At CallHippo, we continually update and improve our web and mobile app so that users can make the most out of exciting new features and app versions.

If you are on an older version of the CallHippo Web App, here is what you can leverage from our latest updates.

So, let’s take a quick tour of the top updates!

CallHippo Web App Updates

1. Dashboard

The latest update provides you a new dashboard with more detailed insights. It now displays

  • Total calls made, i.e., the number of calls made in the selected time duration
  • Total people called, i.e., the total number of callers who made the calls.
  • Best Performer, i.e., agents who have made or received most calls
  • Number of agent’s live at the moment. 

CallHippo Dashboard

2. Ability to listen to Voicemail and On Hold Music file

The previous version of the CallHippo Web app enabled users to upload a custom on-hold music and voicemail greeting to boost customer experience. Adding to this functionality, the latest update now allows users to play voicemail greetings, IVR and welcome messages, and on-hold music after uploading, and then lets them confirm the same.

Further, the user can choose to enable or disable the custom on-hold music feature as per their use.


3. Call Transfer

To make the Call Transfer experience smooth, we are now enabling users to transfer their call on external numbers.

internal transfer

Once you select to whom you want to transfer the call, you will be provided with two options.


  1. Transfer Now
  2. Talk to {contact name} first

You can either directly transfer the call or at first, confirm with the caller if he is available to take the call.

Moreover, you can switch calls between two users and even merge the calls to enter a conference bridge.

4.After Call Work

Many a time, the user forgets to accomplish things after the call. So, it is important to take notes. To help users free from the fuss of finding pen and paper to note down essential points, CallHippo introduced After Call Work. 


As soon as a call ends, a window will pop up. Here, you can pen down important things regarding the call. You can save the notes, but if you forget to do so, the app auto-saves it. User can set the time interval for auto-save from User Settings.

5. Internal Team Calling

CallHippo now enables users to connect with their team members instantly. All that they require doing is dial the extension number of the user.

What’s more?

Well, we always work towards making things better for you. So, feel free to share what would you like to see in the next update!

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