When someone asks you about an ‘office phone system’, what comes to your mind? You immediately picture a busy office with people talking away on the phone while multiple phones continue to ring in the background, waiting to be answered. While your imagination of the use of an office phone system is absolutely correct, it is certainly very limited. Today, a good phone system is not only the requirement of a business or a company but of every industry there is. Before we take a closer look at some of these industries, let us understand what a business phone system is and how it works.

What is an Office Phone system?

Technically speaking, an office phone system is a network of hardware or software-based phones that use traditional phone lines or internet protocols to perform complex telephony functions and provides the user with high-quality internal and global connectivity. One has the option to go down one out of two different routes when developing a cloud-based business phone system – VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or PBX (Private Branch Exchange). It not only eases internal communication within the organization, but its wide range of features also enhances the quality of customer service and sales calls.

1. IT and Software companies

Being an IT company, we speak with personal experience when we say that having a good office phone system can save up to 20% of your time on customer interactions. Features like IVR, welcome and hold messages and 24*7 call support provide your customers with a smooth and delightful experience. It gives a professional feel to your customer communications team and allows them to connect with customers worldwide. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for any software company, and a good office phone system brings you one step closer to getting a 5-star review from your customers.

It is needless to emphasize the importance of internal communication in large companies with 500+ employees. If your company has branches scattered all over the globe, then it is imperative for employees to have clear and high-quality communication lines with employees and executives of other branches. Communication gaps within the company will lead to poor customer service and internal dysfunction. This is where a cloud-based office phone system comes to your rescue! A virtual phone system will bring your company together and enable fast and efficient communication between company members worldwide.

A business phone system offers an array of features like call transfer, conference calling, call queuing, call barging, smart call forwarding, call recording, call masking, ring all, on-hold music, etc which revolutionize the way we answer phones. CallHippo gives you an opportunity to put your business out on the global market by providing easy communications worldwide. Cloud-based phone systems will help pump up your sales numbers and provide better customer service.

2. Schools and Universities 

With screens replacing blackboards, the education industry is becoming more tech-savvy to provide high-quality education to students. With the use of the office phone system, the education industry is taking another step forward on the path of technological advancement. The VoIP phone system aims to provide better and more cost-efficient communication in the education industry by taking the phone system online.

Be it a business or an educational institution, it can only be run efficiently when there is active communication among all its members. A cloud-based office phone system in a school or university can significantly improve connectivity between faculty members, students, administration personnel, and other members associated with the institution at very affordable prices. Be it the parents of a student, a family member of the staff, or a third-party vendor looking to do business with your educational institution, the cloud-based VoIP phone system for schools and libraries from CallHippo answers to every caller 24*7 for all 365 days of the year.

Apart from easing communications, an office-based phone system also offers an innovative method of learning for students. It facilitates long-distance learning for students residing in different parts of the country and provides for easy exchange of ideas and knowledge, thereby leading to real-time learning benefits for all participating members.

CallHippo is among the leading cloud-based phone systems providers for educational institutions in over 50 countries across the globe. By providing local or toll-free numbers, we ensure that your educational institution is easily reachable, free of cost. Other features like call forwarding, call transfer, voice mail, and call analytics contribute towards providing the user with a seamless and budget-friendly communication experience.

3. Government Institutions

Running an entire country is no easy feat. Fast and secured communication is the key to a functional government. A cloud-based office phone system is the one-stop solution for all communication problems faced by the government. CallHippo promises secure and collaborative unified communications at pocket-friendly prices. A good office phone system is a must for co-ordination among the center and state governments, controlling staff members and volunteers, and taking quick decisions in times of crisis.

The general public tends to shy away from government services due to long wait periods that arise due to communication gaps. But not anymore! A VoIP-based phone system will better equip government institutes to serve the citizens of the country, conduct social programs, and enforce reformative policies. As opposed to traditional phone systems operating with the help of SIM cards, an internet connection is all that is required to install an office phone system and integrating the entire communication network of the government.

An office-based phone system will provide scalable and flexible phone solutions to government agencies which in turn will give them a competitive edge. Local toll-free numbers will provide greater access to prospective clients and help them extend their reach in their respective localities. CallHippo provides features like Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) which analyses online traffic and pinpoints areas that require the most attention. Setting up a VoIP-based office phone system will also help the government agencies increase their global influence by easily reaching out to prospective international clients. We all know the stereotypical image of a government employee being lackadaisical and inefficient, right? Well, it’s time to put that idea to the test. The call analytics feature draws up a detailed report on employees’ performance including the % of missed calls, and other relevant statistics. With their performance being constantly analyzed, employees stay on their toes and their level of productivity shoots up.

4. Healthcare Industry 

A medical office phone system is a VoIP-based system that everyone in the healthcare sector and uses to stay connected with each other. The entire phone system is uploaded to the cloud from where it can be accessed by any authorized personnel with an internet connection. It allows healthcare professionals to stay in touch with their medical teams and cater to the needs of patients. The cloud-based office phone system from CallHippo offers efficient and high-quality communication lines for healthcare institutions at reasonable and affordable prices.

When it comes to a medical crisis, a few minutes could be the difference between a patient losing his life or surviving the day. Hence, it is extremely important to ensure that there is no communication gap between healthcare professionals. The multi-line phone systems for hospitals designed by CallHippo provide a portable phone system that stays online round the clock and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This will make sure that in case of emergency, healthcare experts can be contacted on time.

Features like the local toll-free number enable people from the locality to contact the healthcare unit free of cost, whenever required. Apart from hospitals and clinics, the office phone system is also a necessity for any pharmaceutical business looking to scale up. Call analysis and DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) features will enable you to analyze your sales call and focus more on areas where the demand is higher or where the customers are responding better to your service. Using the voice mail and call recording feature, one can easily keep a tab on any medicine orders made over the phone, even when one is away from the office.

office phone system

5. Hospitality Industry

Customer service is the make or break of any hospitality service. Thus, it is imperative for hospitality businesses like hotels or restaurants to employ an efficient business communication system with virtual phone  that can act as bridges and connect them with their customers. Compared to traditional phone systems, a cloud-based office phone system has much more to offer in this industry.

In an industry where customer service is the backbone, one has to use state-of-the-art technology to communicate with customers, listen to their queries or complaint and get back to them with a solution. Using VoIP phone systems, the staff can attend to customer calls from any part of the hotel or restaurant. In case a staff member is not around, the voice recording and IVR feature will be there to attend to the customer instead.

It is essential for customers to be able to contact the hotel or restaurant seamlessly, which is why CallHippo provides them with toll-free local numbers. The call forwarding and intercom feature enable hotel staff to communicate amongst themselves efficiently across all corners of the hotel. This makes it easier for the manager to co-ordinate events, resolve customer complaints and manage hotel staff, thereby improving customer service and enhancing customer experience.

Not to mention, internet-based phone services come at much lower installation and usage costs when compared to traditional wired telephones!

6. The Rea Estate Business

When it comes to real estate agents, whether they are freelancers or work for an established agency, the benefits of a cloud-based office phone system are countless. Apart from providing them greater flexibility, it also gives them round-the-clock access to potential clients across the city. Such a business phone system is portable, i.e. the agent can carry it around wherever he goes. It doesn’t require any physical telephone device or even a SIM card. All you need is any device with an internet connection!

At CallHippo, phone systems for the real estate business are very affordable and feature-rich. Not just for real state business, CallHippo offers an office phone system for small businesses too. We offer the flexibility to choose from a wide array of features and pay for the features you actually need. We, at CallHippo, do everything in our power to make sure your real estate business climbs up the ladder of growth and enhancement!

Local toll-free numbers encourage potential clients to inquire further about the property they’re interested in. With our round-the-clock phone services and voice mail feature, we ensure that you never miss a call from a potential client.

When it comes to choosing an efficient phone system for a real estate business, CallHippo is the way to go!

This was just a small glimpse of what our state-of-the-art phone systems are capable of offering! With a wide range of features, affordable pricing, and easy upgrades, CallHippo aims at providing you with the best office phone system for business that there is.

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Updated : July 30, 2021


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