zoho Analytics lets you analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights, Integromat helps you connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks. 

These integrations will help you streamline your daily operations and stay at the top of your business goals. 

Aren’t these updates interesting? Stay connected for more updates and help us offer the best calling solutions!

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