Get Access To Voicemails Online Using The Web App

Voicemail systems can be as simple as a recording machine or a labyrinthine state-of- the-art system handling voice messages for hundreds of people in a skyscraper. Businesses cannot do well with a single voicemail and multiple conventional voicemails are not the best option either. All big businesses rely on cutting-edge virtual voicemails to stay organized and productive!

  • Virtually unlimited voicemail boxes! Never fall short on a dedicated voicemail box for any specific task!
  • Customize voicemail greetings to impress clients. An integration of client-database can deliver unique greetings to each client.
  • Incredible flexibility. Drop voicemails from landlines, mobile phones, and even computers. Voicemails can now be accessed by clients not just via phone numbers but also email addresses!
  • Get a digital audio file of every message dropped in voicemail box to email address along with an optional transcription. Get notifications on your Smartphone.
  • Access your voicemail boxes from anywhere anytime with cloud technology. High-priority voicemails can be configured to be directly transferred to your personal phone. A high-priority client’s database is required for this feature.
  • Integrate voicemail boxes with your Business Management Software or CRM Software to keep track of everything in an organized way along with in-depth performance analysis and data logging.

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