Effective communication practices are a differentiating factor in all leading global organizations as they have leveraged the power of VoIP technology to keep their profits soaring high! Having a traditional simple phone connection is surely not enough for your small business in these dynamic times – it is absolutely necessary to invest in a separate office phone number exclusively for business communication. Physical desk phones and wired lines are histories now, as the corporate world has transitioned to intelligent VoIP phone systems for business calls, conferencing, messaging and planning.

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Virtual phone numbers are a futuristic trend – in fact, a report from Transparency Market Research has projected that by the year 2020, the global VoIP services market is going to reach a massive peak of 348.5 billion subscribers. This reflects the rising popularity of business phone numbers, and how they have overshadowed wired telephone systems.

It is super essential to get a dedicated office phone number for your organization, as it not only boosts accessibility, but it also ensures that your employees do not use their personal numbers for official communication with clients and stakeholders. VoIP phone systems are tailor-made for growing businesses and start-ups, as they come with a host of sophisticated features that facilitate seamless two-way communication at the most economical rates ever.

Taking the plunge and committing your organization to invest in a business phone number is not an easy task, but it will surely be a decision that you will not regret ever. Virtual phone numbers are a multi-faceted technological solution that has a number of instantaneous benefits – here are some reasons that your organization needs to go ahead and get a dedicated office phone number:

  • Better Customer Engagement:

    Today’s market is highly customer-centric in its approach, and if you do not open multiple channels of communication for clients, they are sure to move towards other business rivals. Having a separate second phone number for your organization is the best way to push up customer interaction as they are able to reach support staff and representatives at any time of the day.

Customers feel valued by the organization, as they know that they can post their queries and issues through virtual phone numbers, and they are saved the hassle of waiting in long telephonic queues endlessly. So, if your company wants to jump up to the top of customer satisfaction ranking charts, choose a reliable service provider to get the best VoIP phone system at the earliest!

  • Cost Savings:

    A penny saved is a penny earned – this phrase definitely holds true for any kind of organization with a larger strategic goal in the long run. Communication expenses can burn a huge hole in any organization’s budget, so deciding to go in for a business phone number is a real investment that can provide quick returns.

Most modern virtual phone numbers have attractive economical pricing plans, and companies can choose a price package according to their business requirements. One great aspect of virtual phone systems is that pricing plans can also be customized to suite organization budgets – it is indeed a must-have tool for smooth and structured business communication.

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  • Professional Image:

    Office phone numbers are a vital platform to give your organization a professional image and enhance business reputation positively. Customized greeting messages can be recorded for clients, and it is also possible to play music or voice messages for customers while they are waiting to be attended by support team members.

Automated voice response systems eliminate the need for round the clock receptionists, and make customer communication more agile, flexible and responsive. Business phone numbers can change the way customers perceive your organization, and create a robust corporate outlook for your business.

  • Increased Mobility:

    Mobility is the name of the game in this current digital era, and VoIP phone systems are the fastest medium to enhance customer accessibility by promoting business communication on the move! Office phone numbers that are powered with VoIP technology are a useful tool for companies that have remote workers and operate from multiple locations across the globe.

Virtual phone numbers help team members to remain connected with external partners and managers irrespective of geographical location – all that is required is a high-speed internet connection for employees to stay accessible even if they are not on the physical office premises. So harness the advantage of business phone numbers to witness a dramatic increase in customer accessibility and team collaboration that is sure to give your organization a competitive edge!

  • Call Clarity:

    It is imperative to utilize technology to its fullest capability and adopt the latest technological innovations in the marketplace. Virtual telephony is a novel invention that has completely transformed business communication practices in the corporate environment. VoIP phone systems have an array of state-of-the-art features such as call barging, queuing, planner, recording and interactive voice response that drive operational efficiency and task productivity at workplaces.

Business phone numbers ensure apex sound quality with no disruptions or lags in communication. In fact, investing in an office phone number is an ideal choice to ensure no missed calls as it boosts availability to the highest possible degree. Cloud-hosted virtual phone systems are also highly personalized and scalable – they give organizations the option of purchasing added modules according to business growth and diversification.

If you are still on the fence about getting a dedicated office phone number, think no more, and invest in a credible software vendor to cater for a customized VoIP package for your organization. Stop mixing business with pleasure – a separate second phone number will expand your target customer base, boost client satisfaction and ensure long term retention.

Give your business a professional image, reduce communication expenses, and get into the big league of players in the market by adopting business phone numbers. It is a comprehensive platform that will carry your organization to the pinnacle of commercial success by leading to an escalation of all bottom-line results!

Updated : March 19, 2021


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