The popular business buzzword you will come across these days is “User Experience”. Because great user experience defines successful customer journeys on your product, and this is most conducive for business success.

We, at CallHippo, always see to it that our users leverage the benefits of our VoIP solutions seamlessly. Thus, our update superheroes leave no stone unturned to give a great user experience.

Just as the tradition follows, this month, too, we have some new and exciting updates for CallHippo users. If you are yet to explore them, here’s what you can expect in our latest web update.

1. Advanced Scheduled Call Reminders

Scheduling call reminders help you reach your clients on their required time. But sometimes, the scheduled call reminder plans fall through. Let’s say; there is a holiday at the client’s office during one of your scheduled call reminders. What then? Well, you better delete that reminder to avoid any hindrance!

So, here lies some good news for CallHippo users! You can now delete your scheduled call reminders. This can be done from the ‘Call Planner’ section on your Web App. All you need to do is click on the ‘Avoid the call’ button, and the reminder for that particular call will get deleted. You will no longer be notified about that reminder.

Advanced Scheduled Call Reminders

2. Set Call Reminders for Frequent Time Durations

Earlier, CallHippo allowed you to set reminders only for specific intervals. Now, it has added some more time intervals to ensure that you never miss a quick follow-up. The time intervals at which you can set reminders include 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, tomorrow, and in a week. This will help you boost your work efficiency by reaching out to clients whenever they want you to.

Set Call Reminders for Frequent Time Durations

3. More Power to Admin Users

As admin users play a critical role in installing, configuring, upgrading, and keeping the application up and running for the organization, here’s some more power to them.

CallHippo now facilitates an Admin User to explore the Web Dialer even if he has not bought any number.  Thus, he can explore and understand the functionalities of the Web Dialer before making any buying decisions.

4.Quick Dialing Process

Well, CallHippo has made some more changes in the Web Dialer. The Country Code dropdown that you used to see earlier will now disappear with this update. Instead, you can dial the intended numbers by typing the number along with its country code in the dialer. For example, you can type +1-466987XXX. Though it appears as a minor change, it will boost the speed of your dialing process and increase your team productivity.

For dialing internal extensions, all you need to dial is the correct extension of the user. For example, ‘+100’ or ‘100,’ and your call will get directed to the intended internal user. It’s easy and convenient. Isn’t it?

Quick Dialing Process

What’s more?

We, at CallHippo, always aim at enhancing your user experience. So, feel free to share with us what you would like to see in our next update! 


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