Whether you are making an international call to a business enterprise based in the U.S. or to a family relative settled in the U.S., a US Phone number is still the best mode of international communication. Thanks to the growth of the “Voice over Internet Protocol” (or VoIP) technology, a US Virtual Phone number has become more affordable and easier to install thanks to its cloud-based platform.

Whether you are running a small business in the United States or want to buy a personal phone number for your family member, a US virtual phone number provided by CallHippo can provide a variety of benefits.

How the US Virtual Phone Number from Callhippo Can Benefit You

Among the leading providers of VoIP systems, CallHippo provides virtual phone numbers in more than 50 countries including the U.S.

With the use of the cloud-enabled VoIP technology, CallHippo can help you get connected with the best US virtual number in less than 3 minutes. Depending on your business need, you can get started with a virtual phone number in the U.S. for a monthly subscription cost of just $6.

Depending on your business requirement, you can opt for any of the following types of virtual phone numbers from CallHippo:

  • A local phone number that can create a local presence for your business in any U.S. state or area. Local numbers are very effective for customers looking for a business with a local presence in their area or community.
  • Toll-free numbers that encourage more potential customers to reach out to your business. A US toll-free number is very effective in building brand identity and is popular for its “free calling”.

How to Call a US Phone Number from Another Country

Irrespective of the location in the U.S., every US phone number comprises of a 3-digit area code number followed by the 7-digit subscriber phone number.

calling US from a landline

If you want to make an international call to a US phone number in any location, you need to dial all the following set of numbers:

  1. The exit code of the country from where you are making the call.
  2. The U.S country code which is “1”
  3. The 3-digit area code followed by the 7-digit phone number

An exit code is required to dial an international phone number be it a landline or a mobile phone number. While “0” is a standard exit code for multiple countries including India, China, Mexico, and a majority of the European nations, the exit code for Japan is “010” and “119” for Cuba. Some countries have multiple exit codes. For example, Brazil has 5 exit codes (0014, 0015, 0021, 0023, and 0031) while Cambodia has 3 exit codes (001, 007, and 008). While Canada has “011” as its exit code, Canadian callers do not need to dial the exit code when making calls to any US phone number (as both countries are part of the North American Numbering Plan).

The 3-digit area code number is applicable to the specific area or city within the U.S. For example, area code 323 is applicable to the city of Los Angeles located in the U.S. state of California, while area code 646 is applicable to New York City. In some cases, there can be multiple area codes assigned for the same area. For example, in addition to 646, New York City is also served with area codes 212, 332, and 929. If you are calling a mobile phone subscriber in the U.S, the area code to be dialed may (or may not) match with the city where they are residing. Hence, it’s best to check with the mobile phone user regarding the area code before making the call.

The final subscriber phone number comprises of 7 digits and is the local phone number of the business or the phone subscriber. So, to make an international call to the U.S, you need to dial <the exit code of your country> + “1” (the U.S. country code) + <the U.S. area code> + <the 7-digit U.S local phone number>. For example, an international caller in India who wants to call a U.S.-based business with local phone number “555-2345” located in New York City ( with area code “646”) must dial 0-1-646-5552345.

How to call US from other countries

How to Call a US Toll Free Number

A US toll-free number starts with a 3-digit prefix such as 800, 877, 888, and many more. While a call to US toll-free number is free if you’re calling from a landline or mobile phone number within the U.S, calling a toll-free phone number from a different country can be very expensive. If you still want to call a toll-free number in the U.S. from an international location, you need to dial your country’s exit code (example, “0” for the U.K.) followed by U.S country code (“1”), the 3-digit prefix number (example, “888”) and finally the 7-digit toll-free number.

Virtual Phone Numbers from CallHippo

As a global communication provider, CallHippo can help your business set up a virtual phone system in less than 3 minutes. CallHippo provides an efficient US virtual phone number that can help your business stay connected with your customers 24×7 for 365 days of the year. With virtual phone features like call recording, IVR system, smart call forwarding, and call analytics, the CallHippo virtual phone system can help you stay ahead of your competition at a very affordable rate.

Interested in a U.S virtual phone number for your business? Register on our sign-up page and get started.

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