For a business communication, phone conversations are the best means to stay connected with customers. For the most part, they are reliable and cost-effective. However, connectivity issues are the biggest challenge most businesses face with calls. And you simply can’t afford to lose connectivity while interacting with your customers.

We get it.

That’s why we take call connectivity very seriously. To help you stay connected with your customers, we offer Smart Switch — a mechanism that allows you to toggle between multiple telephony networks and select the one that works best for you. Besides, you can also use the rich functionality of auto-switch to improve agent productivity.

Here are a few ways Smart Switch can help:

Consistent Network:

Smart Switch will provide you with a consistent network and connectivity. It will make multiple networks accessible in real-time. This means fewer chances of call-drops and seamless calling experience. Smart Switch can improve call connectivity by 17%.

“77% of professionals agree that high call connectivity is essential for a business phone system.”

99.99% Uptime:

Smart Switch promises 99.99% uptime and uninterrupted calling experience. This means if one of the network carriers is struggling, you can quickly switch to another one with a single tap. 

Smart Call Analytics:

The auto-switch feature of CallHippo will provide you in-depth smart call analytics, allowing you to modify your strategy or change the course of your marketing campaign. Don’t know how to use analytics? Don’t worry! Here’s the secret to smart call analytics.

Superior Call Quality:

If the quality over one carrier isn’t up to the mark, you can choose another carrier with a flick of the switch. This feature provides you with superior call quality and good calling experience.

Global Bandwidth:

We work with a few of the leading telephony network providers across the globe. Furthermore, all the networks have great capabilities of delivering great calling experience. This means irrespective of your network carrier; you’ll get exceptional experience all round.

Smart Switch is certainly one of our best features that will provide you with a consistent calling experience. With just a tap, you can switch between a few of the leading network providers from across the globe.

Are you looking for a small business virtual phone system? Take a quick look at our “How to Choose a Small Business VoIP Phone Service? guide to learn about the features and factors to look for when purchasing one.

What Makes CallHippo Stand Out?

  • Easy to set up
  • World-class Customer Support
  • Advanced Call Analytics
  • Easy Integration with All Popular Business Apps
  • Smart Call Forwarding
  • Seamless Team Collaboration

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Updated : August 9, 2021


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