Peru is one of the fastest developing countries with an upper-middle level and a low poverty rate (19%). When it comes to starting a business, Peru offers a favorable, friendly foreign investment environment.

Other reasons to start a business in Peru or expand your existing one are its low cost of wages than developed countries and its non-restrictive policy on dividends.

And, if you do start a business in Peru, you will need a way to call your customers living in the country to pitch your products and services. They will also need a way to contact you if they have doubts or need assistance with your products.

In this article, we will discuss exactly that! Read on to know how to call Peru from the US.

Follow these steps to call Peru from the US.

Step 1: Enter the US International Exit Code

Every country has a separate exit code that allows people to dial outside the country. To call Peru from the US, you will need to dial the US international exit code, i.e., 011.

Step 2: Enter the Peru Country Code

Just like the exit code, every country has a different code that authorizes you to gain the access that you need to place the call. In the case of Peru, it is 51. Ensure that you enter it after the US international exit code.

Step 3: Enter the specific geographic code of the area you want to call to within Peru

Peru has a two-digit code for every region in the country except for Lima and Callao. You need to use the code after the US international exit code and Peru country code to connect your call to the right person.

For example, if you want to call Machu Picchu, you will have to use the area code of Cusco, i.e., 84.

Here are the area codes for the most popular area codes in Peru.

RegionArea code
Lima and Callao1
La Libertad44
Madre de Dios82
San Martín42

Step 4: Dial the local phone number

The last step is to dial the local phone number, usually eight or nine digits long.

So, your format for making the call to Peru (Machu Picchu) from the US will look something like this:


While the steps to call Peru from the US are pretty simple, blindly following them would incur a high cost in your phone bills.

This is why we recommend using a business phone system.

Call Peru from US

Benefits of a Business Phone System for Calling Peru from the US

A business phone system gives you access to advanced features, such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), power dialer, call barging, and analytics. All of which can help you enhance the overall customer experience and your business workflows.

But that’s not it. There are more benefits of a business phone system than its features. Let’s look at why you should use a business phone system for calling Peru from the US.

1) Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers allow you to build a local presence in Peru. You can buy Peru numbers to look as if you are calling from within the country. Besides, it also eliminates the need for using the US international exit code or Peru country code.

All you will need is the geographic code for the region you want to call and the person’s phone number.

You can even buy a toll-free phone number so your customers in Peru can reach out to you without any hassle for free.

2) Cost Savings

Business phone systems minimize call expenses even when you are dialing to another country. So, even if you want to place calls to different countries, including Peru, a business phone system is a cost-effective solution.

Make sure to pick a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system that offers a flat-pricing model with features like call recording and analytics.

3) Improved Call Quality

Business phone systems route your calls over the internet. If you have got a high-speed internet connection, you will experience HD-quality voice calls all the time.

Besides, VoIP providers like CallHippo take additional measures to eliminate disruptions and ensure a seamless call experience.

4) Highly Scalable

As your business grows in Peru, you will likely hire more people to make and receive calls from the country. With a traditional business line, that would mean increased hardware and phone billing costs, not to mention the time it will take to set up the systems.

Business phone systems need a few minutes to upscale (or downscale) as and when required. All you need to do is make changes to your business plan.

Ready to Get Started?

Making calls to Peru from the US isn’t complicated. However, you will need the right systems, a business phone system, to be precise, to call hundreds of prospects each day, without worrying about the costs.

Harness CallHippo’s business phone systems to reach out to your prospects in Peru and boost conversions. Happy Calling!

Updated : May 5, 2021


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