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About Chorus.ai

Chorus.ai is a similar conversation intelligence platform that allows transcription and analysis of the meeting. Chorus can capture information from emails, calls, and meetings, generate data and insights and provide personalized solutions. Beyond conversation intelligence and data insight like CallJourney, Chorus.ai also offers risk management, personalized coaching recommendations, and better visibility. If you are looking for multi-language (covering international locations), Chorus.ai offers solutions in Spanish, German, French, and English


  • Voice And Text Analysis:The software can transcribe and analyze meetings, calls, and emails. It can analyze risk elements and provide data insight into the conversation.
  • Integration:It integrates efficiently with salesforce tools, Zoom, and other applications.


  • Better Trackers: The software tracks competitor mentioning, prices, steps, and other critical topics
  • Easier To Use: The platform is easier to navigate, simple to set up, and requires little training.


  • Transcription Efficiency:The transcripts might be a little out of context in a few cases
  • Manual Recording: The user has to initiate the recording manually. Thus, several times, errors in automated transcription could lead to calls left unrecorded, thereby increasing the risk of data loss, affecting strategy formulation, training, or appraisal.

About CallHippo Speech Analytics

CallHippo Speech Analytics is an advanced conversation intelligent software with AI and ML abilities to capture customer interaction, transcribe, and analyze it to provide better insight into the conversation. CallHippo Speech Analytics is trending as the best Chorus ai alternative because of its variety of features.


  • Transcription And Analysis:The software transcribes customer interaction through phone and analyses it for identifying the key moments, agents’ performance, call success/failure, and provide feedback for the same.
  • Data Filtering:CallHippo Speech Analytics can help you create a QA hypothesis and filter the call based on detailed call parameters.
  • Archiving: The solution can bookmark significant interactions for escalation, induction, or training purposes.
  • Department-specific Solution:One can customize to utilize it for sales, customer support, script-based interaction, etc.


  • Effective Interaction Coverage: The solution transcribes the entire call so that no single customer requirement or specification goes unnoticed.
  • Identifying Red Zones: The solution analyzes the call and determines the high-risk calls, like script deviations, compliance gaps, customer objections, and others.
  • Faster Processing: The solution offers immediate transcription and analysis of the interaction.
  • Easy-to-use: The tools and features of this solution are simple to use, and thus, the leaders and managers do not need additional support to utilize it.
  • Better Training: The tool archives the call analysis and has detailed filters, and thus, it becomes easier to create an efficient knowledge base for induction and training.
  • Effective Appraisal: CallHippo Speech Analytics also allows comparative analysis and feedback management to appraise and create a healthy competition among the agents.


  • No Text Compliance:CallHippo Speech Analytics does not provide analysis of customer interaction that takes place through social media platforms, web portals, chatbots, emails, SMS, and others.
  • Simple Language Support: The platform supports only English interactions.

Why Is CallHippo Speech Analytics Better Than Chorus.ai?

CallHippo Speech Analytics is a better Chorus ai alternative because of its customization and advanced analytic features. Chorus ai does not offer sufficient metrics to work on the reports. Although both Chorus.ai and CallHippo Speech Analytics are useful as a training tool, Chorus.ai does not have a metric-based filtering system to offer explicit resources for each employee like CallHippo Speech Analytics. However, the main advantage of CallHippo Speech Analytics over Chorus.ai is the automated transcription feature. Chorus ai offers a high-end analysis of emails, calls, and meetings, but the software sometimes misses to cover a meeting or call.

Since Chorus.ai was primarily a sales team support solution, you can find numerous features focused on the betterment of sales and lead generation. However, if you are looking for a solution that fits your customer support and other departments’ requirement criteria, CallHippo Speech Analytics is an excellent Chorus ai alternative.

Pricing Comparison

Chorus.ai offers quote-based pricing and CallHippo Speech Analytics offers a subscription-based package. The cost of a user license of Chorus.ai is $1069 per annum. However, the Platinum level package of CallHippo Speech Analytics is just $20 per month per person. The package starts at $16 per user. Thus, CallHippo Speech Analytics is cost-effective than Chorus.ai.

Declaration: The information presented on this comparison page is for general informational purposes only. We have made every effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate, but we make no guarantees. Please use this information at your own risk and conduct your own research before making any decisions based on it.

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Frequently Asked Question

Between CallHippo and chorus.ai, which solution has more features?
CallHippo Speech Analytics offers several additional features compared to Chorus.ai, such as data filtering, archiving, and analytics. CallHippo also helps identify script deviations, compliance gaps, and customer objections in high-risk calls, making it a far superior solution compared to Chorus.ai.
Which is a better investment, CallHippo or chorus.ai?
Chorus.ai has poor transcription capabilities, and users have to record calls in it manually. CallHippo automatically records calls, transcribes them with greater accuracy and speed, and offers better training and support, making it a much better investment than Chorus.ai.
Why should you opt for CallHippo instead of chorus.ai?
CallHippo Speech Analytics has an array of advanced features that help you capture, transcribe and analyze calls effectively. It also auto-records calls, ensuring that your data is never lost. Additionally, it also allows for feedback management and comparative analysis, which help in better employee appraisals.
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