Today three-fourths of the total small-scale businesses worldwide have adopted Virtual phone systems. CallHippo can provide your business with a phone number in 50+ countries that forwards calls to your existing phone number. Having a local or toll-free telephone number makes your worldwide client more inclined to call your business.


Toll-free forwarding, which is also known as call forwarding or call divert, enables organizations to enact toll-free numbers abroad and route calls made to those numbers to a different device.

Getting in touch with a business based in a different country can be difficult for your potential and existing customers. Having a local phone number with Toll Free Call Forwarding Service increases the possibility of international customers calling your business. Your new Virtual Phone System can instantly swell your business to worldwide markets.

Working straightforwardly with a domestic or international toll-free number, toll-free forwarding service sends calls made to that number to some other indicated device anyplace around the world.  CallHippo supports call forwarding to a landline, mobile, SIP phones, or a PBX system.

With CallHippo virtual Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service, your callers can connect with you quite effortlessly as if you were situated in a similar city; regardless of whether they are calling from an entirely separate part of the world.


Businesses today go through various Toll-Free Forwarding Alternatives before choosing the right one for them.  With CallHippo you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest features and never need to rush to other Toll-Free Forwarding Competitors.

24/7 Customer Support

Providing round the clock customer support has become easy with various Toll-Free Forwarding Alternatives. In case of a start-up or low-call quantity business, you can easily reroute your virtual phone number to your mobile phone number or another number where you are accessible!

Call recording

Record your calls as per your requirements. Recorded calls are put away in call detail records and can be played or downloaded whenever. Avail the benefits of Call Recording by evaluating your internal performance, progressive record-keeping, streamlining staff training, maintaining quality standards, and enriching customer experience. Register for Toll-Free numbers with CallHippo with Virtual phone system and upgrade your customer service now!

HD Call Quality

Enjoy HD Voice call quality for all the calls! Various Toll-Free Forwarding Competitors provide normal call quality on VoIP calling. Choosing CallHippo Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service will provide you with a crystal clear voice call that virtually eliminates background noise. HD Call quality which will give you a fuller, more natural-sounding voice, plus noise-canceling technology that helps reduce background noise from locations like a crowded restaurant, a busy road, or a construction site.


Now businesses can port their existing numbers to CallHippo instead of buying a new number over other Toll-Free Forwarding Alternatives. This will not only help you use your current phone number but also allow you to use the benefits offered by CallHippo, your new service provider!

Real-Time Reporting

With CallHippo Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service, all data related to dialing, associate rates, call volumes,  campaign summary, and so forth can be analyzed in real-time. With the help of real-time reporting, supervisors can have control over the call center procedures. All settings related to resource allocation and campaign administration can be driven by live information is contrary to assumptions.


At the point when a caller gets in touch with you, it is fundamental to provide them with a response or the attention of the caller will be diverted to other Toll-Free Forwarding Alternatives. With Voicemail feature, enable your callers to leave a message when you’re not accessible. CallHippo Virtual call center services help to never leave a client unattended to maintain their brand loyalty. Regardless, your clients are ensured to get a response, always!

TollFree Forwarding Alternative - CallHippo


Having a Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service undoubtedly puts the business organizations in a successful place. As a matter of fact, it establishes credibility for your business within the industry and makes more customers approach you. Some of the major benefits can be considered as follows:

Advanced calling features

Apart from being just a contact number to your customer, Toll-free numbers can easily be used to track insights. Besides using the Toll-Free Forwarding Alternatives for basic use, these numbers can also give you dynamic real-time information to produce reports that will prove to be instrumental in future strategizing.

Easy numbers

One more advantage of getting a toll-free service is that you get a number that is substantially simpler to recall. When your business has 1800 numbers, more individuals are probably going to remember it, and that will clearly enable you to produce more leads, bringing about more deals.

Free calling for the customer

There is no charge on calling a toll-free number. This will attract more callers to contact your business making them choose you over other Toll-Free Forwarding Competitors. A Toll-free number is even more effective than a local number.

Higher international exposure

CallHippo Toll-free number provides an instant connection with customers worldwide. Not only the exposure increases but also the increase in the profit of your business is ensured!


Toll-free service providers do not simply target big companies. These numbers will assist any company in raising their promoting methods, regardless of size. In fact, a toll-free number system will especially profit a start-up business. Having a toll free number system offers your business credibility and additionally enhances the image of your company over other Toll-Free Forwarding Competitors. People tend to associate 1800 numbers with genuineness.

No Device Restrictions

With CallHippo Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service, you do not need to reserve a phone or any particular hardware dedicated to your business! You can easily access it with your current device and work wonders for your business!


Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service became an effective way to enhance business and attain success in a very positive and fast method. On the contrary traditional Call Centers can provide very limited services especially compared to various Toll-Free Forwarding Competitors. Choosing CallHippo Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service over call Center will be one of the best decisions ever made by you for your business!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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