CallHippo: The Best OnSip Alternative

Are you interested in trying better options than OnSip? Check out the top 10 OnSip alternatives that boast enhanced efficiency and competitiveness. Among these alternatives, CallHippo stands out as an excellent option. Elevate communication with CallHippo and witness a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

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Why Switch from OnSip to CallHippo?

CallHippo goes beyond being a mere virtual phone system; it represents a comprehensive VoIP solution designed to boost your call center’s productivity significantly. With powerful features, customizable setups, and a user-friendly interface, all at budget-friendly rates, CallHippo stands as an unbeatable OnSip competitor. Contact our CallHippo experts today to maximize the efficiency of your business.

CallHippo Vs OnSip Features

Do you want to know what makes CallHippo the best OnSip alternative? Analyze the differences in features of these two competing virtual phone systems shared in the chart below.

CallhippoOnsip Logo
Mobile App
Advanced Features
IntegrationsWide RangeLimited
Customer Support24/7Limited
Call Recording
Call Analytics
Power Dialer
On-hold Music
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CallHippo Vs OnSip: Pricing & Plans

With our remarkable virtual phone system, you get the opportunity to earn more without spending extra. Enjoy double the benefits at half the cost compared to OnSip. Leverage advanced functionality, seamless integration, top-notch call quality, and prompt customer support—all while conserving your valuable resources.

Choose CallHippo to make a wise decision and witness your communication plan reach its maximum potential.

OnSIP Unlimited


Per User/Month
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Recordings
  • Call Script

CallHippo Platinum Plan


Per User/Month
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Monthly payment | Annual Subscription
  • Advanced Call Management
  • Multi-level IVR
  • CRM Integration

Why Businesses Are Switching To CallHippo?

CallHippo surpasses OnSip with its global reach, the highest call connection rate in the industry, and superior infrastructure.

Industries Leading Call Connect Rates
99.9% Uptime
Zero Jitter
In-depth Integration With CRM & Helpdesk
AI Enabled Call Routing
Zero Latency

Winning Features of CallHippo

With its comprehensive set of features, CallHippo outperforms OnSip in many different aspects as a virtual phone system.

CallHippo: Seamless Internal Calling

Efficient In-House Calling Experience

  • Promote collaboration and overall efficiency with CallHippo's simple and easy internal calling feature.
  • Experience outstanding audio clarity and reliable connectivity for all internal communications.
  • Get along with ultra-modern tools like call conferences to communicate with multiple individuals at once.
  • Minimize communication gaps and optimize productivity by maintaining seamless contact and collaboration throughout the entire organization.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

  • Overcome time zone challenges and establish productive connections with clients situated overseas through CallHippo's time zone expertise.
  • Optimize your lead generation opportunities by interacting with potential clients at the most suitable times and in various locations.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by placing timely and personalized calls, ensuring swift and individualized communication.
  • Connect with clients at their convenience, no matter where they are in the world, by leveraging CallHippo's timezone intelligence.
CallHippo: Master Time Zones
Competitive Pricing at Its Best

Competitive Pricing at Its Best

Get tailored pricing plans according to your unique needs for achieving maximum cost-effectiveness while maintaining full functionality.

  • Delve into our variety of add-ons, covering Voicemail Transcription (₹145/user/month) and Call Scribe (₹1200/user/month), for enhancing your business communication solution.
  • Evaluate our features and plans, offering options like bronze, silver, and platinum, to tap on the most appropriate fit for your business needs.
  • Relish the pocket-friendly prices by relying on any of our annual plans, and enjoy savings equivalent to three months' expenses.

50+ Advanced Features

  • Boost productivity and efficiency by leveraging a comprehensive, feature-rich toolkit for enhanced communication.
  • Have effective communication with CallHippo's innovative features, including call recording, call transfer, power dialing, and more.
  • Improve communication with clients using advanced methods like call analytics, call tracking, and global connect.
  • Explore the latest call analytics features to enhance agent performance and customer satisfaction.
CallHippo: Feature-Rich Communication

CallHippo on Top: Across Popular Platforms

CallHippo is provided with outstanding ratings from G2, Capterra, GetApp, and other renowned review sites. These evaluations accentuate the effectiveness and dependability of CallHippo.

Top 10 OnSip Alternatives in 2024

Explore these ten top-notch OnSip alternatives, each with a unique array of features. Pick the one for your company that precisely aligns with its specific needs.

CompanyRatingPlanLearn More
Callhippo Logo

Basic: $0

Bronze/month: $16

Silver: $24 /month

Platinum: $40 /month

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Grasshopper Logo

Core: $20

Advance: $25

Ultra: $35

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Aircall Logo

Essentials: $30/user

Professional: $50/user

Custom Plan

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Nextiva Logo

Essentials: $18.95

Professional: $22.95

Enterprise:: $32.95

Learn More
GoTo Connect Logo
GoTo Connect

Basic: $27.00/month

Standard: $32.00/month

Premium: $43.00/month

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Vonage Logo

Mobile: $14.99

Premium: $24.99

Advanced: $34.99

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3CX Logo


Pro: $89

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8×8 Logo

x2: $24

x4: $44

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OpenPhone Logo

Standard: $10

Premium: $25

Enterprise: Customized Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • With CallHippo, you enjoy a wide array of features, including virtual phone numbers, call analytics, call forwarding, and many more. It boasts simplicity, scalability, and affordability.

  • CallHippo stands out with its modern call analytics, extensive integration options, cost-effectiveness, and world-wide reach. It is an advanced and simple-to-use communication solution that suits every business size.

  • Yes, switching from OnSip to CallHippo is a simple and swift process. Streamlining your call procedures, porting your current phone numbers, and leveraging the robust features of CallHippo are all easy to do. For any further queries, please get in touch with our sales team.

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