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Why Use Toll Free Number In Australia?

With a strong economy, a stable political environment, a well-regulated commercial environment, advanced free-trade agreements, and a skilled and multilingual workforce, Australia is an ideal business location

According to the Australian Taxation Office (A.T.O.) –

  • There are more than 2 million small businesses in Australia.
  • The A.T.O. defines a small business entity as a business with a total turnover of less than $2 million.
  • 97% of all Australian businesses are small businesses.

To begin with, a Australia toll free numbers allows your customers to call your business at absolutely no cost. It increases the chances of them calling to express grievances or ask for any assistance.

Australian toll free phone numbers

Australia toll free numbers allows businesses to expand their business operations to overseas locations to set up virtual office without setting up a new office or hiring staff.

You can create your presence in any Australian city with Australian toll free number as it supports the many features such as call recordings, outbound calling, call routing, voicemail etc.

Depending on your settings, you can attend multiple calls simultaneously or you can forward calls to any other department or devices.

Let’s say if you have a well-established business in Chicago and now plan to expand it to Australia, the best way to reach out to your global customers base would be to either uses a Australia toll free phone numbers to improve local presence by making local calls.

Australia toll free numbers makes them feel valued that you are concerned about customers calling needs. Plus, it gives your business a professional outlook.

This directly impacts the trust factor that you are trying to build with your customers.

Benefits of Using Toll Free Number In Australia?

1. Easy for your customers to contact you

Starting with the most obvious, it is extremely easy for your customers to contact you as a business.

When such numbers are printed on your marketing material, customers get the sense of relief that there will be someone to solve their problem in the future.

2. Easy to remember

Australian Toll free numbers are easy to remember! The psychology says that we, as a human, have the habit of assigning things to each other.

If your toll free service number is easy to remember, people will easily associate your brand name with the toll free service number very easily and therefore it is beneficial to invest in a toll free service number for any brands.

3. Great tool for marketing

Australia toll free numbers great tool for marketing. It is a proven way to market and spread your brand name easily.

Many brands have taken a step further by matching the Australia toll free numbers with its domain name. Like;

4. Improves customer service and experience

This is a good one! A Australia toll free numbers is a solid way to make improvements in your product/service. Since the number is free of cost with no hidden fees for the consumers, they don’t have to worry about bearing the cost for a complaint.

Easy for your customers to contact you with Australian toll free number

With Australia toll free numbers you can provide best possible customer service assuming that your customers will reach out to you when they face any issue with your product or service, it is great data for you to analyze what exactly is the problem and how you can solve it.

You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks on finding problems because your customers are going to do that for you.

5. Help you track and compare multiple marketing campaigns

Australia toll free numbers can help you track and compare multiple campaigns. I’ll explain. Let’s say you have 3 marketing campaigns running simultaneously.

You can simply assign an individual Australia toll free numbers to each campaign and track the inquiries. This is a great way to find the right approach to marketing for your future projects.

Plus, with existing toll free numbers you’ll get to know what kind of questions are coming to your way if you actually decide to go with a campaign on a larger scale.


How To Get A Australia Toll Free Number?

The above advantages are satisfactory enough to convince you that Australia toll free number are not just beneficial, it is kind of a necessity. It builds a trust factor in consumers, which is extremely important these days.

How To Get A Australia Toll-Free Number

You can get Australia toll free number by following this steps

  • Sign up with CallHippo.
  • Choose the Australia country to get a toll free number.
  • Pick a toll free number from the large pool of Australia phone number.
  • Select a plan as per your requirements.
  • You’re ready to make and receive incoming calls.

A Australia toll free number helps you connect your internal team as well as manage your customers in an efficient way.

These Australia phone number are filled with extremely useful advanced features that can help you analyze consumer behavior as well.

Get Australia Toll-Free Number

What is 1300 Number Australia?

1300 Australian virtual numbers are 10-digit virtual mobile phones number. They serve as a single point of contact for your business, thereby wrapping it with a professional appeal.

Also, it is possible for agents to answer incoming calls, even on their mobile phones, from anywhere within Australia as calls are redirected to various answer points.

This benefits the customers too as they can easily reach you even if they are outside your local area.

What is difference between 1300,13,1800 number Australia?

1300, 1800, and 13 numbers are all business numbers and are similar on many levels. The only major difference is in the charges of inbound calls and toll free code.

What is difference between 1800,1300,13 Australian number

Speaking of 1800 numbers-  Calls made to 1800 toll free numbers via landline are free, whereas the charges of calls made via mobile depend upon the customer’s mobile service provider.

In the case of 1300 numbers – the call charges are split between the business owner and the caller.

And lastly, the 13 phone numbers online where the caller and the business owner share the call charges. . Here, the business owner has to pay an annual fee to the government, since a 13 number is shorter.

Why 1800 Australia Toll Free Number Is Essential For Your Business?

Running a business successfully takes a lot of components. But, we have seen a great rise in “customer service” in the past couple of decades. Pick any business, you’ll see hundreds of competitors all set to snatch your customers if you miss out on any service that prospective customers are looking for. In such cut-throat competition, providing solid customer service is the need, and can also be your USP.

New toll free numbers is a smart communication tool way to show your customers that you care about them. It shows your customers that you’re there if any help is needed. Simultaneously, they don’t have to bear the cost of calling because of toll free call. So, it’s a gesture of great care and importance to your customers.

Toll free phone numbers are the telephone number with a specific three-digit prefix that customers can use and reach to business without any cost. If toll free numbers are “text-enabled”, customers can also text on such numbers and contact businesses to solve their problems.

Toll free numbers usually begin with prefixes like 1800,800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844.

A toll free numbers has become a need of the day. In this tough competitive world, getting a toll-free number is the right choice. CallHippo is the only toll free numbers provider with the most affordable rates among all. CallHippo can be a great buy for you whether you’re a small business or an enterprise.

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CallHippo is the first choice of many businesses looking for a Australia Toll Free Number as there is a long list of powerful features.

Frequently Asked Question of Australia Toll Free Number

Why should you get a toll free number for Australia?
There are numerous benefits of Australia toll free number. It helps businesses get into the highly competitive Australian markets despite being located at any corner of the world. The powerful features of the toll-free numbers from CallHippo ensure that businesses get the best out of the virtual telephony technology for Australia numbers.
Should you integrate your toll free number for Australia with your CRM?
It is recommended for businesses to quickly integrate the Australia toll free number to empower teams with the best technology. It becomes easy for the remote working teams to handle all customer data and queries and offer high-end services. There is no need to worry about communication lapses when CRM and virtual telephony harmonize.
Why should you use CallHippo to get a Australia toll free number?
When it comes to CallHippo, it is the first choice of many businesses due to multiple reasons. First, while all the Australia toll free number are easy to set up in less than three minutes, it becomes easy for new businesses to receive calls instantly. Further, the multiple features of toll free numbers from CallHippo ensure that teams can give their best to the customers.

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