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Why CallHippo Is The Best Vonage Alternative?

Worried about calling your offshore clients at the wrong time? Ditch your worries and say yes to the perfect Vonage alternative- CallHippo! Build your brand image, onboard new clients, call tracking and enjoy multiple third-party integrations with CallHippo.

Compare Features & Pricing And Select The Best Vonage Alternative

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About Vonage

When it comes to making international calls regularly, companies likely pay hefty phone bills. Though some cell phone companies enable callers to place calls in some areas for free, there is no such option in case of landlines. Thus, businesses are transitioning from a traditional phone system to VoIP phone service.

Vonage is a cloud-based business phone system that empowers companies to leverage the benefits of the latest telecommunication service with no additional infrastructure costs. It helps businesses connect with their global clients cost-effectively. Thus, Vonage serves a better alternative to traditional phone systems.

However, if you are looking forward to utilizing business phone system features to enhance customer service and boost your team’s productivity, Vonage might lack in meeting your needs. Though it boasts several advanced features, it stays behind when compared to other Vonage alternatives available on the market. One such alternative that you can make the most of is CallHippo.

Vonage Plans & Pricing

vonage pricing

CallHippo – A Perfect Vonage Alternative

CallHippo is a VoIP service provider that offers virtual mobile, local, and toll-free phone numbers for more than 50 countries. With affordable pricing and a host of calling features, CallHippo serves as the most efficient Vonage substitute for enterprises.

With a user-friendly interface, robust backend, and 24/7 customer support, CallHippo ensures businesses to set up their call center in less than three minutes in three simple steps. Besides, it offers cloud telephony features ranging from basic to advanced. Thus, companies can provide top-notch services to their clients while increasing their employees’ proficiency.


Per user/Month
Start Free Trial

For Startups

  • Unlimited Users (Pay only for number)
  • Click To Dial
  • Global Connect
  • Teams
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • SMS/Text messages
  • Smart Switch
  • Last Called By


Per user/Month
Start Free Trial

Ideal For Small Team

  • Everything in Basic +
  • Free Number1
  • Forward-to-device
  • SMS
  • Voicemail
  • Teams
  • SDAP : Patent Pending Technology
  • Shared Inbox
  • Skill Based Call Routing
  • Webhook
  • Paid Call Recording
  • Target Vs Achievement
  • Campaign Management


Per user/Month
Start Free Trial

For Fast Growing Team

  • Everything in Bronze +
  • Role based access control
  • Free Call Recording
  • IVR
  • Live Call
  • Call Queuing
  • User Working Hours
  • Call Reminder
  • After Call Work
  • Internal Team Calling
  • Call Cascading
  • Holiday Routing
  • Feedback for Calls
  • Gamification
  • Call Tagging


Per user/Month
Start Free Trial

For Larger Team

  • Everything in Silver +
  • Sticky Agent
  • Power Dialer
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Multiple Level Call Transfer
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Barging
  • Route to External Number
  • Forward to Multiple Device
  • Call Whisper
  • Pause-Resume Recording
  • Download Call Recordings
  • Call Script
  • Intelligent Reports Analytics
  • Reports via email

*The Platinum plan is available on annual subscription only

Why should you consider CallHippo as a Vonage substitute?

CallHippo lets you improve your customer service through varied features

On Hold Music

Callers likely hang up when they are kept on hold for a long time. Some of them might try to connect twice or thrice, whereas some might not return. Hence, businesses end up losing valuable customers.

Comparison between CallHippo and Vonage
With CallHippo, you get access to features like On Hold Music. This functionality helps you keep your callers happy and engaged while they are kept on hold by your representatives. What you can do with this feature is that you can customize on-hold music with either pleasing music or a message advertising your products, services, offerings, and more. Thus, your callers will wait longer when they are placed on hold. This makes CallHippo a better replacement for Vonage.

After Call Work

When you deal with multiple clients in a day, there are chances that you might miss to update some information in your CRM or revert to a customer’s query on time. Missing to enter crucial data or not replying to a client on the promised time may cost a business.

To curb this, CallHippo came with After Call Work. It refers to a task after the support agent requires doing after each conversation. As soon as the agent ends conversation with a customer overcall, a window pops up on the screen, wherein the agent can note down important points as discussed on the call, write the information he/she requires to update in the CRM or HelpDesk, and also mention a reminder note if he/she needs to send an email to the caller.


At times, it happens that your representatives end up calling your global clients at the wrong time. This not only hampers your brand image but also you may lose important clients. But with GlobalConnect, you can be assured of calling your international client at the right time.

CallHippo empowers your team with a feature named GlobalConnect, which helps them determine the client’s time zone in the fraction of a second. All you need to do is move your cursor over the number you want to call, and GlobalConnect pops a message with the number’s validity (whether valid or invalid) and its time zone (day, date, and time). Hence, you can never connect with a client at the wrong time.

This isn’t it. There are yet a lot more features that you can leverage with CallHippo. So, if you are looking for a Vonage substitute, CallHippo can be your best bet!

Vonage Alternative – CallHippo

- CallHippo logo Vonage logo
Plans Bronze - $16, Silver - $24, Platinum - $40, Enterprise- Customized SolutionsMobile -$19.99, Premium- $29.99, Advanced-$39.99
Price SchemeMonthly payment | Annual SubscriptionMonthly payment | Annual Subscription
Product InfoCallHippo is VOIP service provider that will set up a support centre for you in less than 3 minutes and in 3 simple steps. It provides businesses of all size with Toll-Free, mobile as well as Fixed (Landline Numbers).Vonage offers personal home services, Phone services for small business and phone service for mid-markets and enterprises. All have their own plans and services to choose from.
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • IVR System
  • Custom Messages
  • Call Recording
  • Forward to Cellphones
  • Voice Mail
  • Working Hours Per User
  • Contact Management
  • Shared Contacts
  • Email Support
  • Priority Email
  • Free Calling Credits
  • Call from Any Number
  • Ring All Devices
  • Office/Number Opening Hours
  • Call Hold
  • Call Hold With Custom Music
  • Call Mute
  • Click to Call
  • Voicemail in Email
  • Voicemail Custom Greeting
  • Custom Integration
  • Call Notifications
  • Android App
  • iOS app
  • Outbound Caller ID
  • International Numbers
  • 3-Digit Editable Extension
  • Call Conference
  • Call Barging
  • Call transfer
  • On Call Notes
  • Call Reminder
  • Analytics
  • Concurrent Calls
  • Global connect
  • Dynamic Number insertion
  • Auto-switch numbers
  • Call Routing
  • Call Conference
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Vonage Extension App
  • Boomerang
  • Add a line
  • Virtual Number
  • Toll-free plus
  • Dedicated Fax Line
  • Call Forwarding
  • Vonage Voicemail Plus
  • SimulRing
  • Selective Call Back
  • 3 way calling
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Ring Lists
  • Call Hunt
  • Anonymous Call Back
Customer SupportPhone, Live Support, Ticket, TrainingPhone, Email, Ticket
Types of CustomersSmall Business | Large Enterprises | Medium BusinessSmall Business | Large Enterprises | Medium Business
OS SupportedWindows, Mac, Web-based, Android, iOSWeb-based, Android, IOS

Declaration: The information presented on this comparison page is for general informational purposes only. We have made every effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate, but we make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk and conduct your own research before making any decisions based on it.

Frequently Asked Question

How does CallHippo offer more value for money than vonage?

CallHippo offers much better features, functionalities, and support as compared to Vonage. CallHippo is also much more secure and offers flexible and versatile plans that suit firms of all sizes. Even the starting price for CallHippo is significantly lower than Vonage. Additionally, Vonage does not have any customized enterprise plan that large organizations can utilize.

How is CallHippo more platform-independent than vonage?

While Vonage offers web-based access and mobile applications, it does not provide any dedicated Windows and Mac systems solutions. On the other hand, CallHippo has dedicated solutions for all platforms/operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or web-based access.

What additional and handy features does CallHippo provide than vonage?

CallHippo offers several additional features that come in handy for call centers, such as:

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Analytics
  • IVR
  • Custom Messaging
  • Voicemail in Email
  • On Call Notes
  • Auto-switch
  • Reminders
  • Dynamic Number Insertion

With the global contact center market estimated to grow to $35.3 billion by 2023, up from $17.7 billion in 2018, it’s no doubt that there are already hundreds of call center software providers. This makes it even more challenging to find the right vonage alternative.

 List of The 10 Best Vonage Alternatives

4.3/5 (244 Reviews)
Cloud-based phone system with call recording, IVR, and analyticsHubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier, Zoho CRMStarting at $18/user/month
4.1/5 (19 Reviews)
Cloud-based phone system with IVR, call tracking, and recordingSalesforce, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, FreshdeskStarting at INR 999/month
4.9/5 (26 Reviews)
AI-powered voice assistant for sales and support teamsSalesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Microsoft TeamsContact for pricing information
Zoho Desk
4.5/5 (4595 Reviews)
Help desk software with phone and email integrationZoho CRM, Slack, Salesforce, ShopifyStarting at $14/user/month
4.3/5 (749 Reviews)
Cloud-based phone system with call routing and analyticsSalesforce, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, ShopifyStarting at $30/user/month
3.9/5 (659 Reviews)
Cloud-based phone system with video conferencing and messagingSalesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Teams, ZapierStarting at $19.99/user/month
4.3/5 (306 Reviews)
Cloud-based phone system with call recording and international numbersHubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, ZapierStarting at $25/user/month
Zendesk Talk
4.2/5 (473 Reviews)
Help desk software with phone integration and call recordingSalesforce, Hubspot, Shopify, Zendesk SellStarting at $49/agent/month
4.5/5 (6718 Reviews)
Help desk software with phone, email, and chat integrationSalesforce, Hubspot, Slack, ShopifyStarting at $29/agent/month

1. CallHippo

CallHippo tops the list of vonage alternatives because it is one of the most flexible, customizable, and scalable VoIP service providers

vonage alternative Callhippo

Product Highlights:

  • It offers intelligent call analytics while also helping you decide whether you need to upscale or downscale your usage. 
  • It has a customizable on-hold music feature, which you can use to set up tailored messages about your latest offers and promotions. 
  • The global connect feature enables you to determine the exact time zone of the country you want to call so you can stay assured that you are calling them at a good time.

Key Features

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • IVR System
  • Custom Messages
  • Call Recording
  • Free Calling Credits


  • Offers numerous advanced features.
  • Team calling can be tracked in one place.
  • Calling targets can be set and measured.
  • Call summaries provide visualization for future planning.


  • Pricing may be too high.
  • The setup process is difficult to understand without the help of support.
  • The integration process may be complicated.

Why Choose CallHippo Over Vonage?

CallHippo is an excellent Vonage business alternative, offering virtual phone numbers for over 50 countries, affordable pricing, and a range of calling features that cater to enterprise needs. It is also affordable compared to Vonage pricing. Its user-friendly interface, robust backend, and 24/7 customer support make setting up a call center easy in just three simple steps. Cloud-based phone system features can enhance customer service quality and employee productivity for businesses, with various options from fundamental to advanced.


Bronze ($20/user/month)Silver ($30/user/month)Platinum ($35/user/month)
Free number, forward to device, SMS, Voicemail, call recording, and moreEverything in bronze plus IVR (interactive voice response), live call, after call work, internal team calls, and moreEverything in silver plus power dialer, 3-way calling, call barging, route to an external number, IP whitelisting, customer caller id, and more

2. MyOperator

MyOperator is another great Vonage alternative, given its features like live calls, smart follow-up, live call transfer, and one-way outgoing technology. 

vonage alternative myoperator

Product Highlights:

  • Provides detailed analytical business reports via SMS and email 
  • Live dashboard and call information for each incoming call 
  • The voicemail facility allows your callers to leave their message in the voicemail when none of your agents are available. 

Key Features

  • Virtual and toll-free numbers
  • On-hold Music
  • Call queue
  • Live call transfer
  • Progressive dialler


  • My Operator offers excellent service and a user-friendly application that requires no training.
  • The call recording and IVR features are amazing, which help monitor agent performance and allow for repeatedly listening to calls if anything is missed. 
  • The 24/7 support team is always available to help with any queries.
  • There is no need for any hardware setup.


  • Call routing is limited to mobile phones, which could be improved by allowing calls to be answered via the web application. 
  • My Operator is slightly more expensive than similar products in the market. 
  • The incoming number is only displayed after call disconnection, causing issues with customer identification.

Why Choose MyOperator Over Vonage?

MyOperator is India’s top cloud communication provider, serving over 10,000 businesses. MyOperator is an excellent Vonage business alternative, boasting a plethora of features, including On-hold Music, call queue, live call transfer, and one-way outgoing technology. In addition, MyOperator offers precise analytical business reports via text and email and a live dashboard that provides call information for each incoming call. A voicemail facility lets callers leave messages when representatives are unreachable.


Desk Plan ($45/month)Prime Plan ($200/month)
2000 minutes, API & CRM integrations, location & time-based IVR, and more10000 minutes, advanced call reports, call queue, custom agreement, and more

3. is a conversation intelligence software powered by AI and ML. It helps you deliver strong performance outcomes by enabling you to create custom QA hypothesis (like competitor mentions, slang usage, sales objections, etc.). 

vonage alternative Enthu

Product Highlights:

  • Provides transcription for each call, and you can refer to dialogue text for quick quality checks.
  • AI-driven conversation analytics split across customizable call moments for better analysis. 
  • Identify the most common sales objections that your agents face every day. 

Key Features

  • Agent wise analysis
  • Exhaustive call filtering
  • Auto seek audio
  • Custom call moments
  • Caller history


  • Enthu.AI is highly customizable for different calling scenarios.
  • Proactively highlights important parts of conversations.
  • User-friendly and integrates with numerous third-party tools.
  • Offers end-to-end call monitoring, evaluation, and coaching.


  • Reporting could be improved, but the team can build customized reports.
  • Updates can be infrequent.
  • Pricing can be high for larger teams, particularly for startups.

Why Choose Over Vonage? is an AI and ML-powered conversation intelligence software and one of the best Vonage business alternatives that allow you to create custom QA hypotheses and split conversation analytics into customizable call moments. By providing transcriptions for every call, this service lets you quickly and easily review dialogue text for quality assurance. You can also identify common sales objections your agents face daily.

Pricing: has not made its pricing public. You will have to contact them for a custom quote. 

4. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is an all-in-one customer service software that collates interactions from different channels (social media, email, chat, and phone) into one place. 

vonage alternative Zohodesk

Product Highlights:

  • Voicemails ensure you don’t miss any of your customers’ messages by logging their questions as new tickets.
  • Zia, Zoho’s AI-powered assistant, can automatically answer your customers’ queries based on the content in your knowledge base. 
  • Multilevel IVR menu set up to help customers find answers with simple commands. 

Key Features

  • Ticket and Case Management
  • Communication Channels
  • Self-Service Experience
  • Notification rules 
  • SLAs & Escalations


  • Zoho Desk offers a 15-day free trial. 
  • You can make distinct departments within the platform.
  • Its omnichannel features allow you to communicate with customers via email, social media, phone, and more. 
  • The set hierarchy feature helps larger teams streamline data, and nonprofit and educational institutions get discounts. 


  • You can access the Zoho Desk live chat feature only when subscribed to the Enterprise plan.
  • Zoho Desk’s efficiency can be improved as it occasionally experiences slow loading or hangs.
  • The platform currently does not offer a desktop app.

Why Choose Zoho Desk Over Vonage?

Zoho Desk is an ideal Vonage alternative for businesses seeking a versatile customer support platform. Its ticket automation capabilities, multiple support channels, advanced Knowledge Base options, and user-friendly interface make it a top choice. It offers a 15-day free trial, voicemail transcription, Zia AI assistant, and a multi-level IVR menu setup to help customers find answers with simple commands.


Standard ($20/month)Professional ($35/month)Enterprise ($50/month)
All the essential support features to augment your customer service team.Simplified collaboration and process automation functionalities for fast-growing teams.Advanced AI and customization capabilities to enable enterprise-grade support.

5. Aircall

Perfect for mid-size and enterprise companies, Aircall offers a range of features, including call queueing, shared call inbox, call recording, and automated attendants. 

vonage alternative aircall

Product Highlights:

  • Allows agents to assign and comment on calls so they can be reviewed later.
  • Conference call enables you to communicate with your team internally.
  • Warm transfers make it easier for your agents to transfer live calls to other advisors. 

Key Features

  • Real-Time Modifications
  • Time-Based Routing
  • Ring Groups
  • Parallel Calls
  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls


  • Access to international calling to various countries
  • Excellent call quality
  • Smooth integration with Hubspot
  • Great smartphone app


  • Limited customization options
  • Occasional delays in problem-solving, particularly with routing issues
  • Chrome extension has numerous bugs despite being a promising concept

Why Choose Aircall Over Vonage?

Aircall is a versatile Vonage business alternative suitable for medium and large businesses. It provides call queueing, automated attendants, shared call inbox, and call recording features. You can use this Vonage alternative for international calls, conference calls for internal communication and warm transfers for seamless live call transfers. Aircall boasts more than 100 features, including call analytics, unlike Vonage, which has 50+ unified communication features.


Essentials ($30/user/month billed annually)Professional ($50/user/month billed annually)
Unlimited calls within the US & Canada, 60+ integrations & API access, call recording, IVR, voicemail, phone support, and moreSalesforce integration, advanced analytics, live call monitoring, queue call back, power dialer, dedicated account manager, and more

6. RingCentral

Launched in 2003, RingCentral provides a robust and reliable platform for phone, videos, and meetings. It offers solutions for all businesses, regardless of their size. 

vonage alternative Rincentral

Product Highlights:

  • Skill-based routing to ensure your customers reach the right agent.
  • Agent management to help optimize agent schedules and minimize hold times for customers.
  • Whisper coaching, silent monitoring, and barge-in features to help improve the agent’s performance and customer experience. 

Key Features

  • Call management
  • Collaboration
  • Voicemail and greetings
  • Business SMS and MMS
  • Integrations


  • Prevents robocalls from reaching you
  • Simple call transferring
  • Effortless conference call setup
  • Offers ghost numbers for various states.


  • Call quality can be subpar at times, with occasional lag or echo
  • Occasional issues with calls not transferring to voicemail
  • Some verification texts or calls from certain companies’ websites may be automatically blocked

Why Choose RingCentral Over Vonage?

RingCentral MVP is one of the best Vonage alternatives. Despite being a major legacy phone system provider, RingCentral MVP has incorporated several new features in recent years, putting it on par with other top VoIP providers and unified communications platforms. RingCentral MVP is extremely affordable when compared to Vonage pricing.


Essentials ($29.99/user/month)Standard ($34.99/user/month)Premium ($44.99/user/month)Ultimate ($59.99/user/month)
Up to 20 users, unlimited calls within the US & Canada, voicemail to text, document sharing, and moreUnlimited users, unlimited audio conferencing, up to 24-hour meeting duration, quality of service reports, video meetings, and moreSingle sign-on, automatic call recording, multi-site admin and management, call barging, hot desking, and moreDevice status reports, device status alerts, unlimited storage, and more

7. JustCall

JustCall is yet another great Vonage alternative. With JustCall, you can get phone numbers in 70+ countries, and offer responsive, round-the-clock support to your customers. 

vonage alternative justcall

Product Highlights:

  • Categorizes your calls with disposition codes and notes, so you know which calls to focus on more than others. 
  • Provides real-time dashboards so you can monitor agent availability, live status, and last seen.
  • Smart call routing to connect VIP customers with their managers quickly. 

Key Features

  • Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call reports
  • Call park
  • Call screening
  • Message alerts


  •’s Chrome extension works seamlessly with most other apps, enabling features like power dialer and click-to-call from anywhere. 
  • It allows launching and syncing SMS messages from within the Pipedrive app, adding another touchpoint to the sales cycle. 
  • The platform developers actively seek feedback from the user community and are open to other integrations and use cases. 
  • They are very responsive to questions and support requests.


  • The system does not recognize incoming call numbers and sets them as unknown. 
  • The absence of a call saves log results in wasting time as users have to restart the device to access previous call details.
  • Incoming calls are lost due to prolonged waiting times while transferring them to another user.

Why Choose JustCall Over Vonage?

JustCall is a great Vonage alternative for international calls, with phone numbers available in 70+ countries and round-the-clock customer support. The platform’s categorization feature helps prioritize calls, and real-time dashboards provide valuable insights. Plus, VIP customers can be connected with their managers quickly through smart call routing.


Standard ($25/month/user)Premium ($50/month/user)
One local or toll-free number, call recording, call forwarding, analytics, voicemail, IVR, appointment scheduler, and moreAll features of Standard plus autodialer, API & webhook access, call barging, post-call surveys, priority support, and more

8. Zendesk Talk

One of the popular names in the contact center industry, Zendesk, enables you to provide personalized solutions to your customers. Its multichannel capabilities allow your agents to quickly pick up the conversation from any channel and resolve complex issues. 

vonage alternative zendesk

Product Highlights:

  • Provides full customer context, including voicemails and texts in one place
  • Allows you to embed a call button in your mobile app, making it easier for your customers to contact you.
  • Route calls to an available agent to reduce wait times. 

Key Features

  • Ticketing system
  • Data storage
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Branding for web conversations
  • Workforce Optimization (WFO)


  • Zendesk offers IVR call routing, which can help improve call management and routing.
  • It integrates with over 1,000 apps, including popular project management tools like JIRA and
  • With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, this platform is designed to be easily navigable for customers and agents.
  • Early-stage startups may qualify for six months of free service, providing cost savings for new businesses.


  • The agent cost may be higher than its main competitor, Freshdesk.
  • A few users experienced call quality issues.
  • Businesses with a global footprint may find Zendesk’s utility limited, as it does not provide international numbers.

Why Choose Zendesk Talk Over Vonage?

Zendesk Talk is a reliable contact center solution that offers multi-channel capabilities to provide customized customer support. With features like call button embedding and intelligent call routing, Zendesk Talk makes it easy for businesses to connect with customers. Its full context view of customer interactions and integration with over 1,000 apps makes it an excellent Vonage alternative for companies looking to improve customer service.


Lite (from $0/month/agent)Team (from $19/month/agent)Professional (from $49/month/agent)Enterprise (from $89/month/agent)
Pay for usage only, answer in the browser, forward to phone, customized greetings, and moreHold calls, warm transfer, call us from web widget, automatic ticket creation, advanced routing, and moreConference call, request a callback feature, call wrap-up time limits, IVR, real-time dashboards, and moreExtended queue wait time, after hours routing, call history reports, agent activity dashboards, and more

9. Freshworks

Freshworks is a cloud-based PBX solution that makes it easier for you to manage call center operations. From call transfer to analytics, Freshworks has a range of features that can help you improve your contact center’s efficiency. 

vonage alternative Freshworks

Product Highlights:

  • Port your existing phone numbers without notifying your customers. 
  • Personalize your voicemails and route after-hours calls to voicemails.
  • Voice bots to provide instant answers to your customers without an agent.

Key Features

  • Multi-currency and Multi-language
  • Custom Fields
  • Contextual Collaboration with Slack
  • Lead Generation Bot
  • Custom Sales Activities


  • Automates onboarding process for new leads.
  • Offers many integrations with other apps, allowing interaction with calendars and calls.
  • Simple to set up sequences for automated follow-up.
  • Reports and dashboards can be shared with others.


  • The user interface needs improvement to be more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Tech support is not up to the mark.
  • Leads and contacts are not clearly defined.

Why Choose Freshworks Over Vonage?

Freshworks is an excellent alternative to Vonage, offering a cloud-based PBX solution simplifying call center operations. With features like call transfer, analytics, and porting of existing phone numbers, Freshworks helps improve contact center efficiency. Personalized voicemails and voicemail routing for after-hours calls enhance customer experience, while voice bots provide instant answers without needing an agent.


Sprout ($0/month/agent)Blossom ($0/month/agent)Garden ($0/month/agent)Estate ($0/month/agent)Forest ($0/month/agent)
Inbound caller ID, desktop notifications, call notes, custom greetings, call metrics, and moreNumber porting, basic call queues, wait queues, voicemail, warm transfer, call recording, and moreCall monitoring, IVR, advanced call queues, custom reports, and moreHoliday routing, advanced call metrics, call barging, call recording, agent availability report, and moreOmnichannel routing, speech-enabled IVR, voice bot, abandoned call metrics, service-level monitoring, and more

10. Five9

Five9 is yet another all-in-one customer service solution that allows your customers to reach you via phone, web, chat, email, and social media. It also enables you to maintain a unified view of the customers’ journey across all touchpoints. 

vonage alternative Five9

Product Highlights:

  • Intelligently route inbound customer contacts to the agent best suited for the job.
  • Its workforce management helps ensure your agents are available to effectively handle your customers. 
  • Advanced analytics to improve your call center’s efficiency. 

Key Features

  • Progressive Dialing
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Agent Tools
  • Callback Scheduling
  • Call Recording


  • Five9 is a reliable mode of communication that efficiently handles inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, and notes. 
  • It provides call routing, skill-level prioritization, supervisor-level visibility, and call recording and analyzing functionality. 
  • The service is supported by efficient customer support.
  • Five9 offers great flexibility in configuring campaigns, skill sets, roles, and other parameters.


  • Five9 sometimes experiences inconsistent call quality, making it hard to hear calls. 
  • It does not have a mobile application.
  • The user interface could be improved to be more singular and compact rather than opening multiple tabs for each feature. 

Why Choose Five9 Over Vonage?

Five9 is a comprehensive customer service solution offering multi-channel customer support via phone, web, chat, email, and social media. With intelligent routing, workforce management, and advanced analytics, Five9 helps improve the efficiency of call centers. Its unified view of customer journeys across all touchpoints makes it an excellent Vonage alternative.


Five9 has not made its pricing public. You will have to contact them to get a custom quote. 

How We Evaluated These Vonage Alternatives?

When evaluating Vonage alternatives, there are several factors to consider, including cost, features, customer support, and reliability. Below are the criteria we used to evaluate these alternatives to Vonage:

1. Pricing 

We looked at the monthly service fees, additional charges like activation or equipment fees, contracts, and any available bundled services or discounts. Cheaper is usually better for most consumers, but call quality and features are also important.

2. Call Quality 

The primary job of a VoIP phone service is to provide clear, uninterrupted phone calls. So we tested call quality, checking for static, latency, jitter, and dropped calls. Services with HD voice, wideband audio, and strong QoS (Quality of Service) techniques ranked higher.

3. Features 

Things like voicemail to email, virtual phone numbers, voicemail transcripts, call screening, call forwarding, and other business features were considered. More features are better as long as they’re useful and intuitive.

4. Reliability 

Phone service do you no good if it’s frequently down or unavailable. So we looked at the provider’s uptime and redundancy measures, number of data centers, service level agreements, and history of outages. 

5. Customer Support 

Inevitably, issues arise with technology products, so we evaluated each provider’s customer support. Things like 24/7 phone/chat support, self-service help sections, and social media support were positives. 

6. Integrations

Integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, and Slack were appealing to business users. The more useful integrations a service offers, the higher it ranks.

7. Scalability 

For businesses, a service that can easily scale up (or down) as needed ranked higher. So we looked at how easy it is to add/remove users, phone numbers, and features as a business grows or requirements change.