CallHippo: The Best United World Telecom Alternative

Not satisfied with United World Telecom? Explore the top United World Telecom alternatives for your business and leverage their abilities to build a robust communication system. Among them, CallHippo has an edge as it offers 50+ features, 100+ integrations, and 24/7 customer support at affordable pricing plans.

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Why Switch from United World Telecom to CallHippo?

Compared to United World Telecom Alternatives, CallHippo offers more sophisticated features at affordable rates. It offers enhanced customization in numbers, call routing algorithms, configuration, etc., and helps businesses improve their operating efficiency and reduce their international calling costs. Get in touch with our technical support team and explore how you can customize your abilities to meet your business demands.

CallHippo Vs United World Telecom Features

Discover the distinct features of CallHippo and explore how it stands as the best United World Telecom alternative. Here is an exhaustive comparison of CallHippo and United World Telecom.

CallhippoUnited World Telecom Logo
Mobile App
Advanced Features
IntegrationsWide RangeLimited
Customer Support24/7Limited
Call Recording
Call Analytics
Power Dialer
On-hold Music
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CallHippo Vs United World Telecom: Pricing & Plans

United World Telecom pricing plans start at $12.95 per month and go up to $248.95 while CallHippo’s subscription plans start at $0. Its premium plans start at $16 per month and move up to $40. The ability to offer high-end call management features at affordable prices makes CallHippo an appropriate United World Telecom alternative. Enjoy advanced features at six times lower costs.

Move to CallHippo, upgrade your communication strategy, optimize your service quality, and gain a leading edge in the competitive business space.

United World Telecom


  • Call Recordings
  • Advanced IVR
  • Enterprise API
  • Customized Greeting

CallHippo Platinum Plan


Per User/Month
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Monthly payment | Annual Subscription
  • Advanced Call Management
  • Multi-level IVR
  • CRM Integration

Why Businesses Are Switching To CallHippo?

From helping businesses cut down on international calling costs to empowering them with sophisticated infrastructure, CallHippo offers an exhaustive array of benefits and competitive features to emerge as the most preferred United World Telecom alternative.

Industries Leading Call Connect Rates
99.9% Uptime
Zero Jitter
In-depth Integration With CRM & Helpdesk
AI Enabled Call Routing
Zero Latency

Winning Features of CallHippo

CallHippo has a wide range of advanced communication features and call-handling abilities to ultimately outperform United World Telecom and other VoIP providers. Explore the unique features of CallHippo and discover how it has emerged as a go-to for businesses.

CallHippo: Seamless Internal Calling

Efficient In-House Calling Experience

  • Advanced features like call conferencing allow for profound collaboration and meaningful conversations among the team members.
  • Promote quicker conversational exchanges with cross-functional teams and efficient decision-making.
  • With a centralized communication strategy, eliminate communication gaps and enhance transparency in internal communication.
  • Allows employees to make or receive calls from anywhere to foster a collaborative remote work environment.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

  • Empowers businesses to connect with global customers without investing in local offices and telephone lines.
  • Minimize communication costs and boost efficiency by helping businesses cut down on international calling costs.
  • Having local numbers prefixed with specific area codes helps businesses develop a localized appearance and enhance call pickup rates.
  • Leverage CallHippo’s time zone expertise and reach out to international customers during their standard working hours.
CallHippo: Master Time Zones
Competitive Pricing at Its Best

Competitive Pricing at Its Best

  • CallHippo has four pricing plans to cater to the affordability and functional needs of different businesses.
  • Save around three months of calling costs by subscribing to CallHippo’s annual plans and minimize your overall communication expenditures.
  • With pay-per-use subscription models, scale your business easily and efficiently without investing in physical equipment.
  • Leverage add-ons like call scribe, caller ID, voicemail transcription, etc. to boost your communication efficiency.

50+ Advanced Features

  • Boost your communication efficiency with advanced call-handling features like automatic call distribution, auto-attendants, etc.
  • Streamline the high volume of incoming calls at ease without having to invest in additional infrastructure or additional human resources.
  • Enhance your outbound calling efficiency and sales outcomes with a power dialer, voice broadcast, etc.
  • Monitor the functioning of your customer support and sales through a single dashboard and make informed, data-driven decisions.
CallHippo: Feature-Rich Communication

CallHippo on Top: Across Popular Platforms

CallHippo has earned incredible ratings and positive reviews on major platforms like G2, Capterra, etc. which is a testament to its abilities and quality.

Top 10 United World Telecom Alternatives in 2024

Discover the top 10 United World Telecom alternatives with identical or exceeding abilities. Choose one that aligns with the feature requirements and budget of your business.

CompanyRatingPlanLearn More
Callhippo Logo

Basic: $0

Bronze/month: $16

Silver: $24 /month

Platinum: $40 /month

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Grasshopper Logo

Core: $20

Advance: $25

Ultra: $35

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Aircall Logo

Essentials: $30/user

Professional: $50/user

Custom Plan

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Nextiva Logo

Essentials: $18.95

Professional: $22.95

Enterprise:: $32.95

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GoTo Connect Logo
GoTo Connect

Basic: $27.00/month

Standard: $32.00/month

Premium: $43.00/month

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Vonage Logo

Mobile: $14.99

Premium: $24.99

Advanced: $34.99

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3CX Logo


Pro: $89

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8×8 Logo

x2: $24

x4: $44

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OpenPhone Logo

Standard: $10

Premium: $25

Enterprise: Customized Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • CallHippo offers innovative features like call recording, call forwarding, power dialer, call analytics, etc. at cost-effective rates. It must be noted that the United World Telecom plans start at $12.95 a month, while CallHippo has a free plan. Its premium plans are also less expensive than the United World Telecom. The ability to offer equal or exceeding features at affordable rates makes CallHippo, the best United World Telecom alternative.

  • CallHippo offers extensive call handling abilities, automation, integration support, robust call monitoring, and 24/7 onboarding support at $0. It has four different pricing plans to cater to the distinct feature and budget requirements of different businesses. All these offer CallHippo an edge over other United World Telecom competitors.

  • Yes, you can seamlessly switch from United World Telecom to CallHippo. You can port your existing numbers, contact details, and call flows. The good news is that CallHippo offers extensive onboarding support that helps you achieve a smooth transfer.

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