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What Is Toll-free Call Forwarding?

Toll-Free Forwarding also known as call forwarding or call diverting, enables your business to use toll-free number overseas and route calls made to those number to another device. The number supports call forwarding to the landline, mobile phones, PBX systems and SIP phones.

It enables your business to create a virtual presence in the targeted country by receiving incoming and outgoing calls. CallHippo offers its services for 50+ countries, which are accessible from multiple devices.

Features Of Toll-free Call Forwarding

Global Connect
Choose From 50+ Countries Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Choose a Toll-Free number for your company, for more than 50 countries starting at just $6 ,with one of the Best Toll Free Forwarding competitors; CallHippo. Be it a customer from any country; US, UK, Canada or Australia, interact with them without any glitches.

Smart Call Forwarding
Toll-Free Call Forwarding to Any Number

Keep aside the fear of missing important calls because, with CallHippo’s Toll-Free Call Forwarding feature, you can now forward your Business and personal calls to some other number in case of unavailability.

Call Transfer

Port your existing Toll-Free number from any service provider to CallHippo; one of the best Toll Free Forwarding Alternatives., avoid the hassle of changing the current business phone number and notifying every customer regarding the same.

Call Conference
HD Call Quality

Enjoy high quality of calls, every where you’re calling. With advanced HD call quality and advanced features. Avail most benefits for your overseas communications without any glitches or spending heavily on hardware.

Call Recording
Call Recording

Avail the advantages of Call Recording by analyzing your internal performance, advanced record keeping, simplifying staff training, maintaining quality standards and enhancing customer experience. Enroll for Toll-Free numbers’ call forwarding with CallHippo and enhance your customer service with the Call Recording feature.

Voice Mail
Voice Mail

A reliable customer service is important for a efficient running of a business Encourage your customers to connect to you even when you are away. With this incredible feature with CallHippo; Toll-Free Forwarding Alternatives feature, you never miss any call.

Benefits Of Toll-free Forwarding

Economic Rates
Economic Rates

Toll-Free Forwarding Competitors like CallHippo offer virtual numbers for more than 50 countries starting from only $6. These services don’t even require any set up costs. All it needs is a phone and an internet connection.

No Geographical Limitations
No Geographical Limitations

Whether you are in United States or United Kingdom, Toll-Free Forwarding Alternatives work as the best communication tool for any business, regardless of the business size. So, wherever you are, keep calling and receiving the essential client calls!

Various Plans as per your Needs
Various Plans as per your Needs

CallHippo offers three plans – Free, Silver, and Platinum for the convenience of our clients. Choose as many users under the same number as per your requirement and pay only for those users whom you wish to add to the number and a Virtual Phone Number .

Improve Marketing Strategy
Improve Marketing Strategy

Showcase your business as a local organization with Toll-Free Call Forwarding, it becomes convenient for the businesses to establish their presence and get more inbound sales calls. Toll-Free Forwarding Alternatives; CallHippo help you to get more leads and close sales by keeping in the communication loop with your clients based in any part of the world.

Why Businesses Should Use Toll-free Forwarding

As the businesses are pacing in the market, their expectations to explore and pitch the foreign markets without limiting to any geographical boundaries start getting momentum. This, in fact, becomes incredibly helpful for business when they start making use of Toll-Free Forwarding numbers that come at pocket friendly rates starting from $6. Amongst many Toll-Free Forwarding Competitors in the market today, there is only a handful of trusted companies who offer feature-rich numbers. One such company is CallHippo, renowned for virtual number services.

The features of the Toll-Free Forwarding number provided by the company includes:

  1. Wish to expand your business in the overseas market. Use Toll-Free Call Forwarding to interact with your customers without handling long calling charges.
  2. Neither do these numbers require large setup costs nor have any geographical limitations.
  3. Enjoy various Toll-Free Forwarding features such as On Hold Music, Call Analytics, Voicemail Greeting, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Voicemail Greeting, Call Distribution etc.
  4. Get your Toll-Free Call Forwarding number from CallHippo within just 3-minutes . The only prerequisite  for making and receiving calls is an internet connection and a apt device..
  5. CallHippo; one of the leading Toll-Free Forwarding Competitors, offers various plans to support the growth of your  organization. . As many users can be added to this Toll-Free Forwarding number as required.
  6. You can also smoothen your internal and external communication with Toll-Free Forwarding Competitors services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start forwarding calls?
With the right service provider, call forwarding can be set up in minutes. You just need to add the number to which you want to forward calls and the condition(s) for forwarding calls to initiate the call forwarding process.
How does international toll-free forwarding work?
Toll-free call forwarding allows businesses to divert calls made to their numbers to international phone numbers. Most businesses with remote contact centers utilize call forwarding to route their calls to their international call centers toll-free using PBX systems.
Where can I get toll-free forwarding?
CallHippo offers excellent toll-free call forwarding with several advanced call management and monitoring features. It allows you to get rid of locational constraints and make high-quality toll-free calls all over the world.
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