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Regardless of the size of your business, you need to own an office phone system to mark your presence in the market. Whether it is handling customer service calls or making promotional calls to clients, cost-effective yet equally productive office phone is what you require at each step.

Small to medium scale businesses can benefit from the office phone system in ways that are beyond elucidation. Unlike traditional telephony system, virtual office phone system allows you to set working hours, convert emails into voicemails and beyond.


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CallHippo office telephone number comes with a whole suite of features like call transfers, call recording, on-hold music, IVR answer, call distribution and many more. As it offers such wide features at an affordable cost, it is considered as best office phones systems for small business. Let’s have a close look on below features.

Call Transfer

Call Transfer

This feature enables you to redirect a customer call from your phone number to another team member.

Call Conference

Call Conference

This feature can be used to turn a 2-way phone call into a 3-way conference by adding a third user to the call.

Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Place an incoming customer call on queue with this feature when your service agent is attending to other clients.

Call Barging

Call Barging

A facility for your call monitoring supervisor to enter in a conference call with your client.

Get Local Phone Numbers

Get Local Phone Numbers

CallHippo lets you get a local phone number in over 58 countries.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Facility for the customer agent to perform call forwarding to multiple phones until it is answered.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration (Manage Team)

A centralized management system to manage all your customer calls, agents, and team members.

Ring All

Ring All

A facility to make a call to all users associated with a particular number at the same time.

Call Recording

Call Recording

This feature enables you to record customer calls in order to provide feedback and improve performance.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail

Receive all your voicemails on your Email address and play each of them directly.

Call Analytics

Call Analytics

Enables you to monitor telephone support through parameters like number of missed calls and call load of each team member.

On Hold Music

On Hold Music

Play customized music for your callers when they are on hold.


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  • Cost Effective & Time-saving- 
    With home office phone number of CallHippo, you can make international calls as low as $0.002 over a single click. It saves time and cost simultaneously.
  • Better Customer Response- 
    Office support phone number of CallHippo comes with various features such as call conferencing; call transferring, on-hold and IVR. All these features assist a business to render quick and professional customer services.
  • Better Service Mobility- 
    CallHippo’s cloud phone system for small business provide your great service mobility. Your agents are not bound with their desks and can make or receive calls from a remote location using its softphone and mobile-interface facility.
  • Secure Your Information- 
    The cloud-integration is of great use when it comes to secure the business information. The cloud space keeps your information space, secure and at the same time readily available to use at any point in time.
  • Build a Professional Brand Image- 
    Using an office support phone number for professional use not only saves a lot of money on your operational cost but also put up a professional brand image amongst the crowd. The toll-free numbers offer facilities like on-hold music, call conferencing, and transferring facilities that assimilate up-class professionalism.
  • Enterprise Business Communication Features- 
    Features like call distribution call analytics and call queuing of home office phone number improves the enterprise business communication by all means. Starting from customers to team members, these features make sure that the communication is clear, prompt, and time-bound at all the levels.


Phones are the most common communication system known to businesses. It is so important that without it, communicating with customers and growing your business would be impossible (or at least inconvenient) task. With better alternatives available in the market – Small Business Phone System, not only have offshore communication become easier but also offers an easier approach.

You can implement a set of tailored features and capabilities in office phone systems that bring efficient and organized communications to your small business. So, whether you’re a small team trying to gain traction in your market or a rapidly growing firm, enjoy great calling experience and ensure long-term customer satisfaction at each level with office phone systems. But when buying Home and Business Phones, don’t forget to look for the integration services that the company uses.

Enjoy several advantages for hosting your office phone systems in the cloud.

  • Communicate and assign tasks to your team in the most effective manner.
  • Add multiple users under one office phone number to manage support queries efficiently.
  • Keep a track on the performance and analyze customer feedbacks using call recording feature in home and business phones.
  • Never miss any of the potential customers.
  • Expand your business with a global presence using business phone numbers.
  • Home and Business Phones are scalable. You can grow your virtual office as needed.
  • You don’t have to worry about its maintenance as your small business phone system is hosted on a third party server.
  • The Office Phone Systems are off-site saving you cost and space for housing it in your premises.

Types of Office Number

1. Local Phone Numbers

What is local phone numbers?

Local phone numbers are basically virtual phone numbers that allow a business to call any part of the world with a phone number that has the local area code of that particular area.  Using the local phone numbers, businesses can easily mark their presence in any locality without even actually presenting there.

Benefits of local phone numbers

Customer trust- When your customers receive calls from local numbers they are likely to trust a business more.

Easy recognition- Getting your business registered in the local directory is one of the most effective marketing strategies as people still search in local directories for services near them. This is only possible if you have a virtual local phone number.

Low international calling rates- When you aim high for global expansion of your business, it is the international calling rates that are the major stumbling block.  With the help of a local phone number, you can make international calls at local charges.

Which industry should buy local phone number?

Well, buying local phone number is useful for every business.  This small office phone system helps a business to rule over the local market at an affordable cost.

2. Toll-Free Phone Numbers

What are toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are basically three-digit codes that anyone can dial without any call charges. When a customer calls on the toll-free number, he/she will be able to talk to the contact person without any call fee. They are basically dedicated customer services numbers that businesses of all size use to let the customer contact them free of charge that too around the clock. Usually, the codes of toll-free numbers are 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844.

Benefits of owning an office toll-free number

  • Better customer service- When you are using an office toll-free number, you are offering your customers a privilege to call you without any charge. That makes you a better service provider who cares for its customers by all means.
  • Global presence- When you are using toll-free numbers, the location has no role to play. Your customers from all corners of the world can contact you without any calling charge. The cloud telephony system for toll-free numbers is also useful for businesses as they can log in from a remote location and get access to the database from anywhere.
  • One for all- Your toll-free number can cater all the concerns of your customer. With this cloud telephony system, you need not to get a different number for different service areas. You can set need-based IVR and integrate different service sections in one number only.
  • Easy number facility- remembering usually the number is a tough job. However, this is not the case with toll-free numbers. They are super easy to remember.   

Which industry should buy toll-free number?

Toll-free numbers are best suited for industries that deal with customers directly. Industries like e-commerce, banking, & finance, and IT are ideal ones where using toll-free number provide great profitability, credibility, and customer satisfaction.

3. Vanity Phone Numbers

What are vanity phone numbers?

A vanity number is a highly personalized toll-free number that contains the name, logo or service of a company with the toll-free codes.  The words in the vanity numbers will match the number on the keypad. It is a well-known fact that vanity numbers are a great way to increase the brand recognition and market presence of any business.

Benefits of owning a vanity phone number

  • Easy and effective marketing- The main motto of business marketing is to bring customers’ attention to your services/business. A vanity number exactly does the same without much brainstorming. As your vanity number contains the name of your service/brand, it does effective marketing on its own.
  • Make you stand out of crowd- Brand recognition is very important for every business.  A virtual cloud telephone system with vanity number helps you to let yourself recognized as a professional service provider. The more professional you look, the more customers are going to approach you.
  • Better approachability – It is often found that customers are likely to call on vanity toll-free numbers more than any other office number.  Vanity numbers make your more approachable that ultimately adds value in your revenue and customer satisfaction.

Which industry should buy vanity toll-free number?

Vanity toll-free numbers are actually best to pick for industries that offer day-to-day services like automobiles, grocery and so on that have many competitors in the same area. A vanity number helps them to let the customer know about their own service or brand.

4. Port your Existing Phone Number

What do you mean by porting of an existing phone number?

Porting of existing phone number implies the process of changing the type and service provider of your office phone number without even actually changing it. By taking the help of number portability service of CallHippo, you can easily port your local and toll-free numbers without changing in on your business card and official documents.

Benefits of number portability service of CallHippo

  • Easy process – CallHippo number portability allows you to port your local and toll-free numbers without hampering the actual workflow of your organization.
  • Cost saving – Porting your traditional landline local number to toll-free number helps a business to do considerable cost-cutting. Calling charges with a virtual phone number is far less than landline telephony system.

Which industry requires toll-free and local phone number portability service of CallHippo?

Any industry that seeks to save operational cost, hassle-free operations and easy communication point for customers will be highly benefited from CallHippo number portability facilities.


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