Call Forwarding

Forward Calls To Your Smartphone With Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is an extremely handy life-saving perk used to jump inbound calls to a specified number or a list of numbers when certain conditions are met.

  • Enable, disable and customize Call Forwarding services anytime, anywhere with ease.
  • Forward calls without sounding an alarm! Callers won’t know what’s happening in the background. It’s same as any other call to them!
  • Need calls at your personal phone number after office hours or want to jump it through a series of phones before someone picks up? It’s your call!
  • Landline, Cell phone or even a Satellite Phone? Get calls delivered to any physical number anywhere in the world anytime!
  • Keep customers engaged with automated greetings and customized music while they wait to get connected.
  • Integrate smart extension menus, forward calls to the correct person from customers’ input.
  • Forward based on ‘not answered’, ‘busy’, ‘failed to pick in preset time’ or any condition as required. Customize timings and corresponding forwarding number(s).
  • Forward Calls based on work-shifts of employees.
  • Integrate Forwarded Calls with CRM software and log them for overall as well as individual performance analysis.

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