Fully-Automated, AI-driven,
Call-listening Insights

CallHippo Coach ensures faster call QA, better agent evaluation and effective coaching — ultimately enhancing your team’s performance.

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Evaluate 100% calls & interactions

CallHippo Coach ensures 100% call coverage to surface the most important interactions that need coaching attention, like customer objections, competitor comparisons, compliance gaps, script deviations and so on. No call goes “unheard” with CallHippo Coach.

Evaluate more in lesser time

Evaluate a 30 mins call in just few mins. Scan through the critical call moments, listen to them with a single click & record feedback then and there. Your quality analysts can focus more on coaching impact than on randomly flipping through the calls.

Coach your reps better

CallHippo Coach automatically filters out the calls that your coaching team should listen to, thus resulting in faster & to the point feedback. You can also run comparative analysis to ensure your agents are on the path to improvement.

Onboard new agents faster

Make your new agents learn from the best of your calls with CallHippo Coach. They can also listen to their own calls to understand their gaps, without the active involvement of a trainer.

More Features

Call transcription

Get all calls auto transcribed almost instantly and refer call dialogues for faster QA checks.

Moment analysis

Define critical call moments to automatically surface out calls that misee/achieve those moments.

In depth Analytics

Exhaustive analytics covering important agent & call performance metrics.

Exhaustive data filtering

Create QA hypothesis and filter out calls using exhaustive filters covering multiple call parameters.

Feedback Manager

Rate calls, offer feedback & share points with agents, right while you are listening to the calls.

Playlack library

Bookmark important calls for training, coaching or escalation purposes.


Customize Coach for your particular use case (e.g. sales, customer success, support etc.) & calling scripts.

Fully self managed

Leaders and operational managers can themselves manage the platform, without the need to involve anyone else.

Experience the power of Conversation AI for your voice teams

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Published by CallHippo

Last updated: March 5, 2021