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131 Area Code: What You Need to Know

Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom. The city rises from the Firth of Forth to the rocky pinnacle, which is crowned by the stone walls and towers of the world-famous Edinburgh Castle. As a famous Scottish capital, the city is especially known for its mind-blowing festivals. It is also the center of culture and the arts, attracting surplus tourist footfall each year.

The Edinburgh area code 131 has 3 digits. It happens to be one of the few cities in the United Kingdom with these many digits. This means the 131 area code has a wider coverage compared to other areas. As the second biggest city in Scotland, Edinburgh happens to be one of the most populous areas in the UK. Consequently, such numbers automatically correlate to a plentiful amount of telephone users.

Having your company in the 131 area code allows you to communicate better with local customers.

131 Area Code At a Glance

Edinburgh 131 dialing code works in the entire city. You can call any part of the city using this code.

Since Edinburgh is the cultural capital of Scotland, it isn’t like one of the fast-paced business capitals. The city is easy-going and offers pleasant weather conditions to live in.

Edinburgh is quite an expensive city to live in by UK standards but it certainly is not as expensive as London. When compared with other major cities worldwide, it is a reasonably priced city to live in.

The major economic sectors in Edinburgh include:

  • Financial Services
  • Technology and Software
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Regeneration
  • Urban growth

131 Area Code Location History

Edinburgh area code has 3 digits to it, which proves that it has a wider coverage compared to other areas. Edinburgh is one of the highest populated cities in Scotland, and has a large population that correlates to surplus telephone numbers.

In the UK, if the area codes are shorter, it means more numbers can be inserted in its local numbers. This means that communities or cities that have higher populations usually have shorter numbers in the form of area codes. This gives it more supply against those with longer area codes; it also allows them to respond to phone subscribers.

The original Edinburgh area code only contained 2 digits, which are “3” and “1”. With the trunk code, the Edinburgh area code included these digits- 031. But after PhONEday, the city got the number “1” as an additional digit as the area code.

Why Should I Get a 131 Area Code Phone Number For My Business?

Edinburgh is the cultural capital of Scotland. Apart from harboring various ancient monuments, the city is also home to rising financial companies and other promising economic sectors.

The city offers a stable government as well as a bankable legal system along with the high quality of life indexes. It is a good place to grasp business opportunities because the city provides welcoming tax benefits along with streamlined economic rules and regulations.

If you want to establish your business in Edinburgh, you will definitely need a local phone number that your consumers are well aware of. The best way to make your customers connect with your business is by portraying that you truly care for them. Therefore, your customers should be able to connect with you without having to pay long-distance charges.

Expand your business with a 131 area code phone number and increase your market share!

Area Code 131 Benefits

1. Mix of Cultures

Edinburgh is a dynamic and vibrant mix of different cultures, religions, and ethnic groups. The Scottish capital is not just a mere tourist attraction that houses arts from the past, but the city has also reinvented itself as a growing economic sector. Several industries like shipping, forest, and finance have played their part to make Edinburgh a lively attraction for growing business communities.

2. Cost of living

Edinburgh is not a very economical city to live in. Although compared to other European cities, it is comparatively more affordable. The real estate prices and the cost of living are considerably high, especially near the city center. The cost of living is not as high as in London. The purchasing index of Edinburgh is 89.95, which is higher than residents of the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

3. Competitive Labor Market

The unemployment rate in Edinburgh is the highest in the UK. As per statistics, the unemployment rate in Scotland is higher for men compared to women. This means you have a labor force available at your disposal to make the most out of. Edinburgh is a vibrant area with energetic growth factors and it is easy for industries and businesses to rope in a dynamic workforce.

4. Business growth

Edinburgh is an acute amalgamation of both cultures as well as finance. It is an amazing city to live in the UK. The city hosts a chain of organizations that fund and support small businesses to grow. Established organizations in Edinburgh including Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway, and Entrepreneurial Scotland have helped many small businesses to expand their scope of operations. Additionally, Edinburgh is also famous for its many urban beaches, museums, parks and gardens, and glorious sporting history.

Edinburgh is Scotland's famous hilly capital. The city holds a medieval charm in the form of the Old Town. It also presents an elegant Georgian New Town that has neoclassical buildings and gardens. Edinburgh Castle is a famous tourist spot, which is the home to Scotland’s crown jewels. It also houses the Stone of Destiny, which is used for coronating Scottish rulers. The city is an old-word charm that glorifies history.

How to Call a 131 Area Code Phone Number?

a) First, dial the area code, i.e., 0131.

b) Next, dial the 6 to 8-digit phone number.

How to get the 131 Area Code?

  • Sign up to CallHippo and create your account.
  • Once you set up your account, log in with your credentials.
  • Check 'Phone Number' on the sidebar and click on it.
  • Then enter the 'local number' and select the country.

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Benefits of CallHippo Local Number

Businesses that are looking to expand their horizons and grow in the market should try out CallHippo virtual phone numbers. Since no virtual number is connected with a system or location, it becomes easy for you to route these calls to any area of your choice. For instance, calls from local numbers can be easily guided to any calling party, calling queue, or auto-attendant. Never miss another critical call from a client, an investor, or a vendor.

Virtual numbers are essential to grow your business. Here's why you should have a 131 area code local number for your company:

1. One Number for Multiple Devices

The call will ring on various devices instead of a single device so that your call agents never miss calls.

2. It Boosts Your Local Presence

You can be where your customers are with a virtual number. When dialing familiar local area codes, customers feel safe.

3. Enhance Brand Image

Many businesses use different virtual numbers for their departments, however, they are all routed to the same place. This can help give an impression that your organization is significant and serves many locations.

4. Build Credibility

Remain within and close to your customers with a virtual number. When you dial with familiar local area codes, your customers feel safe.

5. Your Customers Save Money

To help your customers save money on long-distance calls, it is important to provide them a local virtual number.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • When you get a 131 area code phone number will help set up a virtual office in Washington that will help you address the complaints, concerns, and any other issues from the customers. As a result, leads to improved brand image.

  • It’s pretty simple to buy a 131 area code DID virtual number as described below:

    To get a 131 area code phone number, you need to sign up with CallHippo ad fill in your details in the sign up form. Then select US as your country of choice, and select your city. Finally, you need to choose your 131 area code virtual number online, and make a purchase.

  • Through CallHippo’s advanced features, you can add your virtual phone number to your CRM of choice. That way, you will be able to maintain customer base and organize any interaction (including calls) effectively. As a result, your business will convert more phone calls to sales.

  • It’s easy to buy a toll free number from CallHippo. You just need to follow these steps:

    • Create an account with CallHippo.
    • From the sign up form, add your preferred number.
    • Choose US as your country and choose your city or 131 area code.
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