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Communication over the phone is a crucial part of any business. In that case, the call recording in an office phone should be on the top when discussing customer service. But, the concept doesn’t generally make it to the list of vital business development aspects. Also, it is said to be an additional feature with no real contribution to your business. Is that so? Let us find out.

The idea of call recording is an easy thing to miss, but it has a considerable effect on your business. CallHippo VoIP phone system provides you the feature of virtually unlimited call recording and playback of your customer calls which helps your business in a lot of ways, and this article highlights some of these points.

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Legality and Factors

Firstly, it is important to make it clear that call recording is legal within acknowledgment of both the parties. It means, either you inform the customer about the call recording or a recorded message must do it. Moreover, when you are on a call with a customer, several factors affect the quality of the conversation. For example, the background noise at both ends of the line, the customer speaking with a heavy accent, the connectivity of the office phone system, etc. CallHippo VoIP mobile system eliminates one of these for sure. That is, with the excellent connectivity we provide 24/7, there is no chance that you would miss something during a call on account of connectivity. But, other factors which are beyond your control, do harm the business in several ways.

Listening to Your Customers

Now, one of the problems with customer service is unsatisfying communication. Your employees often take notes while they are on call, to make sure they don’t miss any crucial details. Here, taking notes is not advisable due to the factor of listening to a customer.

A significant factor for a business to flourish is customer satisfaction. So, if the customer feels you are busy taking notes rather than listening to the problem, there goes your business! Here is where the call recording system helps if available in your office phone system. When you are well aware that the call is on record, you can listen to your customers without the hassle of taking notes. And play it over and over if you feel you missed anything

Call recording feature in your office phone system gives a chance of developing a better understanding of the needs of your customers. Call record monitoring allows you to provide feedback to your team. You can make sure that your team bestows the best customer service possible. Starting from the receptionist to the top salesperson in your organization will benefit from a realistic idea of requirements of your target customers which is obtained from the call record monitoring. Also, if you are aware of the flaws on your side, training scheme planning will be boosted. Thus, a better structure of consumer profile is a by-product of call recordings.

Scope of R&D

Cloud phone system such as CallHippo allows you to share your call recordings to whom you wish. So, sharing the calls with your R&D department gives an idea of how customers use your product, what problems they are facing and so on. Such information results in improvements in your product and services. Also, there is a chance of such efforts resulting in a new product itself. You see, all this invaluable and ‘free’ information is placed in your hands by call recording feature of CallHippo VoIP number.

Call-recording a vital feature

Avoid Unnecessary problems

It often happens that unhappy customers file litigation against a company which then involves law suites and things get messy. Thus, having a call record database gives you leverage against such problems and solve them without the irritation of involving any lawyers. Besides, such a call database is kept automatically by a cloud based phone system and will help you comply with technical, legal, and service level guidelines.

Track of Progress and Improvement

Another crucial aspect of business development is monitoring your progress. Comparing the way your team talks to your customers now with the way they used to some time ago is a good idea. It gives you an idea of whether any improvement is achieved or not. If not, then what to do about it. Besides, call recording in your office phone system will help you watch your words. Note that the quality of a conversation depends on the things you avoid to say to your customers that offend them. By listening to your previous conversation with the same customer, will give you an idea of things you need to exclude when talking to him/her. No service provider wants to lose customers on account of a little problem of aggressive tone. So, record your customer calls and listen to them, be in the good graces of your customers.

Advertisement and Marketing Campaigns

Now, you will be surprised if we say that recording your calls will help your advertisement campaign. Yes, this is when a customer calls and says how much they have gained by your product, how they enjoy using it and praise the services you provide. Such reviews by the customers on a call are vital to your customer success story in your advertisement campaign.

Speedy Cope-Up

For an entrepreneur, it is often the case when someone else or someone new handles their customer calls for a while. In such cases, you want them to actively cope-up with the common queries of the consumers. Make it easy with the previously recorded customer calls. It is better to show them how you handle calls than to tell them verbally.

Also, using the CallHippo cloud-based phone system, it is easy to share these call redording so that you can be taking a vacation and helping the agent at the same time.

Bottom line

A feature that seems to be a feeble concept to some is an inexpensive and a cardinal factor for your business development. We at CallHippo provide you a cloud-based phone system with virtually unlimited call recording. So, now boost the efficiency of your business with such a versatile VoIP phone system and earn the appreciation of your customers.

Updated : July 16, 2021


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