It is a digital era, and companies all over the globe are making sure to harness the power of virtual phone numbers to stay connected all the time. The virtual telephone is breaking barriers and it is a sure shot recipe for success as it will help your organization attract a huge following of customers in local markets and comes with some wonderful features that will surely uplift your efficiency. Call forwarding in virtual numbers is a great facility that ensures that you don’t miss out on any important business call, as they can be redirected to alternative numbers – keeping you accessible on the move!

A virtual phone number with a call forwarding service makes sure that you provide exceptional customer support to your valued clients, as their queries and doubts can be resolved any time of the day! It is the best way to enhance customer relations, build loyalty towards your organization and ensure that customers become lifetime followers due to high customer service levels. Customers remain highly satisfied as they do not have to wait for long hours or go through unexpected delays in having their complaints and inquiries solved – their calls are always answered as they can be instantly forwarded to support staff for better service.

How Does Call Forwarding Work?

Call forwarding is an innovative facility that empowers users to forward or reroute incoming calls to an alternative number, which could either be a landline, mobile, or even satellite phone. Get a call forwarding number for your organization to make sure that all business communication is optimized and customers are always attended to promptly – it also has the useful option of diverting incoming calls directly to helpline staff for better accessibility.

Benefits of Call Forwarding In Your Virtual Number:

If you have a phone number forwarding service for your business, there is no doubt that you will accrue a vast number of benefits! You need to get a call forwarding number to witness a magical transformation of your bottom line results. Here are some key advantages of the call forwarding mechanism in a virtual phone number:

Staff Availability – One massive advantage of having a phone number forwarding service is that it makes sure that you are accessible round the clock to team members and valued clients. This is especially important for organizations where the workforce remains constantly on the move due to fieldwork or official travel – call forwarding makes sure that you are always available to receive essential communication!

Expand Your Company Presence- Having a virtual phone with a call forwarding service means that your company can dominate a larger customer base in foreign markets! It enhances your company’s reputation and facilitates you to conduct business in regional markets, thereby magnifying your organization’s presence on a global level.

Better Customer Service and Engagement- Having a virtual phone number with forwarding service is definitely an amazing way to boost up customer engagement levels and show your prized client base how much you value their relationship. Call forwarding makes sure that you are never too busy to attend to your customers, as it can forward their call to the required support staff or technical department immediately. Your customers do not need to wait endlessly in telephone queues, rather their calls are instantaneously forwarded to a company representative, giving your clients the highest level of customer service!

Convenience- Any business owner needs to get a call forwarding number, as it will definitely make life more simple and convenient. The office staff does not have to stay confined within the organizational premises as they can look into their business calls – enhancing mobility on the job! Call forwarding keeps your team members and the customer in direct contact with you – no interruptions or time delays – making sure that your organizations escalate the productivity and performance levels!

Continual Phone Monitoring – It is very important for new and growing business organizations to make sure that their phone lines are continuously monitored so that they don’t lose out on precious opportunities and a broader client base. They need to have their phones constantly manned so that the new business ventures can get off the ground. A virtual number forwarding service will make sure that your phone lines are continuously monitored so that no important call goes to voicemail.

Call forwarding service on your virtual number is certainly the best option to thrust up flexibility, customer satisfaction, and communication efficiency, so don’t hesitate in investing in a top-class call forwarding service for your business.

How To Set Call Forwarding With CallHippo:

After going through all these vital advantages and benefits, you must be surely wondering how to set call forwarding on your virtual number. Well, it’s a simple and user-friendly process that makes sure that you have the useful facility of call forwarding on your phone within a few minutes!

Sign up with CallHippo to get a virtual number for your business organization and explore untapped opportunities by optimizing business communication. You need to go to the user option, click on it, then open settings, and activate the forward-to-device tab then. You need to enter the correct mobile or landline number on which you need the calls to be redirected to start the call forwarding. Once enabled, you can get your calls delivered to any physical location in the world without any worries! So these simple steps clearly explain how to set call forwarding with CallHippo – all you need to do is get started so that you can accrue a vast number of benefits for your business.

Communication is the key to success for any business and a virtual phone number forwarding service is a crucial asset for any modern business company. Most organizations use some kind of call forwarding platform as part of their professional communication system to make sure that they are in touch with customers, provide exceptional customer service and remain available for calls at any time of the day. So get a call forwarding number right now to fast-track your organization on to the path of business prosperity!

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Updated : July 20, 2021


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