You might think that your business doesn’t need a dedicated business phone system. Why should you get them when everyone in your organization already has cell phones that they can be contacted at any time of the day? And who uses phones now that we’ve got an email and instant messaging? You’d be surprised to find that a majority of business interactions actually take place over the phone. Businesses continue to rely on phone conversations for deals, customer support, internal and external communication, you name it. Inside sales would be dead without it. Salespeople spend nearly 34% (one-third) of their time in a day simply talking to prospects.

Additionally, 12% of their time is spent scheduling calls. This indicates the enormous amount of time that is consumed in scheduling and making calls to customers. So, in short, your business does require a dedicated business phone system. It can bring benefits that will reflect in the long run, contributing to the overall image and bottom line of the firm. Here’s how:

  • A Professional Image

The image is everything in business. Every single aspect of your company is under the perpetual scrutiny of your customers and stakeholders. In the age of social media, it doesn’t take long for customers to withdraw their support of business at the slightest sign of trouble.  

Now, your business necessarily needs a business phone system in order to project a professional image.

Does it seem unnecessary?

Think about this: a business phone line is often the first point of contact between your company and your customer. It’s your chance to make a favorable first impression on the customer and it’s a chance that does not deserve being taken lightly.

Use a virtual mobile system to set up your dedicated business phone lines. The customer will be impressed to learn that their calls are serviceable at any hour of the day.

  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? Not Any More

A virtual phone number ensures that your company does not miss a single phone call from your customers or stakeholders. The business phone system comes equipped with advanced features that make any call genuinely hard to miss. You can set up your virtual phone system to automatically forward calls to other dedicated phone lines, or integrate an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to your online mobile numbers so that the caller is redirected exactly where they need to go.

If all else fails, you can always rely on the voicemail feature in order to make sure that even if a call is somehow missed, the sales/customer rep can always get back to the caller as soon as it’s possible to do so. So, encourage your customers to reach you, even when you are away, using the voicemail feature. This way neither you nor the customer has to fear missing out on important calls.

Business Phone Numbers - CallHippo

  • Better Call Quality

When your business phone numbers are virtual or VoIP-based, you get a very simple but powerful benefit with it. Not only it is cheaper, accessible anywhere with an internet connection, and of course, faster, it has much better quality than your normal cellular or landline connection. With better audio quality and easier access, important calls will never be interrupted or cut short due to technical glitches. There is minimal hardware, to begin with, and in case of even minor malfunctions, most virtual phone number providers will go out of their way to provide excellent support in resolving them.

Service providers such as RingCentral, CallHippo, and Vonage are all well known in the market for providing amazing support. The providers of your business phone system are dedicated to delivering supreme call quality to you, so rest assured, and delight your customers with amazing call quality and zero disruptions.

  • Widen Your Horizons

Your business is on the path of growth. Business phone numbers are a must to solidify an image of stability and connectedness, not only in the minds of your local or national customers but for customers worldwide. You need to be available for your international customers too, 24/7. Even a potential or new international customer should not think that reaching out to your company ends up being a cumbersome process.

How do we accomplish that? A dynamic business phone system can do the trick!

With dynamic numbers, your customers, depending on which country they’re visiting your website from, will see phone numbers that follow the regular pattern of the normal phone numbers in their country. This means that in case they have any queries, they will not hesitate to pick up the phone for fear of incurring huge international calling charges. Moreover, dynamic numbers will enable you to pinpoint the exact country and even advertising source that brought a customer to you. Expanding your reach has never been easier.

  • Building Trust, from scratch

Last but not least, an online business phone system gives your organization the opportunity to build and earn the customer’s trust from the very first interaction. It doesn’t matter where you are located and how far the customer is. Virtual phone numbers are dynamic, some come with the option to display even the specific area code that you want them to display.

With such technology, it’s hard to go wrong. Your company gets a rare chance to connect with customers who are not even on the same continent. Because the numbers are already familiar to them, the chances of rejection, or even a cold call, are reduced. An intelligent sales strategy that incorporates online phone numbers is very likely to succeed. You might not think it, but customer trust goes a long way towards establishing long-term loyalty. Earning customer trust at an early stage in the sales cycle will prove to be a setup for later success.

Final Words

Business virtual numbers are a necessity in organizations today. Regardless of the size or the industry, they help companies to cultivate a professional image and ties in with their marketing, sales, and support efforts in an organic manner. If your business is concerned about the financial aspect, and how investing in virtual phone systems can affect your RoI, you can always opt for free trials of these numbers to determine exactly how they will fit into your organization’s overall business plan. Just make sure to give them a whirl first and see for yourself the kind of unique functionalities it can bring to your company.

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