CallHippo’s new features will allow you to navigate the system better, comply with call recording mandates, add tags during calls, and download activity feeds. 

With the aim to provide you an excellent calling experience, we at CallHippo are back with our monthly update.

With automatic call-back in queues, compliance-based recording, and call disposition that allows you to understand the outcome of a call, our exciting features will let you make the best use of our platform.

Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments.

Call Disposition

A must-have feature for any call center, Call disposition empowers users to add tags during and after the call to know the likely outcome of the call. 

The result? Call agents are armed with real-time information about the likely outcome of the call and can improve service accordingly.

With the new call disposition feature, you can gain valuable business intelligence and engage customers better by filtering calls effectively. A great way to forge genuine relationships and build a lasting rapport!

Integration With amoCRM

CallHippo is proud to introduce integration with amoCRM.

With amoCRM you can manage all your sales, marketing, and service-related data in a centralized repository. The best part is that you can access it directly from CallHippo, without having to switch to any other business application.

Integration with amoCRM will surely save tons of time and optimize your business operations!

Compliance-Based Call Recording

One of the most common messages you hear when you call a customer care center is, “This call will be recorded for quality and training purposes.” 

Different countries have different rules about recording calls. Now you don’t need to worry about low compliance!

To solve these compliance issues, CallHippo allows you to modify call recording settings. Users can customize settings according to the legal regulations and select options to not record calls or record with consent.

Voice Broadcast

We are now taking a huge leap forward with our voice broadcasting. Not only can you play pre-recorded messages for your clients, but also have them call you back instantly with the click of a single button!

Now your customers can get in touch with call representatives without any delay and increase bottom-line results.

Improvement in Call Reminder

CallHippo’s call reminder is a life-saver and helps you schedule your day better! Previously users could set reminders at fixed interval options, but the new improvements allow you to set a reminder for a specific day or time.

A great way to stay ahead of business appointments and ensure you don’t forget any important engagement!

Auto Call-Back In Call Queue

Waiting in endlessly long call queues is a frustrating experience for most customers.

You can bid goodbye to that problem. Our new auto-call back in call queue improvement enables users to request a call back from agents if they find the line busy. You get an instant call back from the agent – no more waiting in the long call queue!

Download Activity Feed Reports

Are you finding it challenging to get access to call data regarding specific campaigns?

Now you can do that and much more!

CallHippo enables you to download activity feed reports with call log details from the power dialer for specific campaigns. This gives you all the information you need at your fingertips within seconds.

Aren’t these updates exciting? Stay connected for more updates and support our endeavor to offer the best VoIP solutions!

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