In a sudden announcement, Microsoft finally revealed that Skype would end as a business service by July 21st, 2021. This news has shocked many corporate users who used to depend heavily on Skype for their business communication. With 300 million monthly active users, the end of Skype is going to leave a significant gap in the voice/video call market.

So, now that it’s official and you know that Skype is not going to be around any longer, what lies in store? Most organizations are looking for the next best Skype alternatives. Investing in an internet phone number from a reliable service provider is a safe bet, and is sure to bring about many radical benefits for your company.

A Virtual phone system is now a popular option for all kinds of organizations. Getting a local phone number can help businesses make video or audio calls through the internet. It gives them access to a myriad range of different features and reduces their phone bills. A unique tool with many advantages, VoIP phone solutions, are the key to a streamlined communication structure.

What Comes After Skype?

No one can deny the benefits of Skype – it is a free calling platform that businesses use across the world! Managers can use Skype for instant messaging, video conferencing, emails, and phone calls. It has been a tremendous corporate asset for many years. Now that it is going to end by 2021, organizations need to look for a Skype alternative.

Skype has been downloaded over 1 billion times – this reflects its immense popularity around the globe. However, virtual telephony is also an underlying communication trend that has caught up in recent years. A local phone number enables companies to establish a dominant presence in foreign markets and nurture strong relations with their target audience.

So, if your organization was hooked on to Skype, do not worry. There are many better things in store – all you need to do is jump on the VoIP technology bandwagon. Scan the market, check out credible service providers, and invest in the best VoIP phone solution for your business model. Most vendors customize specific plans that are tailor-made for companies. Here are some transformational benefits of virtual phone numbers that will convince you to switch over to VoIP technology from Skype:


Every organization needs to save money to build up substantial profits. One of the most significant advantages of virtual phone numbers is that they are highly economical. Companies can save an average of 30% on their phone bills by adopting VoIP solutions. Service providers customize VoIP phone packages so that they fit within organizational budgets. This works well for business firms that need to make a high volume of calls every day, as they save a considerable amount in the long run. So, just like Skype, that is free, virtual phone numbers are also highly cost-effective and will give an excellent return on investment in the long run.

Provides A Great Customer Experience:

Customer satisfaction is vital for organizations in all industries. If you don’t serve your clients well in the current competitive era, they will inevitably move over to rivals. Internet phone numbers are sure to enhance customer satisfaction rates. They ensure that support representatives are available at all times. Hence, clients can get in touch round the clock to solve their problems or issues. Toll-free numbers give valued customers the chance to communicate with staff members, and helps to nurture healthy relationships. Maintaining transparent and open communication channels is the key to having a delighted customer base and retaining your clients effectively.

Skype Is Going to End-CallHippo

Boosts Mobility:

Globalization has led to a dynamic shift in work dynamics, and many organizations now have a large remote workforce. In such cases, companies need to set up a communication system that boosts productivity and ensures that employees can make/receive calls from any location. Virtual phone systems are the ideal solution for organizations with remote workers, as all they require is an internet connection for operation. Employees do not remain restricted to the physical office premises, and they can conduct business communication on the move. VoIP phone solutions are a smart platform, and they make sure that employees do not miss even a single work call by keeping them connected at all times.

Innovative Features:

VoIP phone networks have a host of novel features that help in better data sharing and team collaboration. Some of its standard features include voicemail, interactive voice assistance, and call forwarding. Call recording is a unique facility that records all interactions between customers and staff members so that managers can identify any weak spots and enhance training. Call planner and world clocks allow team members to schedule their business communication, especially with international clients. Automated voice technology reduces the dependency on manual staff and will enable customers to self-direct themselves to the required extension number. All these features streamline all basic communication processes and lead to better task flow management.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance:

Many people feel that switching to business phone systems will be a complicated and time-consuming affair. That is far from the truth – most reliable service providers can set up a call center in a couple of minutes. It is straightforward to set up a virtual phone platform, and the process requires no hardware or software. Maintenance is minimal, and since VoIP phone solutions have user-friendly navigable interfaces, all staff members can use them, and there is no requirement for training. Internet phone numbers are hassle-free, and a massive improvement over the traditional wired telephone systems.

Professional Appearance:

Most companies keep trying out new things to appear professional and business-like to their clients. Virtual phone numbers allow managers to play pre-recorded greeting messages for clients, and this gives a professional appearance. It can also wish clients on certain occasions such as birthdays, and this helps in creating stronger engagement. Another useful aspect of VoIP phone lines is that they are highly scalable. This means that organizations can purchase additional modules at a later stage, and do not need to pay for features that they would not utilize.

It is the era of virtual telephony. While Skype is a dynamic business tool, it is essential to move with the times and invest in an intelligent business phone system. Virtual phone platforms are potent marketing assets and can help organizations build a reputation in overseas markets. They boost accessibility levels and ensure that support representatives provide speedy service to customers at any time of the day.

VoIP phone solutions also bring down communication expenses, and it is possible to customize them precisely according to business requirements. No doubt, getting the best virtual phone system is a necessity as it can lead to transformational benefits. So, plan well in advance and get the next best thing after Skype –a reliable virtual phone platform. It will be a fantastic decision for your organization and lead to a dramatic increase in all vital bottom-line results. So, march ahead, and leverage the full potential of virtual phone tools to increase efficiency and functional excellence!

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