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Call center solution is a software that assists you in handling your business telephone calls and getting customers to reach your business for service with ease. This software enables you to access the necessary information and knowledge about a customer’s history to improve the overall customer experience.

A best Call center solution is drafted mainly for phone support in outbound or Inbound call center like call records, call control, waiting, virtual numbers, business-specific numbers, voicemail, call forwarding, quality control, and others.

Why should I buy call center software?

Buying CallHippo’s call center software comes with a lot of perks. These are –

  • Huge cost saving
  • Easy to use
  • No upfront investments
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Better sales
  • Great customer experience

How does call center software work?

Call center software solutions help call center agents to access the right information and knowledge about a customer’s history to improve the overall customer experience. It offers impressive features which help you improve interactions with customers and make your workflow efficient.

Plans and pricing of CallHippo’s call center solution?

All our price schemes come under Monthly payment & Annual Subscription with following plans Basic – $0, Bronze – $9, Silver – $20, Platinum – $40

To get a detailed insight into the pricing, you can talk to our sales representatives.

Which size of companies should use call center software’s?

Any company size, whether small, medium, or large with a customer facing team, which wants to streamline customer communication, should be using cloud-based call center software.


Our Working Process

in 3 Steps

Get Best Call Center Software process in 3 steps !


Buy virtual local phone numbers of 50+ Countries


Add Multiple Users on the Same Number


Start Making and Receiving Calls around the World


CallHippo_IVR Feature

Local and toll-free numbers

With CallHippo Virtual Call Center Services, you can select business phone systems from 50+ countries. You name the country & we can get you Local as well as toll-free numbers for an affordable price!

CallHippo - Virtual Phone System

Call Forwarding to Any Number

Forwarding a call to any department becomes convenient when you use the Best Call Center Software. No need to hassle the customer with calling on another number and risking your professional image! Essential especially for Inbound call center services.

data access (1)

Data Access

A quick look at the customer history and other data when you receive a call, helps you to enhance consumer satisfaction with best Call Center Software. You can save time and give personalized touch in your Virtual call center services.



Vital customer and company information will be encrypted for security purpose, with the intent that Data integrity will be always maintained. CallHippo Call center software accompanies security features that keep customer data.

CallHippo - Virtual Phone System

Call Recording

Record inbound calls & outbound calls in accordance with your requirement! Assists you understand the needs of your customers and prepares you for future interactions. Perfect for providing excellent customer service.

CallHippo - Virtual Phone System


Voicemail allows your callers to leave a message when you’re inaccessible. CallHippo Virtual Call Center Services makes sure that no customer is left unattended at any Inbound Call Center with customized Voicemail Services.


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  • Call Control: Call control characterizes the activities that allow the agent to handle the call functions efficiently like making a conference call, rerouting a call, putting on hold, prioritizing a call and so on. Also, it aids to block spam and advertising bot calls which are a nuisance for any inbound call center.
  • Digitalization of Consumer support: In comparison to the traditional call center solutions, virtual call center softwares accompanies features that can smoothly advance the profitability and productivity of the agents working for Virtual call center services. In addition to a straightforward yet viable interface, CallHippo call center framework usually accompanies the added ability to prioritize, real-time monitoring, time-based routing, and even a call route matrix.
  • Easy To Use: CallHippo’s software are designed for working with ease. The working of every feature essential for an outbound or Inbound Call Center is illustrated for better understanding and a hassle-free experience.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: The key utilization of best call center software is to deal with client questions in a successful and effective way. This is one of the greatest advantages of joining the virtual call center software in any business condition. Thus, you can accomplish a superior client encounter as well as achieve a lift in your business which is about several times laborious with a traditional Inbound call center.
  • No Expensive Equipments Required: Virtual Call center services vary from traditional inbound call centers in several ways. One of the main convenient solutions offered by CallHippo Virtual Call center services is that you do not require to reserve a phone or any particular hardware for this software! You can conveniently access it with your current device and work wonders for your business! Besides CallHippo Virtual Call Center Services offers monthly and annually affordable subscription alternatives. You can choose based on your requirements & convenience, and get started with our best Call Center Softwares today!
  • No Upfront Investments: With CallHippo, you do not require to have any upfront investments. You need dign up for subscriptions for the Virtual Call center solutions as per your convenience and requirement. This assists the business to lower the investment on a project by permitting them to pay money for what they use i.e. to pay just for the features that they want to avail.
  • Proper Call Distribution: Requirements of any Customer should be understood and the person addressing him or her should be an expert in that area to provide proper guidance to customer at any Inbound call center. With the assistance of CallHippo Softwares, you can promptly check customer’s history and assign the call to the respected department by utilising call forwarding feature.


According to research, today only 30% of businesses are dependent on traditional call centers. Three-fourth of businesses worldwide have already adopted Virtual call center services or are planning to shift to one in near future.

In this digital era, Call center Software and especially usage Virtual call center services are increasingly being adopted by call center businesses across different platforms. Keeping in mind its various perks over traditional outbound & inbound call centers, the transition is quite evident!

Without the best possible tools, any business, regardless of size, will crash and burn, while the Best Call Center Softwares that provides remarkable Virtual call center services can prevent that nightmare from turning into reality.

What you need for your business today is a proper virtual call center software system for any outbound or Inbound call center which can eliminate many issues by enabling your company to hire remote agents who can manage your call center business composed of many personnel at entirely different geographical areas.

Many Businesses worldwide have improved customer relations by using best call center software and now you should succeed too! CallHippo can offer great solutions that will cater to your every small or big call center business needs.


No credit card required.

To support business affected by COVID-19, we are extending the user limit of our Basic plan from 2 to 50 users for all new customers until March 31st.

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