At CallHippo, we’re always busy releasing new products and features to make it easier for entrepreneurs of all sizes to build their businesses.

This past month was chock-full of new features, fixes, and improvements to our CallHippo Web and Android App, making it more powerful and easy-to-use than ever!

Let’s take a quick look at the top updates!

Every sub-user under a parent account can use an IP phone


set default

Earlier, the provisions were such that only the number attached to the parent account could be used for outgoing calls. Besides, only a single number was assigned.

In its latest update, CallHippo offers every user the flexibility to have his own Default Number. A default number is the one that users leverage to make and receive calls through an IP phone.

Any sub-user with appropriate rights can access team activity


Activity feed

Admin can now give the rights to any sub-user to view the activity of the entire team. Users with access to Team Activity can apply filters to determine the activities of specific users. Thus, they can keep a check on their team members’ progress, problems, and work efficiency.

For those users who haven’t been granted this right can view their activities by default in the Activity Feed.

CallHippo android app updates


Every user can set call reminders

Many a time, it happens that you forget to call back your clients or prospects on the decided time. To make sure that you never miss connecting to an important client, CallHippo has rolled out a feature called Call Reminder.

With this feature, you can place a call reminder for every incoming and outgoing call. Additionally, you can view the entire list of call reminders at a single glance.

Users can put their ongoing call on hold

Let’s say; you are busy with a call on the CallHippo App, and you receive a phone call at the same time. The phone call is equally important. What will you do? Drop the CallHippo call or dismiss the phone call?

In its recent update, CallHippo lets you put the CallHippo call on hold and attend the phone call without any disturbance. As soon as you receive a phone call, we’ll ask you if you want to put the ongoing call on CallHippo App on hold.

  • If you press Yes – CallHippo call will be put on hold
  • If you press No – CallHippo call will stay connected as before
  • If you pick up the phone call without pressing any button, the CallHippo call will be put on hold automatically. Once you hang up your phone call, the CallHippo call will get re-connected within 2 seconds.

What’s next?

We’re always working on improving and adding functionality to make things easier for you. Please give us feedback on what you would like to see next! 

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