Businesses run in the market for the customers. Customer feedback decides the success of the business in the market. Based on the feedback, a business owner improves his strategy. And for this, he/she relies on a customer satisfaction survey which aims at an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to provide a better system to their current customers and leads. Once you optimize this, it is easy to expand the service with the help of the IVR systems. 

What is IVR?

IVR is the abbreviation for Interactive Voice Response. It is a kind of feedback system which uses the customer’s touchtone pads for a better customer experience. Practically, you have to tap a few keys to reach the right department. In the modern IVR system, customers have to state the name of the department or the name of the agent they wish to contact.

For decades this technology has been used and advances periodically with many VoIP and telephony providers adding in conversational AI to predict caller intent. These systems act as a method of gathering information through responses from customers. An agent deals with different client/customer/lead because this system uses voice to narrow down the reasons for a call.

Sometimes, IVR acts as the first point of contact with the brands. It is one of the most useful means to communicate a brand’s personality to inbound and outbound callers by conveying your business brand’s unique music, tone, and style to foster customer engagement.

The best way to track the customer’s journey is through the current-wave IVR system, which provides an actionable-insights through call center analytics data. You can even tweak the IVR experience through the data you gather and use it for smoother customer flow. Even though it provides you with the best customer experience, there are certain loopholes in the IVR system like:

  • If a customer enters the wrong number, he/she will be sent to the incorrect department. 
  • IVR lacks the quality of gathering complex customer data.
  • A majority of callers in the IVR system press 0 to connect with an agent.
  • IVR system has a flaw in the voice recognition system, where it becomes hard to make the pronunciation of certain words and accents. 

something addition to improve customer service:

What is Visual IVR?

This system adds an extra feature to the traditional IVR system by adding the multichannel visual interface. While using IVR at your office allows you to make use of communication channels like smartphones and computers to gather caller’s information and in a more streamlined and comprehensive manner. With the visual IVR system, you can gather real-time information about your customer with one touchpoint and the agent will reach the caller gathering all the pertinent information. This system also makes use of the company’s website and mobile apps to help the customer with the easy navigation of menus and improve your customer support skills. Without this kind of software, it is very difficult to gather real-time information as any information plugged into a website or mobile app is lost. 

Ways to improve customer experience

There are certain ways through which you can improve the customer experience with IVR

      1. Efficient Call Routing

The IVR provides an efficient call routing feature where the built-in-control feature of the IVR gathers the caller’s information and routes the call to the self-service steps or the call center in a very efficient manner. These self-service steps or the call centers are designated to handle the specific problem or question. 

      2. Automated Self-Service

The IVR system can also provide an automated self-service where the problems and questions of the callers are taken care of through a brief automated visit. For example, the automated self-service you get while checking on an order status or account credit. 


      3. Easy Menu Options

The menu options of IVR are a thoughtful design of the menu trees that frees you from the long old tradition of sub-menus and sub-sub-options. The traditional forms of menus where you have to press certain keys to reach to your option and again press another key to get back to the main menu are no longer in trend now. 

      4. Advanced Speech Recognition

The IVR has an Advanced Speech Recognition system where it recognizes more than just single words and provides a fast track solution or prompts for additional information to the caller’s demand. 

      5. Personalized Caller Information

The perception of quality is about providing personalized service, and the IVR system taps the information of the caller and makes their incoming call experience a quality one. A well-designed IVR system can provide you with the same quality experience as the well-trained call center representative provides you. 

      6. Always Available Service

Besides the lunch break and normal business hours, the IVR system is 24/7 at your service. This system serves the customer on their schedule and gives you the best quality service experience every time. 

      7. Professional Service

The IVR system also engages professional service in multiple industries where trained speakers encourage and boost the enthusiasm of the small company. Sound-studio quality voice overs mark an impression on customers as if they are dealing with the big-time operation. 

      8. Reduce Hold Times

There are times when the customers have to wait for their turn and call to get connected to the company where they can reach to demand a solution to their problems and talk about their needs. But the well-designed IVR system has reduced the wait time for their customers and resolve their problem in a minute time frame. It gives customers satisfaction and a pleasant overall experience. 

      9. Faster Access and Service

IVR has a very sophisticated customer speech recognition software, which lets the customer reach where they need to go with faster access to the service. 

      10. Personalized Offers

With the help of IVR, customers can know about the latest and upcoming sales, special customer offers, product enhancement, etc. IVR is programmed in such a way that it fulfills the needs of the customers. 

IVR provides a better-quality experience through its well-designed software and enhances the image of the company. It works in a twofold manner, one by providing the customer easily accessible and great quality service and the other, helping the company improve its customer’s service skills.  

Updated : July 14, 2021


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