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Supriya Bajaj

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green tickDate: October 20, 2022

In the era of technology, businesses are getting more service-centric day by day. Managing client in one country is easier, but when it comes to managing international clients, cloud phone system comes into the picture.

What is a cloud phone system?

The cloud phone system provides a calling facility by means of the internet. It replaces the traditional landline system with the digital, more advanced, and secured system, i.e., VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It converts traditional signals into digital signals and makes communication possible over the internet.

Cloud phone system enables to handle audio as well as video calls and messages with the overseas clients. There is no need for the installation of any equipment for this service. This type of cloud phone system is provided by third-party service providers like CallHippo.

The cloud phone system is getting hype day by day as the businesses are expanding in foreign countries, and meeting these overseas clients often is not a feasible option. That’s where CallHippo helps you with a cloud phone system.

The popularity of cloud phone system

Let’s see some of the statistics to justify the boom of VoIP, i.e., cloud phone system:

  • The cloud phone system is the number one choice by the U.S. businesses involved with overseas clients. (Source: Software Advice)
  • According to Future Marketing Insights, the cloud phone system will have approximately 204.8 billion subscribers.
  • Businesses having approximately 30 phone users can save $1200 monthly (depending upon the business) by adopting a cloud phone system over the old landline connections.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of using a cloud phone system.

What is so attractive about the cloud phone system?

Cloud phone system comes with a multi-functionality attribute, i.e., it is used to call the overseas clients as well as it allows you to share data with them simultaneously over the internet — no need to use a dedicated asset for data transfer and calling. 

Some clients are too precious that they require personal meetings every now and then. In this case, the cloud phone system comes to rescue with its feature of live video calling that eliminates commuting costs and helps you save time and money.

Cloud phone system is cost-effective too; it can save somewhere around 40-80% cost of calling. It doesn’t require any personal setup or base unit, Businesses just need to avail this system from CallHippo, and it’s done. All you need is a good internet connection as a medium to support this VoIP calling overcloud. 

Traditional landline requires the installation of heavy devices, and that is really expensive. It is not as feasible as a cloud phone system as landline relies on copper wires, which wears out with time and requires proper maintenance. 

In cloud phone system, the transferring happens over your existing internet connection; hence, saving a good amount as well as time. As cloud phone system transfers data over the internet, unlike copper wires, it makes this system way faster.

Cloud phone system help businesses to expand operation worldwide. In this service-centric era, businesses need a trusted cloud phone system provider like CallHippo. CallHippo is the leader in a cloud phone system and provides calling in 190+ countries. 

manage your international clients

What makes CallHippo unique in the market?

CallHippo got some amazing features that provide over the edge benefits like GlobalConnect, Call Distribution, Welcome music and message, smart call forwarding, Call Analyst, Auto-Switch, and many more. Let’s get some insights about these over the edge features.

GlobalConnect helps you to know the right time to call your clients. This feature gives you information about the time zone of the country where you wish to call. Many times it happens that executives end up calling the clients at the wrong time resulting in a bad customer service experience. 

GlobalConnect saves you from such situations by giving the exact time zone of your clients just by entering the client’s phone number within a fraction of time. You just need to hover your cursor on the number you wish to dial, and a popup will appear, providing the details like time, date, day of that country, and whether the number you are about to dial is valid or not.

Smart Switch is another marvelous feature of CallHippo; it automatically identifies the number you enter and place the call from the right virtual number. Basically, Auto Switch focuses on the county code of the number you enter and makes the call from your respective country’s number.

Suppose you want to call in Canada. Once you enter the client’s number with Canada’s country code ‘+1’ Auto-Switch identifies the client’s country by this code and automatically calls the client from your Canadian virtual phone number. Isn’t this just amazing?


No need to look for the country code while dialing the number because you have CallHippo’s Auto-Switch to automate your work up to a great extent. 

Auto-Switch not only saves time but also helps to get rid of failed call attempts by routing the call from the right country’s mobile number. This saved time can be put into some more important task that can help the business to grow. 

Call Distribution allows you to equally distribute calls at the receiving end among the available executives. Call Distribution improves manageability by distributing incoming calls in an equal manner. You can also select a particular manner in which you want to route the calls.

You got three different ways to use call distribution – Simultaneously, Fixed Order, or Round Robin. You can choose any of these ways to manage your incoming calls and route them in the desired manner. The best part is that this Call Distribution feature is FREE in all plans of CallHippo.

Call Analytics enables tracking records on call volume, duration of calls, and routing of incoming and outgoing calls. Call Analytics conducts phone call analysis and generates reports based on that. It gives you overall insights about the effectiveness of your workforce and the satisfaction level of your clients with your company by analyzing the calls.

In short, Call analytics gives an idea about the call quality, prospect client calling, lead generated from calls, lead closed from these calls, and about many more things. The reports generated after such analysis helps the business to recover the market plan and forecast future business from the current outputs.

Smart Call Forwarding provides users to forward incoming calls to an alternate number. It’s very important to answer each and every call of clients to provide attentive services. No calls should remain unattained. But many times the situation comes where the intended executive is not available to take the incoming call so with the help of smart call forwarding, he or she can divert these calls to another executive to make sure that the client’s call gets responded. 

So, these were just some of the fabulous features of CallHippo’s cloud phone system. These features can benefit your business in many ways, like:

  • With GlobalConnect, you can pitch the client at the right time and get desired outcomes. It helps to save ample of time and removes the unnecessary failed attempts of calling the clients.
  • Call Analyst helps to find the customer acquisition cost by calculating the total number of calls made to a particular customer.
  • With the help of Call Recording facility, you can design the best working sales script for your business.
  • Call Distribution improves the efficiency of handling calls, in turn increasing the Return on Investment.
  • Auto-Switch saves time and hassle of finding the right country number to call the clients. It also saves the agents from dialing from the wrong country’s number to the clients. 

Let’s wrap

CallHippo makes its way in the market through these amazing features, and that’s what makes it stand still and unique in this highly competitive world of a cloud phone system. CallHippo is the leader in the market and is the provider on which you can trust, rely on, and grow wealthy. CallHippo is the single platform for all of your international calling solutions. We actually have it all!

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