Quick Summary: Do you lose track of your potential customers as soon as they shift to phone? It doesn’t have to be that way! Just the way you can track every minute of their online behaviors, you can do the same with calls. Best call tracking software is one such fascinating solution that empowers you to understand the visitor through every possible touchpoint. Let’s further unlock the customer behavior together. Shall we?

The recent pandemic has changed the business dynamics for the better. We are now more digital than ever. Don’t you agree?

Every change has its unique set of pros and cons. Well, let’s put the cons aside for the day and talk about the silver lining.

There is one thing essential to businesses more than anything – knowing their customers. This is something that every company holds dearly. They want to know who their customers are, what they think, and everything possible in between to serve them in the best possible manner. And guess what? Digitalization can do that for you.

Analyzing customer behavior with call tracking

How cool would it be to know things like what ticks your customers? Which campaign triggered them to get in touch with your business? Then, you can have an individualized pitch to ace your interaction. Are you wondering how you would get all the insights? Well, that is precisely what we are going to discuss today.

All businesses are usually running on a tight budget, and being a small business, strings are always way too tight. So when you have very little room to experiment, you want to ensure that all the marketing campaigns you have invested in are getting you good results.

Google Adwords, Google Analytics, are all pretty amazing tools to get insights into your online traffic. But, how do you measure your call traffic? Even though customers search and make purchases online, a whopping 60% of people prefer to call small businesses on the phone.

So, how do you measure your call traffic, find out which marketing business makes your phone ring? By Call Tracking!

In layman terms, call tracking is in the process of determining how your callers found your business.

With technology advancements, we have a ton of software and features to help you with this function. But, let us tell you, this isn’t something new. Businesses have always been curious about which marketing campaign works best for them, and until now, this activity was performed manually.

Do you recall calling up a business and being asked, “How did you hear about us?” 

Now, imagine you being excited about a particular product, and you call up the business to enquire. And, the first question they ask is, how did you hear about us? Which platform prompted you to make this call. Mood killer, right? Chances are, your excitement levels have dropped now. Well, thanks to this inexpensive and powerful feature, you can eliminate that part from your conversations. 

Now that you know the solution, let’s learn how it can help your business soar!

Call Tracking Features

1. Dynamic number insertion

Dynamic number insertion with call tracking

This feature is the cornerstone of Call Tracking. In addition, with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), a unique phone number is tied to each ad source. This unique feature of call tracking helps marketers to get an insight into campaign sources.

2. Multi-channel attribution

Track the entire customer journey and touchpoints. This feature enables you to view the medium that drove the customer to your website, the pages they have interacted with, the clicks they made, and understand what prompted them to make the call, let alone the campaign details.

3. Call recording

How do you know the quality of your leads? How do you measure your staff’s efficiency? This feature can help you with just that. Call recording, with all legal compliances, empowers your business to function more efficiently. With CallHippo you will get the call recording feature which is beneficial for your sales team.

4. Integration

Analytics is good, but collaboration makes it even better. Most call tracking software enables you to integrate multiple CRMs and marketing analytics tools to give you a broader picture. Imagine having all the customer details. The pages visited on your website, the platforms they checked out, the products they are interested in, the number of times they have enquired before – wouldn’t all of it help you serve them better?

With such unique features, we can bet that call tracking software is the best investment you can make to optimize your marketing strategy. So now that we are well aware of call tracking features let’s check out how it can benefit your business.

Benefits of Call Tracking for Small Businesses

1. Enhances customer experience

Today, every customer wants to be heard, and to stay relevant in the competitive marketplace, businesses need to implement practices that constantly evaluate and optimize their customer experiences.

Did you know that calls convert 10-15 times more often than web leads? So implementing a call tracking software would give you a chance to build better conversations. Wouldn’t an interrogation about how they discovered your business be a mood killer for your potential customers? So don’t drive them away. Instead, let the call tracking software work for you. 

Most call tracking software provides you various metrics beforehand to understand the customer better. The source is one such metric where you get to know the platform the customer discovered you from and the campaign.

2. Taps the untapped

Identifying the geographical location with call tracking

Small businesses are always looking for ways to take their business a step ahead. Along with all the inside data, call tracking also lets you know the caller’s geographical location. This enables companies to understand which keyword is performing better in which place. 

Decoding the geo-demographics will help you reach the untapped market, backed by data and demand.

3. Improves ROI

Now let’s assume that you are a small business owner, and you budget X amount for marketing every month. The amount is further distributed amongst various campaigns of all mediums – social media, web ads, email marketing, print ads, and more.

From all the marketing efforts, you receive 30 calls, and 12 of them are converted into customers. So now, how do you determine which of the channels is getting you the maximum leads?

Call tracking can help you get the insights, but this isn’t the end of it. You need to understand the leads from which particular channel converts the most calls. Additionally, you can also dig a little deeper, go through the recorded calls and understand why some of your leads do not convert and optimize your strategy.

Above all, this feature helps you to get the best possible return on investment.

Call tracking use-case

A luxury hotel shot up their phone conversion rates by 157%

A Grand Lucayan in the Bahamas used a mix of print and digital advertisements to target customers along the U.S. eastern seaboard. 

They invested most of their budget in Atlanta and North Carolina, based on Atlanta’s data flights to the Bahamas depart.

But the data from Call Tracking had a different story. As a result, certain areas in the northeast United States and Florida performed much better than most. As a result, they adjusted their strategy to focus on high-performing areas – down to a zip and area code level.

They also realized that they were missing out on hundreds of phone leads a month and optimized their staffing accordingly.

Woah! That’s amazing, right? Want to scale your business too? All you have got to do is ask the right questions and listen to your customers actively!

Do you want to give this technology a try? Here’s your chance to implement the best call tracking software. Don’t hold back.

Are you still confused about how call tracking can empower your business? Then, check out this write-up that focuses on different ways to use call tracking that will be beneficial for your business.

What are your thoughts on this fantastic software? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!


Updated : February 21, 2022

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