CallHippo is always experimenting and up for new technologies and techniques that enable our customers to perform better. 

In this monthly update, we have launched interesting features to make your experience smoother and more fun!

The all-new CH Coach, post-call survey, and shared inbox are a few of the updates you will surely love. 

Without much further ado, let’s have a look at the latest developments.

Shared Inbox:

With our all-new shared inbox feature, you can now find the number of calls missed, voicemail, and customer feedback all in one place. This allows you to make direct calls without the hassle of switching tabs to find call details.

This functionality has been added to make it easier for you to keep track of all your call records and voice mail. The shared inbox feature will not only save your time but will also help you address customer issues in a better way.

Auto Voicemail Drop for Power Dialer:

The auto voicemail drop feature will help you differentiate between a human or machine at the other end. In case a machine is detected, it will drop a predefined voicemail at that number.

You will have the option to record and leave messages. This will help you save time and call more prospects in a shorter time period. This feature is available only for campaigns running on the power dialer.

Post Call Survey:

The post-call survey will help you take customer feedback or surveys.

Clients can press the ‘call survey option’ from the screen, lodge their complaints, participate in surveys, and submit responses. 

This will help improve agent performance while also strengthening customers’ trust.

Audit Logs:

We understand that it can be challenging to keep track of all your calls and activities. Moreover, it is essential to stay updated with all customers’ and agents’ activities if you are an administrator.  

Interestingly, CallHippo’s audit logs feature will help you check login history, call logs, and all the necessary details- at a single place. 

Call Coach Option in Web App:

Our all-new Call Coach will help you evaluate your agent’s performance. With in-depth call listening insights and feedback management, you can provide the best training to your agents. 

To know more about the Call Coach option, click on “Contact us”. Our sales team will schedule a call with you and discuss the benefits of using CH coach. 

Say goodbye to mundane and incompetent ways of performance management with CH Coach!

Select Primary and Second Details for Hubspot and Zoho

What if you could choose the fields to be displayed when making calls? With CallHippo providing access to 85+ integrations, you can now select the primary and secondary details for Hubspot and Zoho. These details will be displayed when making/receiving calls through CallHippo. 

if you feel that you have missed any particular thing, you have the option to be redirected to the integration and select more features. This will help you be well-informed and avoid any last-minute confusion.

CallHippo is Now Integrated with Zoho Recruit and TalentLyft

CallHippo is integrated with your favorite applicant tracking systems Zoho Recruit and TalentLyft. Zoho Recruit helps you manage every aspect of a from job requisition to interview scheduling and finding the matching candidate. 

Whereas, TalentLyft is used by Recruiters and HR Professionals who are looking to streamline and ease their recruiting and hiring strategies.

New SMS Pricing

Well, last but not the least, all inbound SMSs made through CallHippo will be absolutely free of cost! We have also revised rates for outbound SMSs. To know more click here

Aren’t these updates exciting? Stay tuned for more upgrades and support our ongoing efforts to offer the best-in-class VoIP solutions!

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