With a drive to offer the best VoIP solutions, we at CallHippo are back with our latest updates.
A better user interface, voice broadcasting dashboard, number masking facility, power dialer improvements, and other exciting features await you.
Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments.

1. Number Masking 

What if you could mask numbers and simultaneously increase your closures and returns of investment?
Well, CallHippo has made it possible!
As you already know, CallHippo is integrated with Leadsquared- a leading marketing automation and sales execution platform.
Now, you can enjoy call masking and use the click to call feature with Leadsquared to successfully hide your number.
Not only will this offer advanced data protection, but it will also help ensure privacy for your clients and agents. Go ahead and support your customers better and that too without any privacy concerns!

2.Call Tracking 

Call tracking is no less than a miracle for any call center solution. It lets you evaluate the performance of any of your customer-facing teams. Moreover, it also lets you find out team members that convert the most leads.
Well, the wait is over!
CallHippo is proud to announce its all new call tracking feature. But, what makes it better than other solutions?
Well, you can now integrate Google Ads to level up your sales game. Wait, there is more to it!
You can also run campaigns, analyze call recordings and better train agents. The result? All round satisfaction!

3.Automatic Voicemail Drop With Power Dialer

A power dialer lets you save time by calling another number in the list if it’s busy, unattended, or disconnected.
But, what if a machine is detected at the other end?
Well, CallHippo will now let you drop a voicemail and that too at minimal costs!

4.UX Improvements 

Earlier you could only see the number of missed calls and ongoing calls in your activity feed. Now, you will be able to see other details like  call duration, call recordings and call feedback with a single click.

5.Voice Broadcasting Dashboard

While a picture can speak a hundred words, let’s not forget the fact that “words can also paint a thousand pictures!”
In line with that, mouth and voice marketing still manage to break the barriers where many videos and pictures fail.
The ability to send pre-recorded messages on a wide scale or voice broadcasting has been a favorite among CallHippo customers.
So, we decided to make it even better!
Now, you can enjoy your very own voice broadcasting dashboard. Yes! You heard it right!
Run campaigns, check call logs, strategize better and keep all your data under a single platform with our dashboard.

Aren’t these updates interesting? Stay tuned for more updates and help us offer the best calling solutions!


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