Check out the best-in-class VoIP phone system for healthcare professionals that makes seamless communication a reality for solo healthcare professionals such as an MR, those who work for a hospital, or own one. Economical and portable CallHippo’s cloud-based services ensure coordination among different staff members both in-house and those working in the field. Launch the service in just 3 minutes!

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A medical office phone system is a cloud-based phone system that hospitals and people related to the healthcare sector generally use. You don’t need a physical telephone line or even a SIM card. All you need is a device with Internet connectivity. A cloud-based phone system for hospitals enables healthcare professionals to stay in touch with their teams while allowing them to work in a professional environment

Whether you’re a solo healthcare professional such as an MR, work for a hospital or own one, VoIP phone system for healthcare from CallHippo can make things simpler.

Try a VoIP phone system for healthcare industry that is quite economical and portable to ensure coordination among different staff members both in-house and those working in the field.

The best communications solutions for healthcare are right here at your service. Launch the service in just 3 minutes!


call transfer

Call Transfer

Now you can redirect calls easily from your VoIP phone system for healthcare professionals to other callers. It happens seamlessly.

call conference

Call Conference

CallHippo’s phone solutions for healthcare phone system providers enable you to pull in a 3rd caller to your 2-way call. 

Call Queuing

Call Queuing

The call queue feature of Healthcare phone system providers streamlines inbound calls in a queue so you can pick the next call as soon as you are done with the present call.

Call Barging

Call Barging

This feature makes monitoring calls for training purposes easier than ever. The supervisors can easily monitor the conference call and track it

CallHippo - Virtual Phone System

Get Local Phone Numbers

Apply for a virtual phone number for your healthcare or pharmaceutical business in over 55 countries through CallHippo, the Healthcare phone system providers.

Smart Call Forwarding

Smart Call Forwarding

Using the hospital phone system from CallHippo, you can now forward calls to any number of phones, while remaining accessible even when you’re outdoors.

Team Collaboration (Manage Team)

Team Collaboration (Manage Team)

It helps to manage clients, calls, and teammates through a single dashboard with the best Phone system for the hospital.

Ring All

Ring All

All linked employees can be accessed at any point of time through inbound calls. Anyone can, therefore, initiate and go ahead with the call.

Call Recording

Call Recording

It makes monitoring your medical representative’s performance easier by recording calls through cloud phone system healthcare organizations.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail

Receive voicemail on the email linked with your hospital phone solutions. Cloud phone system healthcare organizations, enables callers to send voicemail in case you are not able to pick up the calls.

Call Analytics

Call Analytics

Analytics helps you in tracking your sales representative’s performance at sales and support interactions. Get vital stats about missed calls and call volume.

On Hold Music

On Hold Music

Use Medical Office Phone System from CallHippo, and make sure that the clients are not bored during calls as the on-hold music will keep them engaged.


Benefits of a Cloud-Based Healthcare Phone Solution

There are many advantages of using VoIP multi-line phone systems for healthcare companies and hospitals. Here are the major advantages your healthcare business will enjoy if you install a CallHippo’s VoIP phone system for Healthcare.

  • A Feature-Rich Affair
    CallHippo makes feature-rich communications solutions for healthcare. You’re not signing up for any ordinary phone system. CallHippo’s hospital phone solutions come with real-time analytics, state-of-the-art call recording, custom greetings, IVR and call distribution, and many more features.

  • Pay for What You Use
    At CallHippo, communications solutions for healthcare are affordably priced. Whether you’re a freelance sales agent or an established healthcare service provider, our solutions will dramatically improve your productivity and streamline operations. Through a cloud phone system for healthcare organizations, all our vital needs can be met through chosen features.
  • Never Miss a Single Call
    With the Medical Office Phone System, CallHippo, the leading healthcare phone system providers can assure you that you are less likely to miss an important call in the future. With its robust feature suite that includes voicemail, call distribution and call queuing, etc., you will never be worried about missing a business call. VoIP phone system for Healthcare will either transfer the calls to your colleagues or send it to voicemail. Either way, you’re not going to skip the client’s request.
  • Go Local
    Choose local numbers with specific area codes with CallHippo’s Medical Office Phone System, to better target the potential local clients. Your VoIP phone system for Healthcare professionals and MRs also enables you to get toll-free numbers to help your customers and clients access you conveniently. These can also be broadcasted on billboards and other displays to attract additional clients.

Why Your Healthcare Business Needs a Cloud Based Phone System?

Healthcare phone solutions are the need of the hour for any healthcare or pharma business looking to scale up. For any venture, a smart Medical Office Phone System is pivotal for its success.

From MRs to hospital staff, be it part-timers and employees working full time for established units, healthcare professionals are the prime beneficiaries of a cloud-based phone system for hospitals.

Apart from flexibility, it also offers greater access to potential clients in the vicinity. With features like DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion), CallHippo’s cloud phone system for healthcare organizations also facilitate tracking of online traffic to minimize your marketing and operational efforts.  

Customized Phone System for Hospitals is designed to make your routine tasks easier. Call us today to learn more about these feature-rich solutions from CallHippo.

Our multi-line phone systems for hospitals are cloud-based, thus making these phone systems reachable and portable 24*7. You don’t need a SIM card for that.

It’s not only unbelievably economical, but it also helps to improve productivity. If you want to know how CallHippo’s Phone System for Hospitals can increase your productivity, dial our sales support today.

How? Our VoIP phone system for healthcare professionals comes with comprehensive reporting and real-time analytics. Through these features, all your sales calls can be viewed in terms of vital stats and where you can improve.

Ultimately, CallHippo’s cloud phone system healthcare organizations and hospital phone solutions enable your representatives to discover the best ways to access prospects and customers to strike a deal with them.

If you are looking for the best phone system for hospitals, CallHippo can be the ideal choice. Explore the next generation Communications Solutions for Healthcare, Sign up with CallHippo today.


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What is a virtual phone number for healthcare business?

A virtual phone number is like a regular cellular phone number but it requires no SIM card, just an internet connection. CallHippo’s healthcare phone system has added features that help agents accomplish much more than they would with a regular phone number.

How to get multi line phone systems for healthcare offices?

Getting a healthcare phone system from CallHippo is super simple. Just follow these steps and your business will have the best phone system for the healthcare agency in no time:

  • Sign up for CallHippo. Create your business account.
  • Select your country and choose your number.
  • Checkout and you’re done! You have a brand new cloud-based healthcare phone solution
How to choose the right healthcare office phone solutions for your agency?

To choose your virtual phone number for real estate business, simply create an account and visit your customer dashboard Click on the ‘Add Number’ button and enter your requirement (sales, support). Get the number from our inventory.

Can I get healthcare office phone solutions for free?

Yes, you can get a free standard business phone number with our Silver and Platinum plan. With these plans you will also get free* incoming calls, SMS*, call transfer and call queuing feature.

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