With a knack for constantly delivering top-notch VoIP services, we at CallHippo are back again with our monthly update! 

Some of the exciting features include the gamification feature that will keep you at the top of your sales game. 

You can also choose to guide your agents on calls with our all-new “call whispering” feature. 

With new add ons and improvements in our power dialer, the October edition is something you cannot afford to miss!

Let us have a look at the latest developments!

1. Gamification and Leader Board 

With our all-new gamification feature, you can help your sales wizards complete targets and earn some cool badges. You can easily analyze your team’s performance by having a look at the leaderboard. 

This feature allows sales executives to level up their game and bring in more enthusiasm at work. With badges like “Ultimate Champion” and “Sharpshooter” driving your team towards excellence, it just got a lot easier!

2. Call Whispering

CallHippo’s latest addition will allow managers to hear customer queries and provide a quick solution to the agent on call. With the call whispering feature, the agent can listen to both the manager and the customer.

However, the customer can only hear the representative’s voice. This, in turn, will help agents learn tricks to deal with customers and reduce the number of calls needed to solve an issue.

3. Hippo Facts

Logging in to our platform is now more fun and interesting! Now, how is that possible? Unlike regular login pages, where you just enter your details and then log in, CallHippo’s login page will display a set of interesting facts. 

Get your daily dose of knowledge and fun and strengthen your bond and trust with CallHippo!

4. Select Details for Integrations 

What if you could choose the fields to be displayed when making calls? As you know that CallHippo provides access to 85+ integrations, you can now select the details for every integration that will be shown during calls. 

Moreover, if you feel that you have missed any particular thing, you have the option to be redirected to the integration and select more features. Not only will this feature help you be well-informed but also enable you to avoid any last-minute confusion.

5. Introducing Call scribe and Voicemail transcription as AddOns

Now get instant access to call content and save time with CallHippo’s call scribe and voicemail transcription add-on feature. These features are available on all plans provided by CallHippo at additional costs.

 Moreover, it will also help you improve training and feedback for call handling employees.

6. Pause Call Recording During Calls 

Are you worried about your sensitive information being recorded? Well, cast aside your doubts and worries! CallHippo now allows you to pause call recordings during calls. 

You can choose to record only the relevant portion of recordings and ensure your clients of complete confidentiality. This will help you build credibility and guarantee customer satisfaction.

7. Time Zones As Per Area Code 

Keeping track of time zones when calling offshore customers can be challenging. Moreover, countries like the USA having six different time zones can add to the difficulty. Interestingly, you need not worry any longer!

CallHippo’s web dialer will show you the exact time as per the area code. Not only will this save you the hassle of keeping track of time zones, but it will also allow you to bond better with customers and get their time.

8. Live Call Dashboard with Powerdialer 

Our Power dialer has enabled several teams to solve their productivity issues and helped sales agents call a long list of customers in a snap. 

With our live call dashboard, you can get real-time updates on calls being made through the power dialer. You can also see the number of calls completed and the campaigns running through the power dialer. 

This feature will enable you to keep track of leads, plan targeted campaigns, and convert more leads into customers. 

Aren’t these updates exciting? Stay tuned for more upgrades and support our ongoing efforts to offer the best-in-class VoIP solutions!

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