CallHippo: The Leading Aloware Alternative

Are you planning to transition from Aloware to a more advanced VoIP system? Discover superior alternatives to Aloware. Elevate your communication strategy and enhance calling efficiency by choosing CallHippo as your top alternative to Aloware.

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Why Switch from Aloware to CallHippo?

Considering a shift from Aloware to CallHippo? CallHippo presents a comprehensive VoIP solution that revolutionizes and enhances the effectiveness of your call center operations. With cutting-edge features, an intuitive interface, and cost-effective pricing, CallHippo sets a new benchmark, consistently exceeding expected benefits for businesses.

CallHippo vs. Aloware Features

Interested in discovering why CallHippo is the premier substitute for Aloware? Examine the features of the two virtual phone systems by looking at the comparison table.

CallhippoAloware Logo
Mobile App
Advanced Features
IntegrationsWide RangeLimited
Customer Support24/7Limited
Call Recording
Call Analytics
Power Dialer
On-hold Music
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CallHippo vs Aloware: Pricing & Plans

When it comes to pricing and plans, CallHippo outshines Aloware. You can look into affordable solutions with CallHippo, with rates as low as $0. Whether you’re running a well-established company or starting one from scratch, CallHippo provides pricing plans that fit into your budget. For more economical options, ditch pricey options like Aloware and use CallHippo instead!

Aloware xPro


Per User/Month
  • Conference Bridge
  • Call Park
  • Call forwarding
  • Toll-free number

CallHippo Platinum Plan


Per User/Month
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Monthly payment | Annual Subscription
  • Advanced Call Management
  • Multi-level IVR
  • CRM Integration

Why Are Businesses Choosing CallHippo?

Here’s why CallHippo is quickly taking the lead among businesses. Together, CallHippo’s broad worldwide reach, industry-best call connectivity rates, affordable price, and strong infrastructure make it the best VOIP option for companies.

Industries Leading Call Connect Rates
99.9% Uptime
Zero Jitter
In-depth Integration With CRM & Helpdesk
AI Enabled Call Routing
Zero Latency

Features that Make CallHippo the Top Aloware Alternative

CallHippo distinguishes itself as the premier virtual phone system, surpassing competitors such as Aloware with its extensive suite of over 50 advanced features across a broad spectrum of functionalities.

CallHippo: Seamless Internal Calling

Intelligent Reporting and Analytics

  • Get access to visual dashboards that are updated in real-time for ongoing measurement of important parameters.
  • Examine past reports to find important patterns and trends.
  • Compare performance across various campaigns, products, and timeframes.
  • Gain an understanding of the performance and productivity of the team to support well-informed decision-making.

Robust Security Measures

  • Achieve effective control over data access by implementing role-based access control, restricting it to authorized personnel.
  • Detect possible dangers and keep a safe atmosphere by having independent third-party audits to confirm our strict security procedures.
  • Savor the advantages of business-grade call encryption, which guarantees the highest level of security for your communications.
  • Access logs are made available for auditing procedures that are more transparent and efficient.
CallHippo: Master Time Zones
Competitive Pricing at Its Best

Competitive Pricing at Its Best

  • Take advantage of affordable pricing options that are tailored to your company's requirements, guaranteeing maximum affordability.
  • Use our selection of add-ons, which includes WhatsApp Business, Call Scribe, and more, to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Determine your needs and pick from a range of pricing tiers for your company, such as Bronze, Silver, and Platinum.
  • Get the best value for your money with CallHippo. By choosing one of our yearly plans, you may save up to three months' worth of expenses.

50+ Advanced Capabilities

  • Use powerful tools like Global Connect, Call Analytics, Call Monitoring, and more to enhance customer interactions.
  • To improve customer satisfaction and agent performance, make use of advanced call analytics features.
  • Boost your communication capabilities with meticulously designed, feature-rich tools that enhance productivity.
  • With the help of sophisticated features like Power Dialer and Smart Switch, experience more efficient communication.
CallHippo: Feature-Rich Communication

CallHippo on Top: Across Popular Platforms

CallHippo has garnered impressive ratings on esteemed review platforms such as Capterra, G2, and GetApp. These testimonials serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Alternatives for Aloware in 2024

Discover and compare these top 10 alternatives to Aloware, each offering a diverse range of comparable features. Select the one that aligns most closely with your needs and goals.

CompanyRatingPlanLearn More
Callhippo Logo

Basic: $0

Bronze/month: $16

Silver: $24 /month

Platinum: $40 /month

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Grasshopper Logo

Core: $20

Advance: $25

Ultra: $35

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Aircall Logo

Essentials: $30/user

Professional: $50/user

Custom Plan

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Nextiva Logo

Essentials: $18.95

Professional: $22.95

Enterprise:: $32.95

Learn More
GoTo Connect Logo
GoTo Connect

Basic: $27.00/month

Standard: $32.00/month

Premium: $43.00/month

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Vonage Logo

Mobile: $14.99

Premium: $24.99

Advanced: $34.99

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3CX Logo


Pro: $89

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8×8 Logo

x2: $24

x4: $44

Learn More
OpenPhone Logo

Standard: $10

Premium: $25

Enterprise: Customized Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aloware's main rivals include Grasshopper, Vonage, CallHippo, RingCentral, and Nextiva.

  • CallHippo sets itself apart with affordable plans, top-notch customer service, and a wide selection of integration possibilities.

  • Certainly, migrating your current phone numbers and call data from Aloware to CallHippo is a straightforward process. Speak with our professionals to get help with the porting process and start the move right away. You'll also get a free demo to see how our platform works to its fullest.

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