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Get Acquainted with Time Zone Before Calling Your Clients

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GlobalConnect Feature -CallHippo

What is GlobalConnect?

It is a competent tool that enables you to know the right time to call your clients. Precisely speaking, it lets you find out the time zone (Day, Date, and Time) of a particular country where you want to place a call within the fraction of a second. Besides, it acquaints you with the information like – if the number you are going to dial is valid.

How GlobalConnect Functions?

Utilizing the functionalities of GlobalConnect is easier than you might have thought.

Simply hover your cursor over the number you want to dial – whether the number is in your CRM or across any website – all the details associated with the number, i.e., if it is valid or invalid, the country it belongs to, and the time zone of that specific country will pop up in no time.

How GlobalConnect Benefits Businesses?

If your company incorporates a sales team, GlobalConnect can do wonders to your business.

Sales work as a bridge between the customers’ demands and the products/services a company provides. Thus, it plays a significant role in the success of a business.

When international calling is involved, it is utmost essential to call the client at the right time. Being in different time zones, many a time you or any of your team member may end up calling on the wrong time. If this repeats often, it may be harmful to your business in the long run. And, if your team is calling the clientele at the most appropriate time, they might be spending considerable time in determining the time zone of the client.

GlobalConnect liberates you and your team from all these hassles and thus eliminates the time spent on making failed attempts to reach a client. Instead, that time will be invested to get in touch with fruitful prospects. Moreover, knowing the country where they would be placing the call helps to determine the calling costs. They can, therefore, decide to choose the best possible virtual phone number or toll-free number your company owns and place the call accordingly.

As GlobalConnect helps you save enormous time, you can work towards different aspects in which your business can benefit. With this, you will undoubtedly economize the calling costs.


Why do you need to use GlobalConnect?

With GlobalConnect, you can save time in finding the right time to call your client and at the same time, minimize the calling costs by choosing the best possible virtual or toll-free phone number system.

Is it a free or paid tool?

It is available free of cost in all the plans.

How can I use GlobalConnect

CallHippo’s GlobalConnect works with its Chrome extension. With a simple hover of the mouse cursor, it informs you about the user’s place, time, day, date, and validity of the number.


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Last updated: July 22, 2020