Every month at CallHippo, we come up with new updates – be it bug fixes, feature releases, or major updates to ensure that our users continue to leverage seamless communication facilities. This month too, we have released some major updates to enrich your experience.

Here’s a quick tour of the recent web updates @ CallHippo!

CallHippo Major Web App Updates

  • After Work Hours Message

After Work Hour Message

When you are engaged with global customers, you are prone to receive calls at any hour. But, what happens when you receive calls out of your business hours? With this latest update, CallHippo has come up with a solution to this.

Once you set your custom working hours, CallHippo enables you to set Voicemail or Greeting message correspondingly. When you select ‘Greeting’, you will be able to set a message that will be sent to the callers calling out of your business hours. Alternatively, you can also choose ‘Voicemail’ so that the incoming call will be transferred to voicemail and your callers can leave their messages on voicemail.

  • Updates in Sub-user rights for Call Logs

Admin will hold the control of whether the sub-users will see a complete call log or only the call logs of the number assigned to that particular sub-user. The admin will be able to change the setting with a toggle button as shown below.

Sub User Rights

If the switch is on, the sub-user can view the entire call log. But if the switch is off, the sub-user will only see the call log associated with his/her number. 

  • Changes in Voicemail & Missed Call Emails

Changes in Voicemail & Missed Call Emails

With this latest update, you will now be able to determine which number you received a voicemail or has a missed call.

For example, “you’ve received a voicemail from +1234567890 on +19876543210.”

Similarly, you will get these details for missed calls too.

  • Explore CallHippo with Dummy number

If you are buying a virtual phone number for the first time and are unaware of how it will work, CallHippo helps you with it. We will now provide a dummy number for you to explore CallHippo features. The number will appear like +1458XXX8967.

However, you won’t be able to make or receive calls through the dummy number. You can click on the Settings icon, as shown in the figure below, and understand what all you can with this number.

Dummy Number

CallHippo Minor Web App Updates

Apart from some major updates, we’ve also made some minor changes in the Web as well as Mobile App to assure better user experience. Below are the small changes:

Added the ‘Settings’ tab in the Web dialer.

Settings added in dailer

You can now toggle settings that relate to:

  • Call Reminder : Set call reminder for a follow-up call after the call ends.
  • User Availability  : If disabled, you will stop receiving calls. Enable it to start calling again.
  • Global Connect : Enable this to see current time in the country you’re calling.
  • After Call Work : Enable this to save notes after calls.
  • Last Call Details : Enable this to see last call details while calling.
  • Default Number : Set Default number from which to make calls


What’s more?

We aim at improving user experience. So, let us know what you are looking forward to in the next update of CallHippo.

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