Have you ever thought about why international calls are expensive? Assume you are in London and want to make a call to Chicago. You use office phone numbers to make such calls.  

As part of the communication industry, we often receive certain questions from clients- Why is it important to have a business phone system? Why office phone numbers are integrated with VoIP? In this article, we are going to explain and answer all such queries one by one.

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Every international call you make goes through various termination parties. To pass a single call, multiple carriers, levels, and countries are involved in the process. The subscriber has to pay roaming charges outside the home network.

There are thousands of companies in the USA dealing with offshore companies. The primary reason why the USA and European countries deal with eastern countries like India is the low prices. For instance, you are having a business in software development. The software you build has thousands of small code modules. As the work is repetitive and huge, you can outsource it. If you try to outsource it to local companies, the charges are way more as compared to Indian companies. This is the primary reason behind outsourcing to eastern countries. In this scenario, is it feasible to communicate through emails? Running a business involves several costs. Every business searches a different way to save internal as well as external cost. If we follow traditional calling systems, it can not be proved cost-effective. There are various solutions to this problem. One of the most reliable and cost-efficient solutions is VoIP.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. As the name suggests, the whole transmission of voice and multimedia content is held over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Various technologies and methodologies are involved in VoIP. It includes desktop VoIP phones and softphone apps. It encapsulates audio into data packets using codecs. These data packets are transmitted across an IP network. Once the receiver receives the data packets, those are encapsulated into audio. VoIP does not use circuit-switched networks and hence a lot of costs are saved. Operators use a single voice and data network to deliver voice services over broadband and private networks. This whole process reduces network infrastructure costs.

The offices are tending towards reducing whole infrastructure costs by eliminating physical office ideas. You can find various interesting blogs on google about the importance of virtual offices. But on the other end of your business, clients still rely on businesses that provide reliable experience. In such cases, businesses prefer using a virtual office system. A virtual office system is nothing but an extensive call forwarding system. This virtual office system transfer calls to the different employees as per requirement without any location barrier. This whole process is done in real-time.

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This system uses virtual phone numbers. Virtual phone numbers are used to connect clients with employees present in different locations.

The VoIP system is of great use when used properly. Here are some pros of VoIP:


As discussed above, VoIP uses a single voice and data network to deliver voice services and eliminates circuit-switched networks to reduce the cost. Making long-distance phone calls is also affordable when using a VoIP provider.


VoIP allows Business phone services to forward calls. Employees can forward voicemails to other employees while being on another call. Though the client can see only one virtual phone number, the system redirects the call to the employee’s mobile or landline numbers.

Call analytics:

Companies often need to analyze the calls. It is important to keep track of call duration, a number of incoming calls, outgoing calls, etc. When calls are analyzed, companies can predict the level of satisfaction and can manage the workforce. Just the way Google analytics analyses customer behavior by analyzing the website, call analytics cloud-based speech analytics package can derive useful insights into client behavior.


Voicemails are simple voice recording systems. Virtual voicemail has unlimited voicemail boxes. The latest voicemail feature comes with customized voicemail greetings. Clients like customized and personalized services. The best part is that all the voicemails can be accessed from a single dashboard.

VoIP easily integrates with other business systems:

Clients often make calls on provided office numbers and it is not feasible to change existing numbers or systems. Applying new technology usually has this con of changing the whole previous system. In VoIP, this con is eliminated. Business phone services are integrated with VoIP to deliver enhanced services. VoIP phone systems are also integrated with emails.


VoIP technology is something that every company is looking forward to. CallHippo has been providing excellent VoIP services with appropriate office phone numbers. After all, efficient client interaction is the most important aspect every business should consider. If the queries of clients are not solved in real-time, there are chances of losing the potential client and we do not want that to happen!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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