Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a technology that enhances automated interaction with customers during on-call interactions. In order to elevate the effectiveness of customer service, several industries are incorporating IVR systems in their business platforms. The information provided to the clients may either be pre-recorded or be generated audio. This directs guides and assists the customers with their queries, without a live operator monitoring the Virtual phone system. Customers communicate either through speech recognition technology or through dial pads.

These days, various service-oriented companies are using this technology to improve the quality of customer support with IVR. It helps them to reduce the costs of operation and make more productive use of their time. Irrespective of the nature of the industry, the technology brings various benefits to the users.

The engagement of customers through technology has transformed self-service processes largely. Besides, self-service applications are being integrated into various businesses. Companies are using various communication channels, including voice, web, & social media platforms to enhance the communication level. IVR systems enable companies to provide self-service mechanisms to the customers. The smart call-routing functionality in these systems streamlines the journey of the customers.

The IVR system is increasingly being used in the patient care industry and clinical business firms, where an automated voice guides the customers. It enhances sales and provides the customers with a better experience. These systems can also be integrated on multiple platforms and warrants consistent self-service across various channels. Customer experience is one of the most important factors that determine the customer retention ability of business firms.

In the contemporary business context, almost all industries are using the system in their businesses. For instance, airlines often use IVR to make personalized communications to clients. These may include surveys, announcements, polls, alerts, reminders and so on. This enables these companies to provide seamless outbound campaigns, without hiring full-time agents. This results in substantial savings of their financial resources.

Types of Interactive Voice Response systems

Interactive Voice Response systems can be of two types. These are hosted systems and self-assisted systems. In the first case, a hosted platform is used to install the IVRS. This enables the business firm to get access to the application, using the web. As a result, IVR enables us to improve customer services even after office hours are over. Evidently, this brings a professional image tone to the customer care services.

In case, you opt for an agent-assisted IVR, the role of an agent comes into play. At times, callers are frustrated with technical errors, especially during the speech recognition process. In such a condition, the agents at IVR systems make it possible for the professional to evaluate the whole scenario in no time. The agent directs the automated system in the desired way to meet the expectations of the callers. However, the caller is not aware of the involvement of the agent.

Choose a reputed company for IVR support

Each business is distinct in its functional mechanism. Therefore, a customized IVR system is necessary for each of these platforms. They serve business firms, according to their needs. Evidently, you need to reach out to the right platform to get industry-specific IVRs. In the medical industry, this is one of the most effective methods to get appointments with the doctors or to get reminder phone calls. Using IVR at your office can reduce the rate of patients not showing up at the scheduled hour. It can help business firms to optimize their schedules and time. Apart from this, you can reach out to patients through the system and remind them of the upcoming surgeries or medical processes, that they need to undergo. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that they come fully prepared for these appointments.

Interactive voice response saves a lot of time for the administrative staff and nurses. They need not spend their time on phone calls and focus on aspects that are more important. They can take better care of the patients when the communication processes are automated. This leverages the overall office efficiency of the organization.

IVR can save you time and money

Well, medical practitioners and nurses are highly trained. You should take the necessary care so that their efforts are dedicated to the patients. Wasting time on phone calls is indeed a loss. This is not only applicable to the medical industry but all other industries in general. Apart from this, they may forget to call the patients at times, with busy task schedules in the offices. Besides, when you do away with the manual process of answering calls, you can make a substantial amount of saving. Through interactive voice response, you can provide all the information that the customers need. You simply need to set up the system according to the needs of your customers.

Customers receive automated phone calls from the business firms that incorporate IVR on their platforms. These calls provide pre-recorded instructions to the customers, regarding their upcoming deals with the firm. The customers need not answer the call through voice processes, they only need to tap a button on their phone and respond to these messages. In this way, it is easy to schedule appointments and set the forthcoming dealings between the company and customers. The call time and online phone number are programmed and the IVR does the rest of the work. These systems are used both for inbound and outbound purposes. Companies also seek the feedback of the customers through these systems. You can literally do away with the manual response process in your business when you incorporate the system.

Effectiveness of the IVR system

When integrated in the right way, IVRs can serve the customers in the same way live calls do. Researches have revealed that these calls are effective in scheduling appointments. These can replace the voice calling processes in business and are likely to cut down the expenses of the company, besides saving time. You may reach out to a reputed company to integrate a customized IVR system on your platform.

Updated : July 14, 2021


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